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Apr 5 · 38
sweet dreams parvati
Are we rainbows
Drawn by delicate fingers
Are we rubies forged in a volcano
Are we diamonds blind as a tornado
Are we sirens
Or are we symphonies
Sung underneath the sea
You are a part of everything
You are a part of me
In watermelon kisses and ocean breeze
I hear you moaning
Whistling through the trees
I see your vision and taste your forbidden flavor
I am bound to find you if I look long enough
All of our fears are poor company indeed
So i say sweet dreams and need to take a shower
Apr 5 · 21
a ghost and a serpent
With borderline incisions
Listen to the inhibitions you've forgotten
Forms are feelings sealed against themselves
And your breath is reaching astronomic levels
The ceiling lowers itself to your head
You are retired but just might reconsider it
If after all you are whatever you fear the most
Life is just a dance between a ghost and a serpent
Now is the time to settle down and rest in your hurting
Apr 5 · 34
never equal
How can we explain the abundance of talent?
So diverse yet never equal.
Spread out over billions of people.
Are we adapting to our environments?
Night after night,
Do we dream the same themes,
Forgetting their secret meanings?
Humans dig deep holes,
And then fill them to make stories.
Apr 5 · 62
lips are sealed
At your own defenses
Open the hips
And keep the lips sealed
Lives alone tonight
On tones of running water
Apr 5 · 114
in solitude's company
Satisfaction is agony
So we learn to swim, willingly
We take part in a midnight circus
Words might pierce her heart
But we are only here
For a moment of eternity
No more need to hide
Lets exhibit our minds
Like statues of the divine
Composed in solitude’s company
Young eyes are watery
Could we hold hands
For a momentary heartbeat
In a corporeal reality
Your frail negligee
Makes me want to beg for mercy
Kind ones weep and keep
Their feet as clean as pure water
Instead you puff on a carrot
And write recipes for prosperous people
Juniper moans and shadows groan
For we haven't yet outgrown our love
We scrape the barrel daily
What are these strange strategies
To keep our minds embodied
Can we depend on people
Who are barely willing
To stand against the tide
I replied, undress your heart
And start kissing me
Silently, this instant
For I would happily die
Waiting for you to comply
With all of this uncertainty
Apr 5 · 137
i digress
Making the most of life’s mystery
It marks a tragic collapse
Into laziness and lethargy
Like a folded sweatshirt
Love is answered
In the fire and the snow
So we gather firewood
And pretend to confess our sins
Are you serious or do you jest
Artisans arrested my heart
One handful of garlic
Can contain up to twenty cloves
I was concussed
Is that what you suggested
Tenement masters
Impressed upon our bones
So he followed her down the stairs
You were a submarine and i was a diver
Did I follow too closely
We might never know
You were thirty years old
In dinner dress she spoke
You know that sometimes
Even great performances can
Make you feel more alone
Apr 5 · 33
water lily eyes
Settle down and rest in your hurting
Speak of singular beings
Falling into infatuations
Failure to surrender
Is not a failure to comply
The water lilies are wild
And so are your eyes

Whoever designed the rose
must innately know
the secrets of my heart
Apr 5 · 76
ready for love
Artisan’s arrest
Complex pleasure chests
Treasure sets
Dense as lead
We sink to the sound of silence
Back arched mouth open
Ready for love
She jumps out the window
He follows her down the stairs
Too late she got there first
He was waiting in the bushes
All her love was coerced
He undressed and took off his shirt
So she started punching him
Right where it already hurt
Apr 5 · 39
mean girls
Come break my heart again
I’m attracted to mean girls with high heels
And an attitude of entitlement
With hearts of steel they bend men
Like aluminum fences to their will
The angels never dabble in our business
But compassionate liars are harder to find
And it's rare that you end up seated
With two of them at the same table
Apr 5 · 37
Surrounded by insanity we wander idly by
On islands of discovery we try to catch flies
Distances decline as we move beyond our minds
And find ourselves better off
Without the gadgets most people buy
Apr 3 · 143
High intensity is not likely,
to cause any serious problems,
But a lack of integrity, definitely will.
Apr 3 · 67
Liquid Haiku
Shells of joy open
To reveal pearls of sorrow
Formed from sands of truth
Apr 3 · 100
mom jokes
What does a hippy/shaman wear to a sleepover?
In sweet water
we fish and swim
When we are finished
We give it back
To Pachamama
This music is good
And hunger is our attitude
Diagonal winds
Further our stories
Hundreds of copies
Are made each day
Before we've awakened
Cities taste like fried rice
And we wait on lines
For cokes and coffees
Relativity tries to explain
What it can't deny
That we are unstable and often high
You are gullible like the night sky
As single women
Drift along your incision
It's a mission to not hunt them all at once
Juggle the waterfall and pay for her dinner
Gifts are abundant
And some are seeking you too
Kindred spirits kindle our fire
As tired hands hug their mother
Love is burning with desire
Cool down and we can begin to dig
Listen to the sounds that are far away
Beyond your mansions
Into the woods
We drove for days
And still no one
Understood our need for silence
And sometimes our dramas
We were in need of laughter
So i attached a pair
Of jumper cables
To the inside of your pajamas
Apr 3 · 45
naked and unabashed
I'm awake and aware
But at this hour it's only fair
To assume that we are crazy
Love is waiting in our apartment complexes
Sinister judges take your collateral
And watch you fall down without their council
Pounds of chocolate offered to the gods
As if we should be honored by their presence
The heat and steam rose from the ashes
And you were ***** and unabashed
Money never gave you anything for good
Those streets were composites of our memories
And real neighborhoods are deserted like cemeteries
You swaddle the baby in ceremonial blankets
And remove the furniture from your living rooms
Return to movement innocent like a child
We are wild like the buffalo, in summer's heat
Grown men fall to their knees and beg you for your beauty
We have grown our healing herbs in buckets
And lost our minds in raging rivers
And gathered colorful flowers in vibrant fields
Amidst the most luxurious company of equals
Apr 3 · 90
crescent eyes
I sold my rope to a dreamer
Her crescent eyes held fast to signs of hope
You removed your clothes and found my sleepy soul
And consoled me for nothing
When did we get hunted
Hungry wolves ripped off our clothes
I suppose you were waiting for something
Or someone new to come along
Sunlight always sparkles
At the first ***** of dawn
Apr 3 · 30
turtles sparkle
A poem is a wave.
Love is a feather.
Send me your heart in a letter.
I will read it by the ocean.
Movement is denial.
You lied through your smile.
I can see your insides.
Buying out the real estate.
Poetry made you soft.
Feelings are lost in your basement.
Sands shift and apples fall from our treetops.
I am bottomless.
We read the newspaper,
To find the flavors we savor,
In morning’s fragile kitchen.

Pale blue water
Turtles sparkle
Reefs made of diamonds
Lungs topple tyrants
Relatives and root canals
Police the equator
Fake staircases
Leading everywhere
Apr 2 · 85
self evidence
Poetry is not pretentious
Love is not defensive
God is not a sentence
I refuse to be your invention
Apr 2 · 70
Grief rings
Sun showers and baths in cold water
We have fallen angels in our bones
Our eyes have seen the ancient roads
So we wash our minds in paleolithic streams
And wander these streets in turbulent need of comfort
Hands tied I waste time burying my feelings
Grief rings a bell and all who hear it
Must eventually heed it's warning
So long architecture
If all the falling buildings finally crumbled
Then would you break free
Like an old violin at a tired symphony
The sound of rain falling from the Pleiades
Pouring down from heaven
While seven sisters dance
Wildly beneath the oak tree
Mar 27 · 204
wandering overboard
Dance on the water,
Love is the wind that guides our ships.
Paddle boarding in this river is rare,
She says, no need to worry,
For I've come well equipped.
Mar 27 · 78
on a tightrope
Nuzzle me with your fingers
Sting my eyes with your soap
Your truces are so dangerous
And poets need more than hope
I rest in embraces too complicated to utter,
Isolated mono-crops will never control our hunger.
Mar 27 · 67
Are you in need of anything peculiar?
Mar 27 · 112
hesitant at best
Instead of being grateful, we are fed up with our insignificance.
Goddesses blush upon your arrival. Is it survival or just a coping mechanism?
Mar 26 · 184
if our lines are aligned
If only she would come a little nearer
It's so complicated to relate to each other
These emotions we've hidden
Sometimes our feelings are as sweet as wine
And drums keep time with our inner rhythm
Breath is our mind
So we savor each moment
My heartbeat is reaching astronomic levels
You bless the elves that drown in your sorrows
Punch me in the gut
I am bending over backwards
To read between your lines
Mar 26 · 43
thank goddess
grief is a form of madness
that only some are worthy of.
Mar 26 · 80
your smile
Dead to the world
With a black dress and a **** figure
Literally color blind
When underwear is broken
Grief is a tragic missile
I make you laugh
Until you can’t take it
Nuzzle me with your fingers
Sting my eyes with soap
Ply me with flirtatious smiles
Your eyelashes will surely tell me
All I ever really want to know
Mar 26 · 36
Do we drift on by
And travel in the astral
I see visions on your body
How your lips remind me
Of how i long to touch you
We sleep for hours
And then begin to cuddle
Lunch hours are over
And yet we are still hungry
You demand your needs to be met
As if the shadow of a doubt
Could ever truly be erased
Oh sister choose your path wisely
Everybody wonders
At what they can’t explain
Blind as heat lightning
Regret is certainly a useful burden
So learn to surf these waves
Instead combine love with gravity
And God shall become more
Than just a sentence some day
Mar 26 · 153
Ski-school keeps us cool
Musical lightning
Fills me with power
I utter your oath
In the land of honeydew
Mar 26 · 29
poppin' like its hot
Her desire is a fireplace,
But I am just the chimney sweep.
Mar 26 · 30
Maybe in the end, Socrates was the only person in history who had any clue about what was going on. And he mostly chose to remain quiet about it. Only a man who knows for certain that he doesn’t know a **** thing, is a true man, according to him and me.
Mar 26 · 22
tread lightly
I see you *****, wasted, hungry, lonely, tired....
as opposed to hypophilia (infrequent ****** arousal) or hippophilia (an affinity for horses...
Mar 22 · 103
Vindictive saviors
Impenetrable circumstances
Burning with vehemence
Whenever you try to change your reality
Something always goes wrong
Strange strategies
Sycophantic tendencies
Implacable regard for authority
Verbose prattle pouring out of me
Disregard for seniority
Compulsive writing
Swollen images
Strategies and syntax
Swollen paragraphs
Sordid heirogyphs
Stolen from a pharoahs tombs
Smoke and flame erased our names
From yesterday's history books
Still we resume our communications
And behold we are talking to you
Vindictive saviors
Never waver from the truth
You think you're clever
But you'll never know the use
You'll never rule the earth
Sediments demand sacrifice
Highways of vultures pursue our youth
Mar 21 · 78
Polyphonic burdens in our native tongue
Guttural agglutinations living on the run
Mar 21 · 156
spiritual material
Plumes of sacred feathers
Retired air force generals
Balancing against our wills
Handstands demand attention
Stand ***** and face the firing squad
What a load of garbage
Who are we to speak of this
You bring me to my knees
I resemble my father
And you take after me
Are we destined to swim
In uncertain territory forever
What are we aiming our minds at creating
Brands and businesses are fading
Instagram demons sweep through your basements
Bringing up subconscious lessons
From suitcases buried deep within our closets
The currency of yoga these days is spiritual bypass
As models and actresses become the norm as teachers
Robust beauties bouncing in their bedrooms
With ample bodices and bosoms all for sale
Mar 21 · 267
You are long gone
Flirting with disaster
Eating your way through life
Won’t make you any wiser
Just passing through
But after 30 comes
You face your fears
A little faster every year
We are all equals in this theater
We are all sequestered here
By our ancestors
We were molested by their fears
Mar 21 · 42
is decency descending
Strategies are decent
If we are pleasant to look at
I wonder if you have a diamond necklace
Would you mind if i pawned it
I love your ashen appearance
Last chance to buy this on clearance
Permanent breathing
Baking our wheat in the oven
It rises into fiery clouds of dough
You can't control your appetite
Instead align your soul
Mar 21 · 31
doubtful desserts
I am a poem wandering in the desert
I am a word chosen from the masses
You left your casket open
I suspect intention to be a lost cause
Forces of virtue soften our servitude
You swallow your dinner alone
Correct me if i'm wrong
But there is no place that you belong
Perhaps only to god and the devil himself
You don't get extra credit for breathing
But there is extra popcorn if you need it
Please sweep the floors and clean the dishes tomorrow
Your sword is as long as your shadow
We remove the arrows from our blankets
And then beat each other into straw-woven baskets
Severance packages excepted
We accept the accidents we've caused
You pursue hunger and wake up alone
Feet first I flew to the edges of the horizon
I am a child burdened with awareness
So forget the heaviness of the density we fell through
If you need some help i know just who to call
Forever waiting for there is only one hand that serves all
Unless you are worried about your soul, after all
There is no need for alarm as the fences are electrified
We are vivacious and vilified by our spouses
Doubt has ruined many beautiful houses
And turned what was once our home into a pile of stones
And you believe that companions are just creatures
Who have temporary need of each others' features
Mar 21 · 72
in the third-person
I hesitate to ask you
Why you’ve returned
Sunburned and broken
Before the third word is spoken
You've corrected me again
I may be wrong but i think
That there is a song
Inside of you worth saving
Mar 21 · 28
Faced with death or destiny you choose to rest in perplexity.
Mar 20 · 48
note to self
The tide may turn but some people never learn,
that what is best for them may never come easy.
Mar 19 · 61
sandhi sings
29 degrees
finishing old themes
completion imminent
death is not
a depletion of resources
so are we ready
to be reborn
Mar 19 · 58
multiple choice
Two lovers once entangled ________

a) blend together all night.
b) absorb each other's light.
c) stay connected for life.
d) have the strength to sacrifice.
e) display no attachment and remain as cold as ice.
f) never see each other again.
Mar 19 · 62
love triangles
Come break out of angular prison
And become liquid crystalline again
Hexagonal structures channeling electric current
Consciousness repeats it's own melodies
We deepen our intention and self awareness
I bless the edges of your defensive mind
Two lovers once entangled blend together for life
Mar 19 · 80
You sentimental fool
You broke all the rules
And now you will have to suffer
For what was uncovered
Was better left alone
As grief is both a prison and a poem
A thousand words too long
You are a victim and i am a song
Concern yourself with reason
And you may do yourself real harm
We shall let the river guide us
And then we'll travel on
By moonlight we will follow
The water’s serpentine meandering
And allow our candles to burn out
Triads of dreams inevitably
Come unraveled at the seams
Until we learn to speak in tongues
Borrowed from our grandmothers
Some say that love’s escapades
Are too dangerous for their heart
So we've learned to stay
Far away from those people
Mar 19 · 69
elbow roomy
Coordination and compassion
Rest upon the wrist
But the elbow is beyond your grip
It slips and rips and tears
and bends
Before it springs into action  
once again
I am a lung
I breathe in and out
The language of love
Echoes from the mouth of the universe
at rest there is only silence
I am best used for singing
and diving
I am another form of respiration
I am salvation in insolvent situations
You must learn liberation
whenever I go on vacation
At the moment i am resting
my bones
For love is answered
in silent overtones
Whenever we are alone
Tongues are entwined
And tonight we shall dine
on our tiptoes
Mar 19 · 40
What a song you must sing to those worms that keep their books in your library.
Mar 19 · 124
Desire is a fire
That connects us to the heavens
Reminds us of our origins
We are ambivalent to the gods
While they speak using our tongues
Words and symbols are plenty
Yet totally empty
Devoid of meaning
Without ample life experience
We flounder in a sea of groundless being
A dichotomy indeed
To breathe and seethe
With the rawness of needs and desires
I inspire compassion and attraction
Magnetic action is diverse and never perverse
We are reflective, selective and interconnected
We are agile, fragile and dance like daffodils
We are saddled with guilt and shame
Yet you ride ******* through life’s pain
On unstable horizons
Dinosaurs deny your company
And relatives neglect the comfrey
Leave piles of waste behind their houses
Impermanent traces of yesterday’s pottery
Mar 19 · 98
the hallmark of contemporary art
is for something to be as cold and ruthless
as the average person's heart
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