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  Nov 2016 f
These letters I write for you, my love,
will remain unfinished while I'm still alive,
because for you I would write a million sentences
and still feel like I have express none.
I love you more than eyesight, space and liberty;
I love you more than love allows.
My dearest, I promise you all of the words I have written
ㅡ and also my unwritten ones.
I will love you for as long as I could,
for as long as my heart lets me love.
And even though you will never write back,
I'm afraid I won't ever stop.
f Feb 2015
you have to push through the pain
you can try to ignore it
but like a clown in a circus
it demands attention
it will do everything, go out of its way
even burns itself until you feel it
in its totality
this is truth

you ask,
"just how long more do I have to strain myself?"

my noor,
loves' essence is sacrifice
if you want to reach the palace and
lay down comfortably on the magenta leathered sofa
surrender you must,
you will be accused of having a foolish heart
you might be lured by the gold on their palms
it will look beautiful and harmless

this is all I have left to say
so listen intently,
your wounded heart
your bruised knees
your swollen eyes
your aching arms and broken bones
those sharp glass splinters under your sore bloodied feet
will all be forgotten
as soon as you arrive at heavens' gate

my crushed flower, you bloom
for all the times you gently
closed the door and swallowed your own tears

when any soul question you
what love is
my noor, you tell them with conviction
love is sacrifice
love is sacrificing what you love
for something or someone
you love more,
for your Rabb you love most
f Oct 2014
She is capable of giving you a glance that can make your heart tremble
She will pray for you and cry while doing so

Her heart stopped pumping
Her lungs failed her
Whilst doing hajj
In the holy land of mecca

My mothers' mother
Whom I never got to meet

I want to see your smile
That appeared in your lovers' dream
He talks about you as if
you are the moon
f Oct 2014
rain trees "it's ok. go on."
harsh impact
droplets paperskin
"i can't i tried."
bruised swollen tender
hold on
never settle
only the best
only the best
for the King
f Aug 2014
Do no not believe in the words I say
My silence even I do not understand
In a group of people they hold conversations amongst one another
And I look from afar in awe I am full of feelings or so I thought but I do not know how to articulate them into words please STAY AWAY FROM ME I beg
But please, please come

Come, look at my face and ask me why my heart doesnt stop dripping its tears. I am full of irony please understand I want to spend days on end without talking to anyone or look at my reflection in the mirror this too shall pass you say, I know I say but when I am tired and exhausted and about to be completely out of my wits. With my prayers I hold on so tight to, one day you will know my dear how beautiful the plans of your Lord are now taste how sweet the struggle is and thank Him for all that you have and don't
f Aug 2014
thing is
i will perish
and so
will you
and wallahi
it is the smile on
your face
i want to see most
once we have read
our books of deeds

so i say
hold on
will you?
f Jul 2014
I recite poetry
to our Rubb
about you
all the things I want you to know,
I tell Him
in those moments
the ache soothens, a little bit

The veins on my left wrist
has your initial
you know

When we're one
you'll see
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