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fugyadzi Jul 2014
With the frenzy
of a stereotypical lovestruck fool
I pluck flower petals
of my existence.

I am okay. I am not okay.
I am okay. I am not okay.

Not sure if finding
or placing meaning,

if living,
or always failing.

I am okay. I am not okay.
I am okay. I am not okay.

When finally there is no more to pluck
My days have already been


I am okay. I am not okay.
*I am okay. I am not okay.
  Jul 2014 fugyadzi
Jon Tobias
If god were real
When he’d appear

It would be out of nowhere
In mysterious ways

God would be dressed as a clown
His front top teeth are missing
And he slurs like a drunk
Sometimes you can’t understand him

He does this on purpose
God was never cryptic
He just had trouble enunciating


You have trouble looking at his face
It is hard to take the message of a clown seriously

So you look down at the globes of the tip of his shoes
Red shiny bulbs

Inside the reflection
You are ant sized
You feel small in that moment

God says something but you are busy looking down
You see other ant sized people walking behind you
Towards work
To get food
To go to school

God makes you a halo
Out of balloons
It is white because he ran out of yellow

Before he puts it on your head
Turned sideways
It looks like dangling handcuffs

He makes you a sword and belt too

You have just been turned into an angel
A human angel armed with the necessary tools to fight on his behalf

You don’t feel strong in that moment
You still feel like an ant
God gives you a holy water balloon
Just in case things get hairy

You decide you might be able to surprise baptize someone with it

Then god walks a way
But you totally feel better because he just gave you a halo and a sword

You cry that night
Because you have never felt so small and helpless in your entire life

You never felt so silly
Wielding you faith as firm as a balloon sword
Wearing your blow up halo as a badge

So you throw them away

Not your faith

Just the balloons

God says
His tongue pressed to his gums to prevent lisps

Then he begins to pump up another balloon
He honks his horn
And you are so confused
fugyadzi Jul 2014
when you told me
you've been growing your orchids
for ten years
i realized
years don't count
in how well i know you
and those flowers
have seen your days
more than i did.

we have a mutual understanding that we will always be part stranger to each other
then apologize and move on

but i am made of the same stuff as you
and you are the only person
who makes me like phone calls.
  Jul 2014 fugyadzi
adam hicks
my first boyfriend bought me an etch-a-sketch for christmas
with "i love you" drawn onto it
then broke up with me on new years day
the irony is not lost on me
and i still don't know
what shook him so hard
that i was erased
i was young then-
didn't know much about life
about love
hell, i still don't
i stumble my way through it all
i often trip & fall
yeah, i'm clumsy like that
but i'm saving all my "i love you"'s
and keeping them to myself
'cause honestly,
my love is the quiet kind
it's not candles & fancy table-cloths
or nicholas sparks dialogue
no, it isn't shouted from rooftops
it's whispered into pillowcases
in lonely beds
i make valentines mixtapes
that i never give out
i catch my tongue
before it runs away
with the words
i don't have the guts to say
i keep them locked up
somewhere in my ribcage
when i see you
i feel them rattling in my bones
there are claw marks on my throat
from times they've threatened
to spill out my mouth
i cry for you
like spilled milk
as white as your library smile
let me inside
i wanna learn everything
your wisdom teeth have to offer
i promise
i will be the perfect pupil
get straight A's
in the curves of your lips
what i mean to say
is if i kiss you
would that
started this as entirely self-reflective, but it all turned into a poem for someone else. c'est la vie.
  Jul 2014 fugyadzi
I have trouble with existing,
as if I lack some proper requisite for insisting to persist.
I feel like just a composite of so many billion molecules.

I have a hard time defining truth.
So many contradictory influences tell me what to do.
I feel I'm better off sleeping straight through every single birthday.

I have never felt just simply okay.
Doubt hits me like a tidal wave.
It takes me away to far-off places,
and I can't say I mind it.
fugyadzi Jun 2014
i think people are more interested in themselves

than the swarm of bugs on the streetlights
crickets on the road
or the explosion of sprinkle stars up the dark sky

but i guess that's common sense
fugyadzi Jun 2014
my father and i are alike in a lot of ways
but his panic attacks are worse
and i can see him freeze
and beat himself up in silence
behind the steering wheel.
*he's sixty years old
a road trip gone wrong leads to epiphanies.
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