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Mar 25 · 38
abraxas 2020 (rewrite)
the outcomes are certain
all will fade away indefinitely
understand this and measure your life
by breaths and not complexity
densities are hiding in visionary lightning
finding new faculties every moment
we are swift in our limitless  
capacity for adaptation
a refulgent emulsion
immersed in water and poetry
under the highest authority
or just higher scrutiny
wrapped in a paranoid blanket
of heightened security
all is being watched right now
as judges redefine your beauty
if you are truly interested
in finding happiness
you must understand
that all magic is abraxas
and satisfaction attacks this
as we collapse upon the backs
of ecstatic languages....
I'm oscillating between
a polymorphous isoscelationship
with multiple parallelograms
and a double helix or two
occasionally twisted up in the mix..

How about you?
Mar 23 · 41
inactive imagination
These concrete visions fill me with cognitive dissonance despite the diagonal whiplash inherent in walking these crowded streets swarming with dionysian eye candy
So i engage in correspondences with my own despondence and write symbolic sermons upon paper napkins describing indefinitely my plans to attend the universal assembly of neurotic narcissists convention
Until this dissolute disappointment directs me to dance with my sick eyed inner child whose tiny eyeballs look like two pools of quicksand hopelessly beckoning to the uninvited parts of my psyche to at the very least acknowledge him
Quick to the rescue my dissident anima rushes to embrace me as she pulls me blindly inside her waif-like body into the thickness of her essence where bliss is overtaken only by an oceanic reverie for the infantile irresponsibility of this unseemly situation
Eventually we begin to disentangle because differentiation always comes at a price too steep for me to climb and too stubborn for me to negotiate with or base my already unstable sanity upon
As the angle of the Earth to the Stars is relatively unknowable since it all depends on where in the universe you are at any given moment of creation that you wish to measure and compare the length, height and depth of your own arm to
Mar 23 · 35
indulge me
Lord knows i’ve tried to go the distance
And your body is the temple
I’ll bury myself in at night
And drink of the sacred fire
That makes all the stars alight
We are shimmering in our disaster
Longing for the advancement of the afterlife
Mind numbs body to feelings
Feet indulge in dancing to the music
These ancient rhythms seek
Willing partners to amuse themselves with tonight
We are faster than the morning
At breaking the rules of dawn
The longing you feel doubles whenever you hear the alarm
And I am bringing my own bottle to ruminate upon
With the sound of laughter echoing in the distance
She hums along to the moaning of the refrigerator
And I make paper airplanes and toss them in the gutters
Cause all this existential distance has got me up in arms
Mar 22 · 40
nothing appears
Nothing appears but the sunrise
Nothing dies but our bodies
No one needs more information
When we strike the chord of lightning’s music
We make everything so clear
It's inside the earth
The mother who gives birth
To everything we need and fear
Love is the answer
Making lovers into dancers
And if you don’t need an answer
We can just pretend that we're friends
Mar 22 · 28
naked lime trees
Lime’s grow upon your skin
And hang from different parts of your body
Have we forgotten how to live with them
All your dinner plans have been canceled
And social distancing is our newest hobby
We may have to line up at the hospital
But make sure you have insurance
Now that life has become impossible
Our obstacles seem to get along quite nicely
You seek freedom from the devil
And maybe some affordable health insurance too
Love is not a watered down drink
In a back alleyway beneath the stars
It's a poem written while driving
Seventy five miles per hour on the freeway
It's speed talking
It's the sting of raw heat on your face
And a cool breeze between your knees
I see you laughing at me
And know that when i take you home with me
All the tables will have been turned upside down
And the whole world will be singing on repeat
Though I bet its no coincidence
That I encountered thirteen broken records
Not too long after i saw you
So I took your picture with me to the police station
And we turned it all around in our dreams
And borrowed some broken imagery
Love is a flatbed truck on the highway
Until we make a lifetime of mistakes
And take the next exit for some coffee
Your voice is a rest stop on the freeway
We take our chances wherever we find them
On the road to infidelity
We neither resist nor persist in our apologies
All love is worthy of being accepted not neglected
But I am compelled to necessary silence
Underneath your fertile skin
There is a courageous river flowing inward
And beneath our improbable appointments
We go and ask permission from the elders
If love is a torrential rainstorm
Then i'll take off all these masks
And joyfully I'll dance, naked in your lightning
Mar 22 · 42
love in a viral crisis
Love is an environmental crisis
A crucifixion more contagious than a virus
Symbols spread knowledge to the pious
Faster than these words or stories can deny this
I share memes with both the living and the dead
Are there any level headed people left to deal with
You congratulate me on my lucky winning streak
Do you still think I need your permission to speak
And are you curious about what i'm doing on the sidelines
If these solutions plunge our souls back into the silence
Then words may be a form of manipulation most violent
Mar 22 · 56
beach please
Hunger is blinding
Humanity is silent
At least until the lights
Are turned back on
We share memories with the whales
As seagulls fly sideways
Dripping stormy music
All over our wet bodies
Drunk on snails and sandalwood
I burn incense and whisper treasures
Hundreds of clouds found you lying
On the naked banks of the Danube
Mar 22 · 48
the blooming onion
Politics is a five hundred million dollar engagement ring
That can only be bought after you’re thirty five
Mar 21 · 37
compassionate asking
I swear there is a point to this rambling
If you know what it is than please inform me
I would love to know what happens in your soul
How come you never tell me your stories anymore
Love is a wrong turn made too often
I often write double the amount that i intend to
What is the source of your singing
Where do songs belong in our conversations
What words should we say if our feelings wish to take shape
Why do we make forms from our imaginations
Are the right questions even important
And if so how would we know for certain
Why do i only seek pleasure in your comparison
And underneath this layer of dirt is there a perfect hurting
Why even try at all if so many of our shortcomings are for nothing
Lust is a book best written,
For the beginning stages of love...
Mar 21 · 42
come to grips
Many have fallen by the wayside
Of your eyes
I see darkness in dense clouds, dreaming
Hungrily for your lips
I persist in thinking
I will one-day come to grips
With the enormity of this love
Mar 21 · 27
dare to decay
You reprimand the cathedrals
For being too aggressive
I say this is how we dance
When garbage cans are filled
With romance and fragrance
Perfume lingers upon the sandwiches
We made salad and falafel
Life is a tragic kerfuffle
Your youth are dramatically disabled
Capable of absolutely anything at all
When the direction you face
Makes all the difference in the world
And is it a waste of space
Or are these just some bad apples after all
This architecture accentuates our apathy
Like invisible lattices of grass and confetti
This convivial refinement
Among residues of divine juxtaposition
Are merely shadows of impermanent particles
The angles and angels decline to comment
On aspersions and false lies cast upon the firmament
As the pleroma abides in its alibis and denial
We shall smile and wave at our own funerals
Compliments are common mistakes
And can still be upsetting all the same
When we are undeserving of our fame
Untruthful allegations sparkle drastically
Against waves of inference and declarations of futility
We have underestimated the choices we made
And sometimes love is just a courageous mistake
Mar 21 · 18
border crossing
Go on and tear off these bandages
Love is a many headed dragon
I can’t believe what i’m saying
Is it more likely that we will remain asleep
Or that while awake we'll contain a multitude of dreams
We are all a bit indifferent to our pain
Yet love remains the same despite our jealousy and shame
And sand gets in everything these days
Why are we shape-shifting again
When these shoulders bear a heavy weight
That they already struggle to maintain
They are like unknown soldiers in another country
Longing for the comforts of home
And if you’ve outgrown these uniforms
Than it's time to find some new clothes to wear already
I feel we must share our stories and hold our voices close
For tonight your body is an isosceles triangle
With equal arms and legs, we have long defended
These isometric forms are the cross we each must bear to face
Since we are destined to carry it for all of our days
Life is a lonely road home when you choose to walk it alone
Under the shadows of the trees
We divided our myths from the mystery
Melancholy and sadness do not bother me
Yet still I am afraid to dream of that infinite hole
So i steep tea and then drink more coffee
We are like sheep letting our wool grow wild
Among the flowers you roamed for awhile
And your stubborn dependence upon objects for identity
Seemed both a little funny and a bit frustrating
When a common sign of the times is for everybody
To eventually arrive in their own time
Upon a gentle hysteria that only
Reluctantly, shares its borders with uncertainty
Mar 21 · 16
Life is a war drum being
Played and thrashed
Until the skin rips
And everyone can't help but laugh
Life is an ongoing conversation
Between love and temperance
I sing the song of impermanence
Though i may not sing it well
And whats the difference anyway
Between intimacy and indifference
Perhaps its all about strong fingers
And an extra bottle or two of whiskey
We all want to claim that we belong
To the world's most notoriously boring circus
Yet we are potentially only decades
Away from becoming like the dinosaurs
So much for solidarity in the shadows
When there are no easy endings or exit strategies
And the doors and windows of the world
Have all been shut for far too long
Mar 20 · 17
undergoing renovation
What now you ask
And wonder if
She stole the water
From your mouth
And turned it into blood
Love is a rusted out building
We argue and produce this music
Love is the road to choosing
We seek the truth in finger-paints
And sand-castles collapsing
Cancel your soliloquy
She doesn’t care to hear it
If you want to reach her
You need not ask for her permission
Instead you must seek her
In silence through a wilderness
Pleasure is a false road returning
You mourn the loss of your innocence
We have found the ground of our oblivion
And lie on it forever
Tonight i just want to drink
But we still need the thunder
To give it any meaning
And i am a castle undergoing renovations
So lay with me only if and when
You're ready for transformation
And this is a beautiful lesson indeed
Resists temptation
Moves infrequently
In defying
Now is the time
For music
To speak
I persist in thinking
That i will eventually
Come to grips with this love
But it seems its not really a viable option
For you are given to hiding
Your fire in the chapel
That turned my hands into rusted spirals
And burnt embers of virtue
Love is a voice lost in the gutter
It's a boiling *** filled with leaves and herbs
While you make comfrey tea and drink cider
Made from the webs of an obsessive compulsive spider
We shake our hips to the inordinate sounds of sonic thunder
With every drummer on the planet simultaneously convulsing
So burn and burn again, make new friends
And eventually you'll stand a tiny bit taller
Until you share the weight of eternity that is placed on your plate
In the place where Prometheus dared to give these mortals their name
And forged the fire of freedom's flames into our destiny
Grief is a ****** lip
Whenever lies have slipped
From your mouth too easily
We take our turn-arounds with grace
As if life was just a beautiful graveyard
Where we display our hesitation a bit too hastily
Hundreds of cows dream and drown in this music
Their hunger is as abundant as your lungs are fruitful
Still your lips are useful for drowning in
So i penetrate the sound barrier's *****
Until your bountiful legs rebound off the horizon
At the speed of a mile a minute
There is still no time to waste or wait
For she obviously tries to break my heart every day
When there is no time for complacency
I contemplate drowning in the lake of your desire
As your lips are fiery threads that offer silence to the sacred
There are no highlighters here to underline your tears
Or mark the ways you’ve made the world a better place
Instead i choose to caress the left side of your face with my hand
Until the rest of the world notices our asymmetrical display of affection
And the room is now spinning in space
As hundreds of books fly from the shelves
And make eternity their permanent resting place
We try to edify ourselves too quickly these days
And I wont pretend to confess my sorrow to the dawn
Or try to control you with these words that you've outworn
For we both have already contended
That at the end of the day this love is probably
Not even worth mentioning
Mar 20 · 23
with your eyes
Many have fallen
By the wayside
Of your eyes
I see darkness
In the densest of clouds
Passing overhead
Dreaming hungrily
For your lips
To smile at me
Just a single time
Mar 20 · 47
on thin ice
Congratulations on being empty
It's brave and inspiring
Amidst the mindlessness
And apathy that exists undeniably
A mindset of spineless
Arrogance and privilege
While innocence is lost; at the cost
Of sovereignty and safety
And for what price or prejudice
Would you dare dismiss these kisses
As merely, the most circumstantial of evidences
I paid the price my whole life
And now i forget to cry
Collapsing sunrises
Into high-rises and dental hygiene
We rely on music and ceremony
Hedgerows grow taller
Albeit the most neglected souls
Are often the most valuable
So we row our boats home
Through foggy rivers
And wade in this boggy water
Love is a rolling hillside
Dusty roads determine
Our healthy levels of oxygen
Eleven miles more to go
Until we fall upon some momentary magic
And mercury retrograde is almost over
With makeovers and madness
As the grass grows taller
Beyond our control
Is only ever an observation
The flow of misinformation
Makes mistakes because
It takes time and patience
To undo but not erase, the ordinary
And daily acts of violence
These visions, misgivings and poisons
Are like silent sirens singing
For us to follow them down deep below
The waves and the spray of Aphrodite's nascent soul
To their permanent home
Beneath the sea of unlimited long-term memory
Mar 20 · 61
to capacity
All of us
This is a testament
To tennis matches
And tornadoes
It's ambivalent and polymorphous
With residuals of hungry mothers
Lovers discover the territory of harmony
Words can’t reach their campgrounds
I found the Sun
Under a serpents den
Where men and women grow tired
Of burning their fields again
We need threads to tie our heads to the stars
So instead of lighter fluid we gather
Mustard in the yard and a garden of herbs
To bathe in; in the dark
The scent of mint is the immanence of heaven
A lavender symbiosis self-evident
Synthesizing sin and scintillation
A tangible tangent
Tantalizing and talented
Beyond our wildest imaginations
Your candle lit canopies
Are only rarely ever filled to their capacity
Mar 12 · 47
approximate intimacy
A redistribution of confusion and misrepresentation
Cultural assimilation appropriated itself too swiftly
Yes i'm disappointed but please tell me something new

The law of non-compliance persists
We take our love wherever it fits
And lately I've grown accustomed to it
Mar 8 · 75
the daily grind
In the morning we find our manners
And get out on the road
With little more than a cup of coffee
We truly can not afford to behold a bunch
Of flowers, nor to read these sordid letters
Until after lunch, when our itineraries are done
You come pry my eyes open with your fingers
And lift the curtains of my heart, in the evening
The stars are shining in wakeful tyranny
Defying everything I’ve wanted to become
This music caresses you
As the islands of ambivalence digress
In degrees we become simultaneously
Cheaper and more abundant
Fun is always relative as the furniture weeps
So we piece together meager earnings
For to survive is to be free
And life is a bargain made from rhythms
Molded in herbs that make you rhyme
And soaked in the fiery bowels
Of a barrel of locally spiced ***
Mar 8 · 27
hoary tales
Superfluous the sound of rain
Falling on your shoulders
Shards of shimmering pavement
Shattered before your feet
We breathe deeply and partake
In hoary rituals so ancient and complete
We can only vaguely remember them
Upon awakening from sleep
Mar 8 · 26
We are bereft of brachiation
Brandishing our hats like baseball bats
They place sovereign sandcastles on the table
Like mandalas of sound
Until we all drown in waterfalls of pounding words
More absurd than anything you’ve ever tasted
I complain more often than i’d like to
But then again these days, who doesn’t
I won’t be punished by your pancakes
Nor chase you through the pouring rain
Mar 8 · 50
in the diminutive
Can we agree to believe in anything
Before life fades away
We shake our head again each day
There are countless apples in deliverance
So we partake in escapes so impressive
That trouble comes to collect our autographs
We are infamous and i knew I needed you
The moment I saw you staring at me
While i made myself a sandwich
We are artifacts of another time and place
It seems the remains are fading and so are you
But please don’t fall asleep, tonight
I need your many faces to keep me company
We are tracing our contemporary lives
With minds and bodies underlined
Pining for a little beauty and perhaps an apology
I am opinionated like an article of clothing
A particle of compulsive residue
We are shuddering at the sound of molecules and ions
These non-ionizing operations of insight
And licenses of poetic defiance
We are appliances of self-discovery
Upholstered in our recovery
Eating mustard greens and banana leaves
A distant relative of organisms and multiple *******
Are we awake or just bumbling through our lives
Do we divide our time between essence
And deferential retribution
Contusions of fortitude sorted and surrendered
We are the sundry insouciance
That keeps plundering our own protuberances
Money for nothing and living is free
Breath is abundant and so we sing
There is harmony, melody and your feathery feet
Are all over the upholstery
Your company is cheap
So we take leaps of discomfort
Only to discover that we all equally
Hurt and burn in the firmness of determination
Commanding action with the least bit of understanding
Steal your heart
And take it to the market
Alarmed and impersonal
We are like organic produce
Are you confused
By the looseness
Of these sentences
If you choose to
We can be friends
Without many benefits
If I pretend to know myself
Will you pretend to be amused
If we don’t really comprehend
The ending of our sentiments
Mar 8 · 202
Her name was Cornelia
But people usually
Called her Cornbread
Children could be cruel
But she didn't know, that
Only adults can be sadistic
Mar 8 · 60
c squared
In your eyes, the light
Sees itself, a little brighter
Mar 8 · 53
a value added salad
Artists and models wanted
This dust is our deposit
And you are the vinaigrette
Mar 8 · 51
In solidarity
With dragons
And witches
I burn like fire
Stick figures dance
On the densest
Of pavement
They freely slip
Inside you mind
And open the window
Just a tiny crack
Before the right eye
Of the solar system
Has a chance to open
Mar 8 · 52
diurnal rhythms
I kiss the aperture of duality daily
Is it enough to say claim your rights
If all forms are born complete
Then why do I keep waking in a dream
To find that its still the middle of the night
Mar 6 · 32
cascara sagrada
I love surrounding myself with trees
In the sound of the afternoon’s receding
We are smiling fingers
Making gentle passes
Over everything that sings
We are balancing all of our bodies
On the ashes of the fire
Until we dissolve into our being
I will extinguish the need to be right
For silence is my argument
And tonight i only want
For you to dance with me some more
While my sanity is still intact
Yet endangered by your eyes
And if we ever meet again
Outside this space of hunger
It would be to tell each other lies
And brag about our happiness

Were you haunted from the start
And cursed to remove the fruits from the bough
Until this waterfall becomes your mouth
And these mountains are your roots
Like a cat you landed on your feet
And planted the seeds of mystery inside of me
Mar 6 · 50
cloud symphonies
Come and stand proudly on the land your fathers cultivated
And dream into the empty spaces of your own destiny
We are assemblies of silent music listening to rainbows speak
In the melody of our breathing we play the key of ecstasy
Conclusive of nothing until each being sings its own harmony
Mar 6 · 51
the world sings
The world sings,
Of everything beautiful and true
Even if we are used to being used
And are still learning to be fruitful
In our endeavors and our cleverness
We're all still treasure chests of truth
When Psyche merges
With Eros, Everything seems
To be poetry
Mar 6 · 27
pathos is soul making
Love is a burden worth hurting for.
Mar 6 · 42
a road untraveled
Let's become sweet
As the last drop
Of honey in your coffee
I held her fast to me
And at last she was mine
Or at least until we parted
For then we were diverted
Like opportunities left untaken
And roads left untraveled
We were particles of light
Refracted in a forest
Mar 6 · 26
Divided numbers
Tell you their secrets
In the bedroom
We reduce the equations
Back to their roots
And blossom
Like the mountains
After the fires
Have passed through
Like the stream that shares it's stories
We are shedding our disembodiment
And sipping on the sincerest of apologies
Representing a whole lot of nothing
Except accepting inevitable disappointment
Mar 6 · 43
Greed will bury you
In dark oily hues
Until you drown
In the despicable
Stench of your own
Jealousy and Envy
Mar 4 · 144
In a world that is always
A bit too eager to go to war
You like to wrap yourself
Around my body like a vine
And make love to me slowly
Like a twelve toed sloth
Dancing in the dark
Mar 3 · 34
thunderbeings speak
I plead for you
In the sound of the ocean
We make fun of our dreams
Until they are discovered
In tireless beauty
So much for the sun
And the way it carries your grace
The hours of grief
Have become too many to name
Now we deliver stones to the quarry
So many missing covers
And an excess of containers
There are too many ****** hands
To maintain your innocence
You say that everything
Must now change places
As I feed you lightning
You smile at me through blinking eyes
For with a single kiss goodnight
We have once again made
Peace with the thunder
So let's promise each other
To never again forget
Why we are free
Or exactly how we got here
We danced all night
And became the Sunrise
Collapsing space
This fragile race
To the finish line
Hasn’t yet begun
So we sit in reverence
Of the dawn
While music is torn
From both form and function
As feelings are born from a river
Like lungs we exhale
Only to rediscover
The same surface area
Collapses over and over again
Bundled like a child
Swaddled in our pride
Your shadow attempts
To deny everything it rejects
So instead we seek meaning
In meandering bodies
As if love were a bubble
Popped in the morning's mist
We are the first to arrive
And the last to come to grips
With the totality of our guilt
Mar 3 · 29
empire of the sun
I see the meaning
In your eyes
But sunrise lies
And we are all lost
In the brightness
Of the dark
Hand me that command
And turn it into gold
The old virtues
Are never far from your hand
And the road wavers
But in the end everything is sold
Do you remember dreams
Where you held me
In your loving arms
And the world was eager
To wrap itself around us
Like twisted vines in the dark
the difference
between eros and logos,
is the fundamental question
of what connects us,
love or mathematics?
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