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Gaia Feb 2015
hooded eyes
framed sparsely
sagging chin
waggling jowls

you are old
Gaia Jan 2015
In the midst of a
misty gray afternoon
stood a tall man
black hat
long coat
He was alone.

Hands cupped a spark of fire,
parted in a cloud
of smoke
a slow drag

He looked familiar
Gaia Jan 2015
Eh, who needs em?
A thought, and then a whisper of a thought quickly brushed away
Maybe I do
Or at least a warm body

Cold empty beds

**** it, who needs em?
Gaia Jan 2015
I want to be deliberate
with my eyes

I want someone to see a solid
person when they see me
and not the uncertain
wavering figure
that I am.
Gaia Jan 2015
The next time you are sitting by a fire
or bundled up against the cold
drink ice water
or take off a layer

one shouldn't feel too comfortable in this world
Gaia Dec 2014
Every now and then, usually around noon, I hear a small crunching sound in my couch.
Whenever this happens, I am always in the kitchen.
I live alone.
Gaia Aug 2014
You do not know it yet,
everything seems normal now.
You catch a glimpse of
a familiar dark figure in the distance.
A sense of something not quite right.

You shrug it off,
go about your life,
slightly on edge.

Then one day,
a normal day,
you will see him,

He is there,
you do not see him,
but, oh, does he see you.

You twist and turn,
you scream and cry,
you are desperate.
He laughs.

You are his toy,
you find what he wants you to find.
You see what he wants you to see.

Once he is done with you,
he will move on,
your mind will be shattered.
So, watch out.
Be prepared.
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