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Jan 2018 · 114
Grim Jan 2018
All the pale white faces
Disappeared throughout time
You find me broken trapped in glass soaked in lime
All my friends holding pictures there just to make you cry
Always wondered how f*&ked up and why?

As my eyes close, I feel the time slip away
With another shot drown with the bitter taste of lime
We are letting this all slip away
So close your eyes and hide from reality
combating your own personal duality
Dec 2017 · 214
Grim Dec 2017
The cold rejection of my dark angel
My dark temptations mimicking hell,
you bring across a heavy heart
when the bitter sweet nostalgia dissipates
I play through the deep question of inner turmoil

A loss of connection and maybe even  of the spirit
the pain condemns me to a life of pain through it
I feel regret for my actions
while I play and seep only to excessively toil

My deep inner connection always compels
A deep stunted pain where it swells
Simply missing thy dark angel
my oh so dark angel
my saviour who links me with a forever broken coil
Aug 2017 · 70
Grim Aug 2017
Once the bells have tolled and the roses are withered and wilted
I feel a continuous joy deep in my heart your loving embrace left untilted.
With you I dream of a time not quite here
A time of perfection what I know is near
A time where I could truly never be blue
And that my dear is when I meet you.
Jul 2017 · 95
Grim Jul 2017
It takes your breath away,
Is the the pain worth it?
The short stutters
Why should they stay?

When you've lost all sense of control
You can try to live on your own
But you truly know its not right
Deep in your soul

Maybe its time to live and let die
Never again to feel another high
Jun 2017 · 165
hours gone
Grim Jun 2017
Do you remember me?
The hours past
I don't know why I can't sleep
What is wrong with me,
Who is he?

Do you remember the holiday?
When we could sleep
When the hours were blissful
Where life was a paradise
Maybe its because I insisted my way

Why do I smile?
When the hours do not pass?
When nothing will last
I can say I am afraid
Just let me sleep for awhile

I am confused about you
I don't even care
Or maybe I do
why can I breath?
Are we really through?

So many hours gone all alone
I don't remember who you are
What is wrong with me?
I can't even try
You ignore your phone
Jun 2017 · 155
Gateway to the soul
Grim Jun 2017
I look into them, delicate as glass
As if merely a mirror that shimmers
From which I see your fiery passion
I warm comforting touch to compliment such a moment

Peering into the gateway of the soul
I see the flames dimmer
Yet through the fire I still see the depression
As you try to grasp what I meant

Once a simple husk,
Never more such a woe
The Eyes of course
Jun 2017 · 359
My lord
Grim Jun 2017
Hath no fear!
Your long forgotten lord is here
No need to be scared
As he is here to save you

You know him as the lord of despair
Lay down your arms stand bare
He Is your Shepherd and your very best friend
Heed these words

Give up as a whole
He’ll have your very soul.
Jun 2017 · 150
May Bell
Grim Jun 2017
The white vibrant tear of the may bell
Filling with despair as it fell
The glisten of hope dying
Unable to reach the bonfire
Truly making the situation dire
As the tear went flying
Not my best work excuse the crudely written poem!
May 2017 · 96
Grim May 2017
Dead. Everyone is dead
I walk through aimlessly only seeing death
Looking through the grove only seeing a crimson red
I lie down and cry
Just asking myself why
Edgy for the sake of being edgy
Mar 2017 · 348
Grim Mar 2017
As beautiful as stone
Awkward and stuttered
Feeble in attempts yet deep
Preaching to me in fragile tone

Forming a dependency on me
Controlling and possessive
Cutting off my breath
Gripped by fear you cannot see

Hate me love me.
End we..
Mar 2017 · 152
Grim Mar 2017
Plastic smile for plastic people
A smile thats bright
But when theres no more light
Broken and brittle

Revealing less then human
Just plastic
Flexible and moldable as elastic
Until broken and brittle.
Jan 2017 · 177
Grim Jan 2017
Hope, what could it be exactly?
Something that makes us go on

The thing that makes us get up
When we fall down in dispare

Truly it gives us a lot
It dwells into our passions

Making a fire burn deep in our heart
Offering relief not only to the smart
Just something new feed back please
Nov 2016 · 196
Grim Nov 2016
Call it a simple blind eye
Act like it never even happened
For it had to happen
Don’t consider asking

If someone asks simple lie!
As we know what we did
No one else is to know
This whole deed we’ll be masking

Now she’ll  fly
As never before my love
An angel now so beautiful...
After such of a tasking

You might ask why?
But no matter she had to **die..
Oct 2016 · 336
The withered
Grim Oct 2016
I lure in the kindled spirits
hoping thou shall be uplifting
but I know better to fear it
will thou take a chance?

when thy destroys the kindled
making you no more then a husk
wishing we never mingled
thy creates the withered?

the broken husk...
crippled by thy honey covered word
leaving a sour musk

thy create the withered
But I am also the withered...
Aug 2016 · 471
No more
Grim Aug 2016
I'm no more than a simple brat
Call it, no more
Hold my word dear
But still ignore everything thy say

I keep trying until I’m running flat
Yet thy gets mocked
Not thou even cares
Just wait and I’ll be something one day...

Peer into my soul, seeing no more than a sickened rat
Subject me to future failure
Please hold me my dear
Losing you is a dreaded mind flay

I know I’m no more than a gnat
So squish I like so, splat!
Just how I've been feeling...
Aug 2016 · 224
Grim Aug 2016
Oh so dreamy… luring
Thy as a whitethorn, twisted fruit
Thorns slicing the blackened, detouring…
Aug 2016 · 117
Grim Aug 2016
Can me into this world as if a fable
Unsure what is
Or what is to be
I want to make myself a glory

Stay back while I’m still stable
This may get dark
Quick hide while I can hold it in
Before I get gory….

Hurry… while I’m still unable…
My other side
Snuffed of light
To late this is the end of the story…

I’ll mark you with such a label...
Aug 2016 · 158
Just a song
Grim Aug 2016
A song so sweet
Leaving you out of motion
I wisp almost like mist
As if lifting you off your feet
Sing along with devotion
Time is short cross off your list
Sing until your no longer neat
Sing until you reach starvation
Hear the song as **salvation
Aug 2016 · 138
I know a girl
Grim Aug 2016
I know a girl
Who sold it all
She sold her body
And maybe even her soul
Just to know it was her fall
So she could please everybody
Looking at them no more than a doll
Almost as a dead she peered into their soul  
I know a girl
Who sold it all
She sold her body
And maybe even her soul
Every moment she wanted to hurl
She hated them so
She would curl
Just have that one time whirl
I know a girl
Who sold it all
She sold her body
to end up with nobody
Trying something new kinda messy, hope you enjoy haha
Aug 2016 · 117
No time to wait
Grim Aug 2016
I just wanna wreck it
Just f**king end it
Let me go out with a blit
I wish to stop this hate
You making me cause this slit
Look into my eyes know its fate
But I know you have no time to wait…
Aug 2016 · 241
Grim Aug 2016
Oh so despised,
Very distant with a head slumped
Ignoring all thats advised
Your back being knotted and clumped
Blocking out the world with a tune
Oh so dreary and unclear  
Taking a slice at life
Not knowing it’s something to fear..
Something that many can relate too..
Aug 2016 · 176
Grim Aug 2016
Heaven weeps your passing,
I weep your passing,
Oh so empty since your passing,
Hellish to tone know I caused your passing,
Being the one who made your passing,
I remember the day of your passing,
Slashing with a hatchet to see a passing,
Was I the reason you fell to die?
I’d honestly be telling a lie.
Aug 2016 · 132
Death bell
Grim Aug 2016
A cry like screaming
As flowers blooming contrary
Ringing my ears bleeding as if dreaming
Aug 2016 · 234
Luna fades
Grim Aug 2016
Your light shining no longer,
The moon light is gone and dead,
Thou once the one holding me,
No longer, you let me fall
Your brown eyes full of hate gaze,
Peering into thou so dark,
Being unable to call me….
Alpha I am no more since I…
Am I the one who caused thus,
To hate me although very just
Knowing I killed you like so,
Each wound I blame on myself,
Fearing the sight of your blood
Dripping from your dark soul luna……………………..
The end of something dearly missed...
Aug 2016 · 102
Grim Aug 2016
You stand me up, making me look cruel
Everyone turning bitter,
Unable to leave safety
Hating the likes of I

I try to be happy following your rule
Yet I’m not enough
You still hate thy
Why can’t I just die

You take me as no more than a fool
Mocking thy
Cursing thy
Not even letting me take off and fly....
Jun 2016 · 139
Grim Jun 2016
Hear the endless voice
cluttering sounds talking dark
hear my oh dark voice
First proper haiku
Jun 2016 · 187
Call of the reaper
Grim Jun 2016
I stand at thou the reaper
My eye peering
ready to strike
Phasing in looking into your soul oh so deeper...

You question if my presence is real while heavy-eyed
Seeing me in the background
hearing no more then a step
ask if you have already died
listening to such a quiet sound.

As I take thee you give a glare
knowing what you've done,
leaving a blank stare.
Jun 2016 · 201
Grim Jun 2016
Ask me to be something but my very name is hellish,
I disappoint you at every chance
Viewing me less then human
Am I still human?

You birthed me and maybe that's just selfish!
What is the point in me trying
When your words mock me,
I'm really not a fan

Your words eating at me almost ghoulish,
They destroy me so
Keeping me down
Making me feel not as a man...

Seems me thinking you could change is foolish.
Jun 2016 · 182
The end
Grim Jun 2016
Whether or not I knew where to go
Evan peers deep into thy soul,
Darker then the very crow,
Endless such a nightmare
Thou takes all from me,  as I'm a all time low....
Trying to make a series :)
Jun 2016 · 165
Grim Jun 2016
My name brings darkness flow
I don't belong
Not even where the dead man go   Forgive my sins
My soul resembling a crow
Jun 2016 · 152
Grim Jun 2016
I feel a cold touch
A white face with no feature Grabbing my hand
I feel calmed by the likes of such
I hear my my mother call as I walk with this creature Taking me to his land
His voice telling me making me no longer scared tightening his clutch
"Do not fear child, I'm only here to play"
taking me into a manor as I whisper "is everything going to be ok?" He then tells me "Keep calm child, your here to stay. "
Jun 2016 · 170
Grim Jun 2016
You really are the sweetest I call it,
You really are the light of my life my dear
With thou it feels oh so clear, dear beauty
Thy make the divine no more than man
Your the one unable to compare thy
Luna with you I feel oh so complete
With you I am truly lifted
I look at thou dark chocolate eyes
I fall deeper and deeper for thy
Gazing into there beauty Luna
Making me feel as a Alpha dear
Seeing your oh so dark hair shinning
Oh so dreamy I cannot withstand
But to bow down and kiss thou sweet hand.
A sweet message to my betrothed

— The End —