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Tuesday’s sky is darker now
Somehow the sun can’t break through
Lead bellied clouds hover threateningly
And all the birds have stopped singing
I made some tea...took it outside
Willed the garden to keep growing
But the air is heavy with regret
Shouldn’t have tried so hard
Shouldn’t have done so much
Shouldn’t have believed

The trees throw shadows in the half light
Or maybe I just can’t see the sun
Or feel the rain, or the wind...numb now
I seem to have misplaced the Seasons
l have quite forgotten how to feel
And time is a wingless butterfly
Nothing seems to touch me
Nothing seems to count
Nothing reaches me

Foolish me
He never cared
 Apr 2015 Ian Beckett
Emma Miller
follow me

to a place 

no one bothers to go

follow me

into the depths of imagination 

where anything can happen

anytime you want

take me

through your streams of consciousness

I want to know

every part of you

take me

where no one bothers to go
She says something but I wasn't listening
I was feeling her ******* with my eyes
Then she points to something
Oh , my ! What a gorgeous ***
I could see both of my big hands
Cradling her most perfect buns
Then she's got legs of an Olympic gymnast
So thick , firm and succulent
Her long brown hair smells so good
I want to take a swim in it

"You haven't heard a word I said !"
She says with an air that's foul

"I'm sorry," I say ,"but I couldn't hear you .
Your body language was way too loud."
How many times have I to tell you this?!
never try to love me without a bliss
this day is not yours but His

How many times have I to tell you this?
love me as I am and used to be
let the ardent rose keeps its freshness
and the soft butterfiles their pure cleanness

love me please the way I am
please do not change me to fit in your program
when the Lord created me He was full of wrath
I had to choose the divine roads to follow His Path

love me please with all my rights and wrongs
with my ugliness and my beauty of the night
consider that I am not that strong
as you might have  imagined with all your might

How many times have I to tell you this...?
never try to love me without His bliss
this day and all other days  are all His

listen to the birds in the forrests
all are bringing His message about all the good things
but never try to love me without His Blessings
to cling on me charmingly but without a zest

how many times have I to tell you this?
just love me the way I am
never try to let me fit in your program
without a sigh of His love in your  kiss

please let this message be as chrystal clear

never forget to wish each other lovingly
like I am doing now for All of YOU from me

A Most Happy Stay on Hello Poetry !

Frst posted in Poetfreak.Com
on Thursday, 1st January 2015
dated on HP Tuesdayday 6th January 2015
One has to speak their language - Cats
a snotty, snooty breed
Don't try to tell them what to do
Don't get them down when they are treed

They'll come down when they want to
when they hear the opening whirr
where can opener meets cat food
they'll walk out of that tree as if it wasn't there
and swish their tail as if to say
"it's nothing"

But, Oh, the softest love they have
when on your lap they softly purr
or stroking all that silky fur
and all the stress of passing days
so soon becomes a milky haze
and flys away, forgotten now
She loves you dear, there is no doubt
Adopt a pet today... there are so many, so many who need a home and love. they were put here for us to take care of
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