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bennu Apr 20
Ripples give to swells
Amongst the cracks and splinters
There is the ghost of a liquid
Wanting to seize the jagged mass
And to woo him with watery magic

Bring me to my knees, sweet Jupiter
And coax this lonely Ganymede into your golden sunlight
Once again
bennu Mar 30

pudenda, pudenda

pudenda pudding.

pudendal masterpiece.

pudendal mistress.

putting on tha' pudenda.

praise pudenda!

preach pudenda

"pudendally disturbed"

pudenda potential.

pawing at my pudenda.

"pretty much just pudenda."

pick at my pudenda

i wasn't pudendally prepared...!

please stop with the pudenda.

promised you my pudenda.

a pudendal predilection.

the precious, precious, perfect pudenda
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bennu Mar 30
You put a lion in my heart, his name
is Henry. I'm just naming him now,
and I was going to write this as if he'd
already existed. But then spontaneously,
I realized it's more like you dropped him in there.

I have not been taking care of Henry.

I think we all sincerely miss him.
another piece for my creepy obsessive tangent about my ex.
bennu Mar 24
I saw a little stunted heart
Wedged in craggy fate, and knew

The time. I wished that it would glow
And well I knew the time, and so

I drew up plans to pull it out
And tracing every obstacle
While drawing up a map, I heard it sing...

And I sang along,
Just like
I do
with Everything!

I went up to this stunted heart
And said, "Hey heart, don't be alarmed!
I've got a lot of peace
That I could give
If you will listen."

And Love, it splattered everywhere!
That heart let out an awesome sound
But something quite peculiar happened
When that heart had closed its round

"Pick me up"
It said to me,
"And I will work as Good as New!
And I can even strive for it,
But I'll never be
As Good as You."

And I cupped the heart up with my hands.
Have you ever seen
A heart glow blue?

I love you more
Than life itself--
Is that some thing
I have to prove?
bennu Mar 24
We could live on the moon
In our house with no walls.

We'd get carepacks from Earth
We'd have exercise *****

And we'd kiss
When the Earth
Rose above
The horizon
And our cat, he would laugh
As we made fun
Of them all

We'd have bowls just for ice cream
And one for whirled peas ;)
We'd have a time to read poetry
And a time for grilled cheese

And it's just so cathartic
To pull down our pants
And show them our *****
In lunar romance


But I know you'd miss Earth
And your Mom and your Dad
And I'm here on the moon
Please don't feel bad

It's not as far as Mars
But getting here's a feat
In itself. Girl, I love ya
You're really too sweet.
bennu Mar 24
Take me apart
But don't keep me
On your windowsill

Push me from that ledge
And I'll dissolve into the dirt

Take a couple songs
But don't act like it's a thing
I knew that I was wrong
That's why I'm not selling t shirts

It is illegal to love me
It is wrong that you care
You can squirm and you can struggle
But I'm just
Very simply
bennu Mar 24
I **** my life away
A shaded newt
Hiding under the log
Of good fortune

I hope a witch comes by
And uses me
For a spell

I am utter ****.
But I glisten in the sunlight
Blondie never loved me
I was never truly gay.

My eyes are detachable
My flesh is a mere excuse
I can't grow a beard like Soupy
But I can't manage the noose

Maybe I'll just die
A sad and scared
And scattered man
Maybe I'll just die.

But I ain't got a plan.
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