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bennu Mar 2021
I want you to have
Nice things
Nice dreams
Green leaves, warm springs
Clear waters, soft skin
All the dreams you can fit
In your pretty little

And head.
Finger callouses, kayak sunsets
Worn out running shoes
Lofty secrets

Lavish romance
True grit
Better than
These desperate stabs

I'm sinking like a stone
I cannot leave
These thoughts alone
The ponderings of a deadened mind.
bennu Mar 2021
bennu Mar 2021
my sky cracked
as i'm walking around town
i look up at the fractures

people just look at me
like i'm crazy.
bennu Mar 2021
negligence has formed several kinds of rust
on my skeleton
now a nervous bag of tics
nauseous from chasing my tail

i gave aphrodite an ugly face
i painted it on her with grotesque muscle
blood and guts
then i noticed i was standing in the mirror,
doing something like squeezing toothpaste into my ear canals
while singing a day to remember.

but i always text back
even if its paragraphs of acrimonious diatribe
i always text back
even if i'm just a little
verbose, perhaps
even if i'm just a little gaudy
and stupid
and i overthink everything,
i always text you back

and even if i have the wrong number
even if you called via the moon's reflection in a nasty puddle,
not my favorite method of contact, by the way--
i always text back

bennu Mar 2021
it made him dead
when she broke him with plastic
a suffocating bubble
a fracture formed through the man

they say that is what makes a man,
when you take something from him.

he dissociated:
he was the air pressing on his skin
he was everything outside of himself
outside of his control

then i guess he tore away,
breaking into other dimensions
promising them love
and poisoning this one with his sad, stony eyes.
bennu Mar 2021
computer girl
your lips are so cold
your algorithm makes me so raw
your heart beats ones and zeros
oh. you're my ******* hero
bennu Mar 2021
i know i'll forget you,
that's why i kissed you
i know that i loved you
it wasn't enough

the things that we did do
well that's why i'll miss you
i'll never forget you
don't be so sad

i know i forgot you
that's why i wrote this
i'm sorry i'm sorry
it wasn't enough

i know i existed
i know that i missed it
i know that i missed it,
i know, i know, i know
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