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Grim Jan 2018
All the pale white faces
Disappeared throughout time
You find me broken trapped in glass soaked in lime
All my friends holding pictures there just to make you cry
Always wondered how f*&ked up and why?

As my eyes close, I feel the time slip away
With another shot drown with the bitter taste of lime
We are letting this all slip away
So close your eyes and hide from reality
combating your own personal duality
Grim Dec 2017
The cold rejection of my dark angel
My dark temptations mimicking hell,
you bring across a heavy heart
when the bitter sweet nostalgia dissipates
I play through the deep question of inner turmoil

A loss of connection and maybe even  of the spirit
the pain condemns me to a life of pain through it
I feel regret for my actions
while I play and seep only to excessively toil

My deep inner connection always compels
A deep stunted pain where it swells
Simply missing thy dark angel
my oh so dark angel
my saviour who links me with a forever broken coil
Grim Aug 2017
Once the bells have tolled and the roses are withered and wilted
I feel a continuous joy deep in my heart your loving embrace left untilted.
With you I dream of a time not quite here
A time of perfection what I know is near
A time where I could truly never be blue
And that my dear is when I meet you.
Grim Jul 2017
It takes your breath away,
Is the the pain worth it?
The short stutters
Why should they stay?

When you've lost all sense of control
You can try to live on your own
But you truly know its not right
Deep in your soul

Maybe its time to live and let die
Never again to feel another high
Grim Jun 2017
Do you remember me?
The hours past
I don't know why I can't sleep
What is wrong with me,
Who is he?

Do you remember the holiday?
When we could sleep
When the hours were blissful
Where life was a paradise
Maybe its because I insisted my way

Why do I smile?
When the hours do not pass?
When nothing will last
I can say I am afraid
Just let me sleep for awhile

I am confused about you
I don't even care
Or maybe I do
why can I breath?
Are we really through?

So many hours gone all alone
I don't remember who you are
What is wrong with me?
I can't even try
You ignore your phone
Grim Jun 2017
I look into them, delicate as glass
As if merely a mirror that shimmers
From which I see your fiery passion
I warm comforting touch to compliment such a moment

Peering into the gateway of the soul
I see the flames dimmer
Yet through the fire I still see the depression
As you try to grasp what I meant

Once a simple husk,
Never more such a woe
The Eyes of course
Grim Jun 2017
Hath no fear!
Your long forgotten lord is here
No need to be scared
As he is here to save you

You know him as the lord of despair
Lay down your arms stand bare
He Is your Shepherd and your very best friend
Heed these words

Give up as a whole
He’ll have your very soul.
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