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grace Dec 2019
as i slowly fall asleep
i fell your warm body
holding me from behind
protecting me from my dreams
that always seem to come true
grace Nov 2019
it’s been 9 months and
i still dream about you at night
i still imagine you walking through that door
i still hope that text is from you
i still make up scenarios in my head about you
i still think about us and what we had
hell, you’re still constantly on my mind
do i still love you ?
i don’t know
grace Nov 2019
i’m trying
i’m trying to be a better person
i’m trying to not ruin relationships like i did past ones
i’m trying to not make mistakes
i’m trying to not give up
i’m trying
grace Nov 2019
the scars on my body
show that i've struggled in the past
that they were there when no one else was
now they have faded
because i have turned my life around
and the scars are no longer needed
to keep me going
grace Nov 2019
"why did you lie to me all those times ?"
"cuz i didn't want to hurt you"
"well you do realize that you lying to me hurt me even more than if you had just told me the truth ?"

— The End —