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Apr 2013
I ben trying oh so hard
Lying deep here in the yard
Waiting patiently for you
To come kick me down more too
Its soggy and its soaking wet
Something i won't seem to forget
Lifting my ****** corpse
From this horrid August forth
To stumble blindly in the pain
That seems a neverending reign
So wicked in its sickening thought
I hope he leaves me unsought
I was blistered from the sun
That came down to say we're done
It was over before we met
Oh how could I ever forget
Silly human ******* race
Spilling my blood all over the place
Who the **** will clean it up
When you all have given up
Oh I'm sure you'll point at me
Sorrowful soul hanging from a tree
Beaten bruised & left for dead
What do you think happens in my head
I hope you don't see me as dream
I'm a nightmare you can't scream
And sorry excuse for anything
How I wish you weren't me
Written by
Goddess Tonya Medrano  michigan
   Emily Tyler
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