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Apr 2013
Oh he was crying like he should've cared
It was tight ropes and white coats
And she was screaming like he wasn't there
It was old souls and a cold nose

There wasn't much that she could do from there
It was tight ropes and white coats
They were turning her fast in her chair
It was all she could to keep from being good
There tight ropes wrapped around her face
Old souls screaming out her name
White coats chasing her veins oh
With tight ropes and white coats
He was crawling deep in the ground
Hopeing pleading maybe he's found
The only one who ever let him out
But she was wrapped tight and all alone
He should've never left her to her own
He finally found her deep in the earth
Wrapped in white coats with tight ropes
He thought to free her stumbled on no
If he released her oh where would she go
How much longer could keep her in
Tight ropes with white coats
Bleeding seething all alone
So ******
She was all wrapped in tight ropes
They were all standing in white coats
Discussing how much candy she could hold
Before they would have to carry her home.
Written by
Goddess Tonya Medrano  michigan
   Emily Tyler
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