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Apr 2013
I must be part of your collection
Cuz you can't see
What you
Do to me
I must be waiting on your affections
till I can breathe
As you
Display me
I must be under constant protection
On a shelf
under glass
Pay to see
I must be only a reflection
Of what you like
you wanna be
Part of me
I must be part of your collection
look fast
no flash
No doubt in my mind of deception
One of a kind
Rare as can be
that's me
I must never show objections
To anything
You'll ever ask
Of me
I must display constent perfection
My **** smile
Cute dress
hair flowing
i must be part of your collection
I'm not alone
On this shelf
I know they see
I always fear your rejection
Bcuz no one else
Knows I'm here
Just you and me
Maybe you think I'm a projection
of what you are
You leave behind
a legacy
I guess I'm just a sick infection
you'll never ever
Get rid
Of me
You must be part of my collection.

Written by
Goddess Tonya Medrano  michigan
   M M M and Gary Muir
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