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Don't kiss me good bye
See how long that's gonna fly
don't miss me when I'm gone
I will linger along
in the corner of your eye
When you knew the whole time
all I wanted was love
Don't send be good wishes
you know you were what was missing
Don't miss me now that I'm gone
Don't call out to my name
that you didn't give me
Care or exclaim
Don't, don't reach for my hand
It's not like that old man
Don't miss me now that I'm gone
Cover your frown and wipe your tears
Those will get you no where here
I have no obligations to you
Just like you left me too
The same to you I do
So don't miss me now that I'm gone
Don't send me your announcement
I don't have time to care for any of your mess
Happy sad or just dense
And don't miss me while I'm gone
don't persist to press on
Its so obvious your beyond
I don't see how you could think
the little you did sink
Would make me miss you when you were gone
Don't say another word
there's not one thing I did to deserve
The treatment you dealt
No matter how you felt
don't you care miss me now that I'm gone
And don't try to tell me I'm wrong
I was there I was standing alone
It was I who had to hide
From a heavy handed life
Don't miss me
Don't kiss me
Don't miss me
Now that I've gone
Don't miss me now that I'm gone
I'm never gonna have the love I need to be real
      It was stolen from me at birth
I'm never gonna have someone who show me unconditionally
     I'm always gonna be alone
I'm never gonna have a family, to take portraits with
     I'm never gonna have a soulmate
I'm never gonna be able to feel
     Safe in the life with someone
I'm  never gonna be normal
     I'm never gonna fit in
I'm never gonna do normal family stuff
      I'm never gonna be the person
Others can depend on, trust or need
      I'm always going to be looked at as damaged
I'm never gonna be loved like I should be
     I'm never gonna have these things
They are illusive to me

Take my love home with you
   If its all that you can do
       Take my heart thats sad and blue
          Because even still it'll be true
             When your gone I'll be a slave
                To every word I heard you gave
                   I'll take your love home with me
                      Forever together we will be
                          Take my love home with you
                        If that's all I ever do
                  Is give my love to all who ever knew
               To take my love home with you
             I see your smile upon her face
          And your eyes on him they grace
       Your laugh I hear each day in me
     To have you back is what we'd need
   Take my love home with you
If thats all we ever do
   Is give our hearts to the ones
     Who love us still when our days are done

I'm not gonna give you
A list of what not to do's
I'm not gonna feed into
Making you feel don't do

Im not gonna give you
The tools to keep us tight
So you dont ever wonder
if maybe it wontebe alright

I'm gonna give you answers
Honest injan so that we might
Grow vividly together
And show ourselves we right

I'm gonna give you my right now
My every moment left in me
So when you do become absent from us
Theres a silent movie feed

I'm gonna give you lessons
On how to overcome
The things I haven't faced yet
Because together we're still young

I'm gonna gi e you silver
Streaks all in my hair
So you'll know I'm gonna stay
You'll see I'm not going no where
our very own lifetime of space

I've woken
alone & crushed
By the evil around me
In unfamiliar lands
I've fallen
In deep dreams of despair
Where no one
Was reaching for my hand
Where I could not stand
I have lost
Sqaundered & regretted
But no more
I am found
Not by those who love me
Not by those who don't
i have found me
I had to stop seeing
The darkness first
I had to concentrate
With everything in me
To find the light
I created
I've had to run the race with demons
To win me back
From the despair
And child did it want me
It tried to keep me
With words
Promises of no pain
the despair snatchedme
With lies that I better right there
It promised me an ending
To the evils placed upon myself
Despair lied.
All its promises
Were only to entice me
To suffer more
it was loves lil light
That pinhole peeked thru
Loves light spied in mine eye
Even when it closed with tears
Thru it love shined
And when I
Raised my head
From the evil
That had my grasp
Thru loves light
Spread over me
Lifted me thru the despair
Washed away
The tar the evils
Spattered me with
Thru such very small words
I heard them
In my deafness screaming
"I need her life, to continue on,
I need you to shine"
Thru loves lil light
That shined
Pinhole in mine eye
I saw the tiny hand
That pushed thru the despair
As if it were only air
Holding me there
And when loves hand
Touched me
I felt all the people
I lost
And the ones still out there
Then loves hand
Touched my face
And reminded me of my own
Beauty that the world
Was desperate for me to share
I remember this time in my life
The blood on the floors
Empty pill bottles scattered
The tears of pain
And the screams
Oh the screams
I remember them clear
I tremble even now
From that time
I fear its grasp every second
Mostly because I dont know
Exactly how it got
a hold of me
Love has no longer
Let me be scared
Love has brought me thru
To you
To share
Loves pinhole of light
To shine in your eye
To make you aware
I'm desperately holding
out mine hand
Thru your despair
Thru your pain
Thru your loss
Thru love saving me
I did not know then
Thru love I was brought
To reach Thru to you
What saved me
I love and I care...

They say
She has an old soul
tried & true
Wrinkled & new
But not worn
Her soul has seen
Many days
And ways
Tripped over puppy love
Let go of silly stuff
Her soul
Has been everywhere
It was meant to be
Now her soul
Has her life to live
Her live to give
her eyes to see
The powers that be
To bring her soul
Back to me
For me to hold
If I may be so bold
Her soul touches me
Gives me light to see
Breathes in my emotion
So I may feel complete
They say she has an old soul
One who already knows
All about me
And the tears I weep

Property of "stuff ignoring won't hear
I'm sitting on the floor
wondering why I'm alone
Why did you leave me
I dial on the phone
This number that was yours
All I get
Is a **** dial tone
Saying this aint your number
I can't reach you here no more
how the hell
Could I been left alone
I'm sitting in this house
Quiet as a mouse
Where in the hell you can be
If I was the only one
That you loved
Why am I
So alone in the streets
every face that passes by
I stare right in the eye
Hoping its yours I'll see
But I know in my heart
Your buried in the dark
No matter what
Your dead to me
So I'm sitting on this floor
In this house
On this street
All alone
Not one piece of you
Do I see
When you passed away
You took everything
I ever thought
Could mean something
To me

Sometime 2010
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