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1.3k · Apr 2020
shark bait, ooh ha ha
bennu Apr 2020
the shark teeth
on my windowsill.

the unfinished project
your dad in the shadows

fighting for riffs through the fuzz
it was never enough
i traded-- cigarettes for guns
471 · Jun 2020
oh you
bennu Jun 2020
oh, you let me down
this is as far as i can go
oh, you make me sad
what a sad world you've created

oh, you hurt my stomach
you're one with my pain
i just need a scapegoat
i don't need a name
452 · Mar 2021
No Heart, no love
bennu Mar 2021
Take me apart
But don't keep me
On your windowsill

Push me from that ledge
And I'll dissolve into the dirt

Take a couple songs
But don't act like it's a thing
I knew that I was wrong
That's why I'm not selling t shirts

It is illegal to love me
It is wrong that you care
You can squirm and you can struggle
But I'm just
Very simply
bennu Aug 2020
so whose pocket
does the universe fold up and fit into?

it could be yours,
if the music hits you at just the right moment
eternalizing the moment in which you were Ready...

you'll know because
a piece of that infinity will break off
and collide with your brain,
reminding you it's really yours--
no strings attached:

this is a steady stream of gravity,
winding through fields of Paradoxes,
rolling into a world...
where that's what they call


i hesitate to face the music,
to me it seems locked up, strange
cold, exclusive, mocking

this can't be the one
that fits in my pocket...

but what's reaching me from across the rift,
over fields of Paradox-daisies
yes, up through the sewer drains!
and straight to my brain?

Aquarius, with her basket of water from Anywhere
taking me just a little closer with every drop
stretching the limit, the border, the shape
illusion soup

now the f- f- fold is ... easy

did i stutter?
answer that one til your savior comes with a sickle,
a novelty, or (dare i say it?)
an improvement.

and you were so sure it wasn't me.

an ineffable kernel belied your definition.
you are formlessness pulling on the fabric just so,
giving rise to form
drinking foreign waters
and not at all considering every possible dimension!
370 · Apr 2020
you ain't never seen a
bennu Apr 2020
shark, boi.
(and lava girl)
360 · Mar 2021
i care
bennu Mar 2021
348 · Feb 2021
Old Man
bennu Feb 2021
Keep those wrinkled eyes in soft
And keep them friendly with the moment
Perhaps we're more acquainted
Than we can really say we're friends...

I know you've got a lot to chew on
Don't you lie, you saw it coming
Please try hard, don't be so bitter
Please just try to enjoy life

Don't look back too often, quitter
Don't you want a better life?
341 · Jun 2020
Miss Me Missing You
bennu Jun 2020
Darling don't hang on
To clown trinkets,
And let a mad druggist ***** clunker
Go hurling off into the night

When we connect
We break apart

Here's to healing...
There's to art.
bennu Feb 2021
She's seen enough
That it just doesn't cut her
Not deep enough
When the two of them...
Hook up

But not every family's blessed like
They are,
Not every daughter
Makes love
To her dad
308 · Jun 2020
Mirror man
bennu Jun 2020
Mirror man was convincing
When he told me to die
He gave such good reasons
He had such sure eyes

Solid and angry
And black in the middle
Cute but he's evil, with razors
In his mind.

Razors pointed the wrong way
But just right.

Something like the antichrist.

But it left me confused.
I just don't see a reason to.
300 · Jan 2021
Naboobay beans
bennu Jan 2021
We worship beans like it's Bobody's business, and
Beans are my hero

Beans are fibrous
With protein and tasting
Them makes me ready

Beans over-acheive
They did not have to be so
Healthy and ****

I would pour beans where
Fate led me to decant them
Anywhere, Bridget

I'd love a salad
Made of just beans and more beans

I'd eat it with beans.
298 · Mar 2021
it's a fun word!
bennu Mar 2021

pudenda, pudenda

pudenda pudding.

pudendal masterpiece.

pudendal mistress.

putting on tha' pudenda.

praise pudenda!

preach pudenda

"pudendally disturbed"

pudenda potential.

pawing at my pudenda.

"pretty much just pudenda."

pick at my pudenda

i wasn't pudendally prepared...!

please stop with the pudenda.

promised you my pudenda.

a pudendal predilection.

the precious, precious, perfect pudenda
comment with more!!
294 · Aug 2020
stray marks
bennu Aug 2020
stray marksstray marks
stray marksstray marksstray marks
stray marksstray marks
stray marksstray marks

stray marks. stray marks.

stray stray marks stray marks

straaaay marks, straaaay marks.

straaaay marks. stray

marks. stray

293 · Jun 2020
bennu Jun 2020
There's fruit floating in your red wine
Bobbing up and down
Drifting around
Swimming through this town

One of them is me
A single mango cube
Soaking in the deep red drug
Waiting to be plucked and cleaved
Beneath your lipstick lips,
By teeth

The palm trees sing a soothing song
They cannot see our skeletons
They cannot see our pasts, the breeze
It pushes us along with ease

So nevermind this silly thing
I'm dipping out and diving in
Vacation calls, vacation calls
I'm never coming back.
I think it's a dumb poem
276 · Oct 2020
my savior prisoner
bennu Oct 2020
i should be happy. i am.

like the black crayon that smeared into your yellow
will you remember next time
to use the yellow one first?
260 · Feb 2021
Disa Marie Turner
bennu Feb 2021
Too lame for you
You will bubble across my cortex until it expires
My pretty hell--
I fall away from the universe
In the shape of your body
238 · Mar 2021
the poisoned lion
bennu Mar 2021
You put a lion in my heart, his name
is Henry. I'm just naming him now,
and I was going to write this as if he'd
already existed. But then spontaneously,
I realized it's more like you dropped him in there.

I have not been taking care of Henry.

I think we all sincerely miss him.
another piece for my creepy obsessive tangent about my ex.
234 · Oct 2020
sour brain
bennu Oct 2020
sit here

eating this bag of
sour brain

the sycamore tree
i never got high
that way,
that way

sir Jesus never had me
for dinner

with people passing by,
some laugh
some cry

some shake their heads and sigh

some look to their husbands,
never look me in the eye
234 · Dec 2020
What if I got stranded
bennu Dec 2020
What if I got stranded forever on an island,
And your discography washed up,
And all I could feel was your music?

What would I know about you then?
225 · Apr 2020
bennu Apr 2020
let's find ourselves anew

knowing gold to be
just load me in
a cannon and
set the fuse alight!

a world away, a world away

blow your hands and roll the dice!
if the weather isn't nice,
you can hibernate
or migrate
like the animals do.

a world away, a world away

inspired by the moment
just as if you really owned it
let it go, it's here to stay
worlds away,
a world away
218 · Jun 2020
Mores et Facies
bennu Jun 2020
I think he loves you
But I cannot say for sure
I wouldn't trust him
Have you seen the things he's done?

Oh but it's all your fault
You, who set the ball to spin
I think he hates you
What an awful, awful sin!
bennu Oct 2020
i can never erase
the scars i left
on your heart

all the good days in the world
could never change things i've said

there is only one way
that sits right with you

and i can't do that
213 · Jan 2021
Mis u
bennu Jan 2021
Such serious desperate pleading words
Surely backed by something robust, important and
Respectable !
210 · Oct 2020
tv room
bennu Oct 2020
ana's been fantastic
her cherry red lipstick
underlining sapphires
that shimmer in the sunlight

i've been to ohio
i've been to the rodeo
i'll be wearing green
and white.
ana's been fantastic

no one really asked if
ana was elastic
i guess i almost broke her heart,
but ana's been fantastic.
it was nice meeting your fam :) 2012 was a long time ago lol
204 · Mar 2021
says he's here
bennu Mar 2021
the old, gnarled oak tree
says he's here
buried sentinel rings
bearing tales of structured deceit
sold as sanctioned to the world,
which suffered in sick and silent defeat.

bearing tales of structured deceit,
says he's here
the old, gnarled oak tree
buried sentinel rings
sold as sanctioned to the world,
which suffered in sick and silent defeat.

which suffered in sick and silent defeat,
the old, gnarled oak tree
says he's here,
says he's here.
a tree tells a story to me
my brain is like the tree.

a man who posits he's found it,
an imposing notion indeed.
take it either way,
he's here despite our needs.

and through and through again
until she landed herself in a genuine paradise,
which, let's face it
can't exist forever...
200 · Feb 2021
ninteen and on
bennu Feb 2021
don't you play
"mess is mine"
by Vance Joy
and think of me
and expect the tear
that's running down
your left cheek
to mean nothing to me.

don't strike me like lightning
and expect me not
to worship you like a god

in my heart
199 · Jan 2021
Certainly don't waste
bennu Jan 2021
Death's citadel grows roots into the world
Like the sinking teeth of an infernal dragon

Inside me lives the chance to waste it
Which is more symmetric than good is to good

An infernal, internal dragon

An infernal, internal, eternal dragon

A terrible, horrible, no good, very bad dragon
196 · Nov 2020
invisible boy
bennu Nov 2020
melt into me
tonight i'll be your girlfriend
we can keep it just between us

i can feel your eyes
flickering like fire

invisible boy
who has never
taste the rainbow

melt into me boy.
tonight i am your girlfriend
191 · Dec 2020
Empty feeling
bennu Dec 2020
A heart knew love
But was stunted,
It screamed

A scream found its ears
Planted just across the stream

But when push came to shove,
A heart lost its love
And screaming was empty,
Just wind through the trees
Just thinking about politics and such
185 · Aug 2020
bennu Aug 2020
Take time to laugh at
All these late night philosophers
Float your thoughts
Upon an endless ocean

Take time to notice
When it walks right past you
What's your answer
For an endless ocean?

Tell my God
To arch her back
We will cross
Every gap

Found my answer
For an afternoon
Sadie hates it
When you kiss the moon
184 · Mar 2021
bennu Mar 2021
I saw a little stunted heart
Wedged in craggy fate, and knew

The time. I wished that it would glow
And well I knew the time, and so

I drew up plans to pull it out
And tracing every obstacle
While drawing up a map, I heard it sing...

And I sang along,
Just like
I do
with Everything!

I went up to this stunted heart
And said, "Hey heart, don't be alarmed!
I've got a lot of peace
That I could give
If you will listen."

And Love, it splattered everywhere!
That heart let out an awesome sound
But something quite peculiar happened
When that heart had closed its round

"Pick me up"
It said to me,
"And I will work as Good as New!
And I can even strive for it,
But I'll never be
As Good as You."

And I cupped the heart up with my hands.
Have you ever seen
A heart glow blue?

I love you more
Than life itself--
Is that some thing
I have to prove?
182 · Apr 2020
things in the wrong place
bennu Apr 2020
the night's pale cheek
gilded with blonde hairlets,
shudders at something inside me.

i am like a forgettable painting
absent from Southern footsteps--

whatever silver dream spun
by that far-flung veil of flesh
and paint
since our singular rendesvous!

but i sleep in the husk of a memory.

so long ago,
you figure it matters way less than the last one
you just write
using a language made from sketches of her cells
having glanced at a handful of the ones
on her left hand

it's all just extrusions since the crash.

so every drop of blood you've nursed from that wound has made perfect, mind-breaking sense.
a greatest validation that indeed, it is red
yes indeed, we're all nested across some binding paradox
but there are good books and there are Rorschach tests--
i guess this poem is somewhere in between.

i guess the air is like a hummingbird
and she can taste the exotic nectar inside me.
can she bear the tension held
in my effortless decay?
177 · Feb 2021
Marie Marie marie
bennu Feb 2021
Oh, you've done such an awful thing
Why can't you see?
The price we're paying for your beauty, Lucy
Gnawing on the corpse of Gabriel...

When we're together death finds synergy
Wherever love can't stay
And I've been wrestling the day
Just to try to say I love you

Are we the shadow fire that ignites in our society?
Is that really us? A day we'll never overcome...

But between your legs
And in your arms
Is where I need to be
Oh! Marie, Marie, Marie
I live under your thumb
176 · Oct 2020
bennu Oct 2020
It hurts
The poems
Of a mentally ill man

I weence.
159 · Nov 2020
bennu Nov 2020
That is true,
But you still have your edges
You may be deranged
But I love you anyway.
153 · Aug 2020
for Disa
bennu Aug 2020
there is something so eloquent about
there is something so wrong about being
something so right about being

and i think a large part of that is actually you,
with your
good vibes
sweet exercise.

it's just true.
147 · Jul 2020
bennu Jul 2020
i want to do what a
survive. person needs to do person to
and when i get there I'll
and when i get there ill FLY
i can't tell can't tell you how
but i know that i'll DO IT
once i can i can get through
get through this TIME
but once we're there
there. THERE! (Where!?)
what will we do?

oh, we'll sit around.roundround
and we'll EAT GREAT FOOD
maybe write a few songs
or good poetry (maybe some bad
some bad poetry too...)
and tell stories and move
move things around

...we'll dance.

but first
we have to do what it takes
do what it takes to
do-- what it takes
147 · Jun 2020
Plastic-Handed Bastard
bennu Jun 2020
I'd rather spend my life wondering
Than to wound you in good conscience
Because they act like it's cool
Say it's just another broken rule

To pick it apart... is good!
Because you will see
The truth will rest on bare bedrock
The responsibility rests on the body you haul around
Driving that car places you know you shouldn't **** around

And we will end your vacation quickly,
Pull you in close and tell you how we really feel,
O Times
Because you are a *******,
Never meant to rule the world with plastic hands.
145 · Jul 2020
he is the carnival bear.
bennu Jul 2020
he is the carnival bear
with the best balance
on two wheels
he traverses sketchy curb cuts
and stays upright,
stays cool
#FOB #lansdale
140 · Mar 2020
The removal
bennu Mar 2020
I never want your present
I never want your love
I never stop to obsess
Over where you are
Or what you did

I drank a glass of moonlight,
Enough to settle nerves
To say goodbye to forcing things
And be more at peace
With everything.
138 · Oct 2020
jack skellington
bennu Oct 2020
October climbs his porcelain spine
and reaches hand to frothing mind

it tries to pull out something delicate
and smooth
but comes apart like wet tissue paper

i have this dream that you show up here and we run
we run into those woods with our shoes off and cackle
fall on some roots and make out
make out with our roots
all alone
like Brian made out with his roots that night, remember?

we'll never look back,
because unexpectedly, you cast concern aside
and i'll abridge my blues for you
so you can sing it, too.

i'd leave everything, everything behind.

i want to see you
when i turn on the lights
bennu Mar 2020
walking round the
street picking
up dead rats
with his feet

he was
the night rat

gotta keep em off the streets
of Mumbai
134 · Nov 2020
that's all she wrote
bennu Nov 2020
So come sit for a while and talk with me
We could talk about the things I don't wanna be
If you wanna be mine
It might be a bad time
But I'll try and level with everything you say
it feels so heavy and teetering to be writing this right now
129 · Jun 2020
The Tide of Sisyphus
bennu Jun 2020
Wasted in the gully.
They found him,
Wrapped in his own neck.
He was looking for an answer.
bennu Aug 2020
I can take you down
When I speak of death...
But honey, this'll never be anything less
Nothing less

Yes, yes yes.
I do confess
To seducing God
In a tight black dress...

The spoils are mine.
We're perfectly entwined.
122 · Mar 2020
Captain Bell
bennu Mar 2020
A slow and clumsy turn from disaster,
Enacted by a perverse captain with a fetish for twisted metal,
A bellwether romancer of the seas

A bitter day with better weather,
The amputation of dis-ease
122 · Dec 2020
Words from below
bennu Dec 2020
Bubbles approach
Let's hear what they have to say
121 · Apr 2020
bennu Apr 2020
clang, clang
clang clang
clang clang clang
clang clang clang

bennu Jun 2020
Cheshire cat, Cheshire cat
Your smile lights up these nights
Send down a long golden braid
And pull me up
To the sunshine island
Where two lovers can shine

They roll over in the morning,
Then slither through town like snakes
Tongues flicking to sniff out pools of sun

Then on the couch in the afternoon,
Roll over
And again on the counter--
He cooks the way she always wanted
Her muscles wrapped tight around bone,
Muscles like porcelain,
She is very smooth

She tucks him into bed
(She is very snug)
And kisses him once more, slowly
Before sleeping
Cheshire cat love, a secret
He is no longer keeping
120 · Jan 2021
bennu Jan 2021
There are things we can write
With your coccyx as the nib,
Picking you up like a pen by your ribs
Pick you right up and they'll fill you with ink
And give you ample time to think
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