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Apr 2013
She stood broken
Her dress blew
in the windy sway
He stood over her
Mumbling in dismay
Of all the things
He can never say
Her head hung low
His words held no remorse
They made her smaller
With each escape
It took her deeply
To a place to profound
Of an emotional let down
To speak about
She stood quietly
Swept away
By what used to be
The only one
she wanted to play
She stood under
His shadowey display
She wished he'd go away
Knowing he was all
She would ever crave
Even her words
Could no longer
be his slave
She stood silently
Burned beyond pain
Not even soaked up
by the rain
No tear ever savored
Held or unashamed
She stood still
With definition and misunderstood will
As he hovered over
Her every move
If he left her to her own
Disturbed rebellious words
She was lost
He would lose
There was nothing
He could do
And she was just
Too far gone
To find a way
Back to his grip
He never released
In the first place.
Written by
Goddess Tonya Medrano  michigan
   st64, M M M, hello and Angel
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