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bennu Apr 2021
Ripples give to swells
Amongst the cracks and splinters
There is the ghost of a liquid
Wanting to seize the jagged mass
And to woo him with watery magic

Bring me to my knees, sweet Jupiter
And coax this lonely Ganymede into your golden sunlight
Once again
Mar 2021 · 296
it's a fun word!
bennu Mar 2021

pudenda, pudenda

pudenda pudding.

pudendal masterpiece.

pudendal mistress.

putting on tha' pudenda.

praise pudenda!

preach pudenda

"pudendally disturbed"

pudenda potential.

pawing at my pudenda.

"pretty much just pudenda."

pick at my pudenda

i wasn't pudendally prepared...!

please stop with the pudenda.

promised you my pudenda.

a pudendal predilection.

the precious, precious, perfect pudenda
comment with more!!
Mar 2021 · 235
the poisoned lion
bennu Mar 2021
You put a lion in my heart, his name
is Henry. I'm just naming him now,
and I was going to write this as if he'd
already existed. But then spontaneously,
I realized it's more like you dropped him in there.

I have not been taking care of Henry.

I think we all sincerely miss him.
another piece for my creepy obsessive tangent about my ex.
Mar 2021 · 182
bennu Mar 2021
I saw a little stunted heart
Wedged in craggy fate, and knew

The time. I wished that it would glow
And well I knew the time, and so

I drew up plans to pull it out
And tracing every obstacle
While drawing up a map, I heard it sing...

And I sang along,
Just like
I do
with Everything!

I went up to this stunted heart
And said, "Hey heart, don't be alarmed!
I've got a lot of peace
That I could give
If you will listen."

And Love, it splattered everywhere!
That heart let out an awesome sound
But something quite peculiar happened
When that heart had closed its round

"Pick me up"
It said to me,
"And I will work as Good as New!
And I can even strive for it,
But I'll never be
As Good as You."

And I cupped the heart up with my hands.
Have you ever seen
A heart glow blue?

I love you more
Than life itself--
Is that some thing
I have to prove?
bennu Mar 2021
We could live on the moon
In our house with no walls.

We'd get carepacks from Earth
We'd have exercise *****

And we'd kiss
When the Earth
Rose above
The horizon
And our cat, he would laugh
As we made fun
Of them all

We'd have bowls just for ice cream
And one for whirled peas ;)
We'd have a time to read poetry
And a time for grilled cheese

And it's just so cathartic
To pull down our pants
And show them our *****
In lunar romance


But I know you'd miss Earth
And your Mom and your Dad
And I'm here on the moon
Please don't feel bad

It's not as far as Mars
But getting here's a feat
In itself. Girl, I love ya
You're really too sweet.
Mar 2021 · 450
No Heart, no love
bennu Mar 2021
Take me apart
But don't keep me
On your windowsill

Push me from that ledge
And I'll dissolve into the dirt

Take a couple songs
But don't act like it's a thing
I knew that I was wrong
That's why I'm not selling t shirts

It is illegal to love me
It is wrong that you care
You can squirm and you can struggle
But I'm just
Very simply
Mar 2021 · 36
Burstit Bubble
bennu Mar 2021
I **** my life away
A shaded newt
Hiding under the log
Of good fortune

I hope a witch comes by
And uses me
For a spell

I am utter ****.
But I glisten in the sunlight
Blondie never loved me
I was never truly gay.

My eyes are detachable
My flesh is a mere excuse
I can't grow a beard like Soupy
But I can't manage the noose

Maybe I'll just die
A sad and scared
And scattered man
Maybe I'll just die.

But I ain't got a plan.
bennu Mar 2021
I want you to have
Nice things
Nice dreams
Green leaves, warm springs
Clear waters, soft skin
All the dreams you can fit
In your pretty little

And head.
Finger callouses, kayak sunsets
Worn out running shoes
Lofty secrets

Lavish romance
True grit
Better than
These desperate stabs

I'm sinking like a stone
I cannot leave
These thoughts alone
The ponderings of a deadened mind.
Mar 2021 · 359
i care
bennu Mar 2021
Mar 2021 · 98
he like, barely cares now
bennu Mar 2021
my sky cracked
as i'm walking around town
i look up at the fractures

people just look at me
like i'm crazy.
Mar 2021 · 35
i text you back
bennu Mar 2021
negligence has formed several kinds of rust
on my skeleton
now a nervous bag of tics
nauseous from chasing my tail

i gave aphrodite an ugly face
i painted it on her with grotesque muscle
blood and guts
then i noticed i was standing in the mirror,
doing something like squeezing toothpaste into my ear canals
while singing a day to remember.

but i always text back
even if its paragraphs of acrimonious diatribe
i always text back
even if i'm just a little
verbose, perhaps
even if i'm just a little gaudy
and stupid
and i overthink everything,
i always text you back

and even if i have the wrong number
even if you called via the moon's reflection in a nasty puddle,
not my favorite method of contact, by the way--
i always text back

Mar 2021 · 20
the anchor of death
bennu Mar 2021
it made him dead
when she broke him with plastic
a suffocating bubble
a fracture formed through the man

they say that is what makes a man,
when you take something from him.

he dissociated:
he was the air pressing on his skin
he was everything outside of himself
outside of his control

then i guess he tore away,
breaking into other dimensions
promising them love
and poisoning this one with his sad, stony eyes.
Mar 2021 · 36
but that's
bennu Mar 2021
computer girl
your lips are so cold
your algorithm makes me so raw
your heart beats ones and zeros
oh. you're my ******* hero
Mar 2021 · 55
i know
bennu Mar 2021
i know i'll forget you,
that's why i kissed you
i know that i loved you
it wasn't enough

the things that we did do
well that's why i'll miss you
i'll never forget you
don't be so sad

i know i forgot you
that's why i wrote this
i'm sorry i'm sorry
it wasn't enough

i know i existed
i know that i missed it
i know that i missed it,
i know, i know, i know
Mar 2021 · 29
ms. takes-a-lot
bennu Mar 2021
she rolls around her rock
her radiation cup runneth over
waterfalls, lush green, freshly

wet clay

with all this activity
her core should tighten
she's eating leaves
with electron transport chains

but round and round she goes
and she has forgotten
the morning dew
the joy of life
the laughter of children
toothless people
confident speech
the push and pull
the way to say
i love you
bennu Mar 2021
well, there goes the championship
brazen ***** gleaming
tattered throat screaming
clanking down the highway like a batshit malfunctioning drone

not gonna say
whether we won or lost

you can be the arbitrator
on that.
Mar 2021 · 71
clumsy dreamr
bennu Mar 2021
the stars were candy wallpaper
with my big head rolling through your hills
the moon
was a vanilla wafer
it cut my tongue and i grimaced with sugared blood

sometimes you only understand me
with fistfuls of hills and these twirling stars of Van Gogh

and sometimes,
i know better.

but i rarely let go...

sometimes my brain runs a deficit on leg muscle tissue
and my heels kick up dust past the brush in the night
and i wander the city alone at night
and i feel dumb but i'm sure i'm alive

then the trees listen to me jabber on about the government
and i whisk past the bushes on my bike, i might
stop to roll up a dutch.
Mar 2021 · 47
the miscreant
bennu Mar 2021
slam verse
is an alcoholic's paint splattered canvas
you could torch it all too easily
but it's there, the prized possession
and hanging
of art collectors around the world,
god rest his soul.

the direction of the paint
to the surface
was sincere and inevitable,
a sure thing of time
and a frustrated effort

but there's just something so
****** up
about that,
that it hangs in a museum
and you guard it with your life

your misdeeds are noted.

a miscreant strife.
Mar 2021 · 202
says he's here
bennu Mar 2021
the old, gnarled oak tree
says he's here
buried sentinel rings
bearing tales of structured deceit
sold as sanctioned to the world,
which suffered in sick and silent defeat.

bearing tales of structured deceit,
says he's here
the old, gnarled oak tree
buried sentinel rings
sold as sanctioned to the world,
which suffered in sick and silent defeat.

which suffered in sick and silent defeat,
the old, gnarled oak tree
says he's here,
says he's here.
a tree tells a story to me
my brain is like the tree.

a man who posits he's found it,
an imposing notion indeed.
take it either way,
he's here despite our needs.

and through and through again
until she landed herself in a genuine paradise,
which, let's face it
can't exist forever...
bennu Mar 2021
little miss tribute
Feb 2021 · 199
ninteen and on
bennu Feb 2021
don't you play
"mess is mine"
by Vance Joy
and think of me
and expect the tear
that's running down
your left cheek
to mean nothing to me.

don't strike me like lightning
and expect me not
to worship you like a god

in my heart
Feb 2021 · 50
bennu Feb 2021
he twisted time and space into a trap
and right now, she's slipping into it
he's got her hooked up to his computer
with tubes and wires
he is pinging, trying to hack her system

lesions tear in her tissue before she feels them.
in the dilapidated throne of his mind,
the knowledge of his rapacity
a grotesque evil guarded by a court in denial

he feeds on her in secret,
numbing her to the feeling of his hungry maw
and he hopes she will not feel the scars tomorrow

that is where she is,
but not anymore
because while i sit on the other side
of these walls of space and time
you broke in
and made the world pregnant with healing
Feb 2021 · 33
the strangled self
bennu Feb 2021
the distance between us is staggering
it makes me shiver and shake
poisoning summer til my fingers are like rattling icicles

and my mouth is like a moaning tunnel to the black spot of my heart

sometimes i think i'd rather be dead than be so far from you
the kind of feeling that showers the hydrangeas with my last meal

a flickering head that tics and twitches along
i'm a bird that flies over the water
and perches on my heart
that's when i feel so close to you

but i really need to follow through.
Feb 2021 · 40
My relationship with her
bennu Feb 2021
You are walking ******* ambrosia with nectar running through your veins
And I am an American God

**** me up into your ******
Fill me with fear and hatred and disgust til I burst like a bubble inside you
Filling you with laughter and *** and every last drop of innocence

Then I will eat you from the inside out
And you will toss your head back and laugh
And you will seize with anger and pain
And you will be forced to transmutate
And you will feel emotions you should not have ever felt

And you will give birth
To a new son
Feb 2021 · 37
She Carries pt. 3
bennu Feb 2021
How even when it's bared and worn
(We should probably kick the ****)
Beads of love glisten in the sun every morning
She's got so much
She's got so much
Watch out
They could turn into tears
And start the whole universe through your eyes

Then we'd be sick,
Because we know her well,
But she stands in a broken room
And we'd just face it with words
And skin
Because we couldn't do it
With love
Feb 2021 · 39
She Carries pt. 2
bennu Feb 2021
Bad day, but still mild when cut off by some kid who doesn't know

Felt the universe flip a coin,
Glad it was tails.

Heads for the wine.

****** at life enough to **** some kid on tinder,
But that requires energy.

She stares into the vase and considers how they all hold on just as tight
But some of those flowers were just losing life...

**** it, she says.

& Signs up
For the soup kitchen.
Feb 2021 · 31
She Carries pt. 1
bennu Feb 2021
Single story
Maroon van
Autumn leaves,
Long flat road


Black mailbox,
Light blue door
Blue shutters.

Single mother,
Blue, almond eyes
Taut white skin
Slightly tear dropped
Arms and legs

With round shoulders

Then the room cracked in half

It was the first time she's had the house to herself
In weeks

The room cracked in half

First, it was the faces of family
It was work
Drinking too much and divorce
Familiar things
But then thinning out
She pulled the voids of the universe close to her heart and held them like a ******* child.

Feb 2021 · 40
Gaudy Soul
bennu Feb 2021
Laying in bed
With my head by the window
I slip from my mind in a nocturne...

Plinking along golden streams and pearls
Consisting of tinsil and solid gold
Consisting of yellow petals and glitter glue,
Til my spirit gave a drop
Of blue.

I can be the yoni, who are you
I can be the pools of purple, navy trees and deep black breath
Of Everything, opening up
Reforming then,
As you.

So sing into my body,
I'll be back in a few!

With answers that dance
In a cancerous soup...

And I'll placate my palate
With your gems
In my teeth.
Feb 2021 · 258
Disa Marie Turner
bennu Feb 2021
Too lame for you
You will bubble across my cortex until it expires
My pretty hell--
I fall away from the universe
In the shape of your body
Feb 2021 · 175
Marie Marie marie
bennu Feb 2021
Oh, you've done such an awful thing
Why can't you see?
The price we're paying for your beauty, Lucy
Gnawing on the corpse of Gabriel...

When we're together death finds synergy
Wherever love can't stay
And I've been wrestling the day
Just to try to say I love you

Are we the shadow fire that ignites in our society?
Is that really us? A day we'll never overcome...

But between your legs
And in your arms
Is where I need to be
Oh! Marie, Marie, Marie
I live under your thumb
Feb 2021 · 97
bennu Feb 2021
Please know that wasn't ab
Feb 2021 · 43
bennu Feb 2021
Touch me with your **** little feet,
In your bright colored ankle socks :3

I don't care if they're holey
I don't care if they're new

Caress my **** with your cute little socks
And tease me til I'm hard as a rock ;)
All up in my faaaaace mmmmmn
bennu Feb 2021
She's seen enough
That it just doesn't cut her
Not deep enough
When the two of them...
Hook up

But not every family's blessed like
They are,
Not every daughter
Makes love
To her dad
Feb 2021 · 72
Alice in Stars
bennu Feb 2021
I wish I could participate.

Some people see the stars
Like strings on a guitar
Or rungs
On a ladder

But right now I see them
Like steps you've taken away from me
Or steps I took from you
Documented their histories and positions
And gave them all names.
Each one
With a reason~

and He Acts Like He Can't Help It
and Irrationality Won

So done surprising you with love music,
Now I'm a talking doorknob
Who will arbitrate entry, aloof and outlandish

When the night sky is my glistening disembowelment
It's dizzying to look at
I hardly feel like plucking a heart string
Or strumming an intestinal coil
To serenade my sweetheart

I just feel like crying a river to carry us through that stupid ******* door
Feb 2021 · 85
bennu Feb 2021
Those legs
Pushing aside hills
And carving themselves out...

Carrying along that
Glowing core....

If Valhalla drops
Care packages
I know that they're blonde

For those of us
In need of
A little guidance...

Then brilliant swirls erupt from your mind.

Calligraphy-- your wand is your spine


I belong to history, but once She was mine

This morning. We kissed for the very first time
dedicated to her
bennu Feb 2021
Now whenever she comes by,
It's always reminiscent of some dame
Just leaving flowers on a grave
I bet she's got a tattoo
On her left thigh--
In bold Times New Roman font:

Yeah, she snuck that in there
Would you care if she was empty?

Eternities of silence made the chip on her shoulder
The sour bite to her speech, the scar on her liver
Cartoon angels with giant *****
Etched into her cranial wall
Familiar faces, ****** up constellations
Of ****

And the bricks between us resonate her moan.

At least she's not alone.

And she's stabbing her lover to death in the next room.

...That ***** knows how to moan.
bennu Feb 2021
Today, caressed the face of God
The air displaced
As she walked by
Eruption like
A bolt of lightning

I left my mind, a little string
Of energy--
Spun out from my crown
Like a long, microscopic strand
Of spaghetti

And leaped through the air,
Molecule to molecule:
Nitrogen, oxygen
Nitrogen, nitrogen
!! Argon! Nitrogen, oxygen...
And passed another noodle,
just like me.

And we went into each other's bodies

And yes, we did
A look
Feb 2021 · 58
Cold Touch Heart Stay
bennu Feb 2021
Iron lords are heavy
Not of just heart
Heavy handed, pete townshend, who are you
The whole 9 yards
Dressed to the nines
Iron bars secure
My iron lord
Glides the metal ghost
On metal tracks

Savor your true heart
Lest it be replaced
By the beam of some structure
A bullet or brace
A bolt or a brandish
A **** or a ball
A chain or a chainsaw
The richest of all

Iron lords adorned
With beads of iron truth
Against living flesh it feels cold
And the room
Buckles in
Like the edge of your death
And pulls through
And leaves you on the other side
With nothing to feel
And open nerve endings

When the truth is iron
It can be blunt or sharp
But keep it away from your ever-loving heart
Or just move to Holland
To the lovely fields of flowers
And stay away from the poppies
Skirt around that graveyard
Feb 2021 · 38
Kitty's Sweetest Memory
bennu Feb 2021
Do you remember my doey brown eyes,
And all the silly thoughts and words that bubbled up around them?

Yeah well,

They're still tethered here to this old clunker
Just traipsed my way through several backyards
Guess I'm some kind of monster now,
Middle fingers

I guess it's time
For my brain
To fall asleep

I can't stop thinking about
Orion's belt
And how my youth tickled goddess mind
But never shook loose any fruit

I need to turn my mind to the colors that run deep around me
And a graceful stab will find the vein,
**** that blood up
Just like a mosquito

((Dusty Texas
Barrel age my soul
What the **** is going on
And why can't I calm down
I wanna work hard ******
I need ******* electrotherapy))
Feb 2021 · 54
My life In grayscale
bennu Feb 2021
Autumn leaves sort of half-crunch in my ears
I never really absorbed the full colors of a show

Never really had the drive to show them what it was all about
I was always waiting for you to tell me

And that's why
The world was made for her
With things left for me to do

We used to sing together,
But now it's just you.
Feb 2021 · 348
Old Man
bennu Feb 2021
Keep those wrinkled eyes in soft
And keep them friendly with the moment
Perhaps we're more acquainted
Than we can really say we're friends...

I know you've got a lot to chew on
Don't you lie, you saw it coming
Please try hard, don't be so bitter
Please just try to enjoy life

Don't look back too often, quitter
Don't you want a better life?
Feb 2021 · 71
Death comes to you
bennu Feb 2021
Death comes to you in translucent sheets.

Are no laurels
Nothing stands to gain

Only withering,
Wilting allowed in this space

And on these thin translucent sheets
Please let me write my name
I dedicate this blood and breath
To the one who stole my breath away

I guess that they were partly right
They said he comes like a thief at night
I guess that makes you Jesus Christ
And leaves me with the weight of light
I made a physics joke!
Hi Mom! Hi Disa!! 🙋‍♀️

Also I know my poems are like .. almost there. I leave it like that on purpose
Feb 2021 · 62
bennu Feb 2021
You're bold like December
The harvest held fast against nature's cruel hand
Your smile is made
Of fire and sand
Your shoulders are made
Of porcelain and ash

It's springtime when our spectrums align,
And you slide into the crook of my neck.

Then in the daytime, neon rebel blood shows in your veins
Even when your bones ache,
Even when your heart breaks.

True blood, a juggernaut girl
And I wouldn't mess with her unless you want a reason to CRY~
Feb 2021 · 46
Like a cat in the night
bennu Feb 2021
You're bold like December
The harvest held fast against nature's cruel hand
Your smile is made
Of fire and sand
Your shoulders are made
Of porcelain and ash

You are what you are,
And there's no going back
It's your time to talk
But I'm holding my tongue.

But loose my bad hand, a terrible curse...
You turn to the world
And are not reimbursed
A dignified soldier of love
My sidestepping
Should sneak on by
Like a cat in the night x)
The rhythm stretch on porcelain is just so. It's to remind you you don't quite know her ... ingredients. C:

:P :P :P

I feel like I made this more about me
Jan 2021 · 53
Disaster Blonde
bennu Jan 2021
Crusty old guitar
Rusty little digits
Twenty six years old
Death is but a ******

I might just be lying
I might just be drunk
I could still catch fire
******* in the trunk
Jan 2021 · 57
Mister dead planet
bennu Jan 2021
That's right miss Turner
Who has been hanging on all this time...

She gets it.

What they thought was dead
Will surely come back to life
In an instant of fire
In an instant of life

What they thought was dead isn't dead at all
What they never expected was about to fall

Grave is as graves do
I made this
To make you
Miss Turner *kiss*
Jan 2021 · 90
dead planet
bennu Jan 2021
You wanted me
To be on top of that ****
To be electric
Setting fire to your atmosphere
Taking control
Providing your sky with something certain

You wanted me
To be something you need
To be something you see
To be something you greed

But never should I be
Something disagreed
Taking from your meal
Spending all your seed

Spoiling your feed
Loosing all your mead
Never taking heed
To a single thing you need...!
Jan 2021 · 120
bennu Jan 2021
There are things we can write
With your coccyx as the nib,
Picking you up like a pen by your ribs
Pick you right up and they'll fill you with ink
And give you ample time to think
Jan 2021 · 199
Certainly don't waste
bennu Jan 2021
Death's citadel grows roots into the world
Like the sinking teeth of an infernal dragon

Inside me lives the chance to waste it
Which is more symmetric than good is to good

An infernal, internal dragon

An infernal, internal, eternal dragon

A terrible, horrible, no good, very bad dragon
Jan 2021 · 45
Trust as a mistake
bennu Jan 2021
A spider's legs are like eight lies that spread in their several directions.

They are good excuses for the spider.

Crawl into my ear
Stick your fangs into my brain
And let your infection set in me

I don't want to tell you the truth
I want to be robust
The best thing to do to show you the truth
In motion? Injure trust.
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