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Thank You

Thank You
Making It

Thank You
On my

Thank You
there are those who want to silence our voicesThis is some thing I say every morning. I say each word with reverence
Like the first lily that pushes out of the ground
You raised your arms and rose to heaven
Revived and restored like a turtle dove in flight    
You opened your heart and He raised you up,  
on this "Blessed Easter Morning"
As the larks deliver their song in flight
we celebrate you,   "Lord, Savior, King"
This heavenly reward is our countenance of light  
bestowed on us today brighter than sunlight;
You, first tulip of Spring rejoice in our hearts  
as we awaken to a new world full of promise
You auroral dawning (alibi) rose of Sharon  
bring us tidings of love and renewal
I wonder how many people I’ve hurt.

Heavenly Father, in this beautiful morning I am so thankful that You are able and often do make impossible situations possible.In this beautiful morning I like to ask for forgiveness for the seemingly limitless capacity I have to be foolish. Heavenly Father, please help us live our lives with loving intent, cultivating meaningful relationships with our families, friends, and even our brothers and sisters we’ll never engage in our lifetime. Heavenly Father please teach me in your wisdom,so that my life might be pleasing to You and a blessing to others around me....In Your name I am strong, fearless and blissful. In your name Jesus Christ, I’ll continue to pray… Amen!
 Sep 2022 Word Hobo
Edmund black
This Life is Beautiful
And yet
This Life is ugly

Most time I can feel both
At the same time

When  it feels good
It’s my right
To let it feel good

Live your dream
Live your passion
Love hard

You don’t need permission
From nobody
To be happy

So go on
Boys and girls
Have the courage
To allow
The madness to be magical
Cheers to happiness!!!
 Aug 2022 Word Hobo
Edmund black
Everyone I know
Seems to be broken
One way or another
Broken bodies
Broken hearts
Broken minds
Broken souls
In this broken world
And you know what
I am broken too
But if we can wait to heal
Our broken parts and not be tired of waiting.
If we can keep our heads up when all else comes apart
If we can watch the things we gave our life to, broken,
If we can trust ourselves
When all men doubt us
But make allowance for their
Doubting too,
    And stoop and repairing our cracks with dust of gold and hold on
Like a Kintsugi art
Indeed, my brothers and sisters
We can become more beautiful
More stronger than all of the doubters
In this broken world

Exactly because
We have been broken
 Aug 2022 Word Hobo
Dorothy A
The womb
It's a glorious *****
A reproductive

It was my first home
It was yours
It gave us
Exactly what we needed

We got "baking time"
Little buns developing
Being nourished and
Fully insulated
From the outside
From any of the bad
Any of the harsh elements
And the school of hard knocks
That we were not ready to receive
And my heart goes out to all those who were unwanted or unwelcome, or those who had the odds stacked against them
 Aug 2022 Word Hobo
Alex Higgins
Winter flowers are small and hardy.
They lack the ostentation of summer blooms.
They are quiet, they do no insist upon themselves.
They are as they are, blooming in defiance of the cold and the dark.
I often feel like those flowers.
I have wreathed my aunt's face in those small, resilient, flowers.
We shall not succumb to the cold of winter.
We will bloom in defiance.
We will bloom in love.
We will bloom in remembrance.
We will bloom.
I wrote this when my aunt died. I picked flowers and made a wreath for her, then I carried her body downstairs to the people that took her away.
Upon a wooden cross
Sealed by a rusty nail
The savior of mankind
His hands and feet impaled
While sinners mocked and jeered
A lesson He did give
Choosing to die this way
So all of us could live
He said if we repent
And seek Him as the way
He’d prepare a place for us
To join him one fine day
He died to save us all
Yet some denounce His name
They banned Him from our schools
And treat him with disdain
For those that keep the faith
Your worship won’t be lost
He said so on that night
Upon that wooden cross.
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