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Jul 2014 · 551
For the Sparrows Jul 2014
The simplest thought of you
just those sounds you make
when you are happy,
your delighted sighs,
Your eyes alone smile,
But those lips,
those lips...
All they need to do
is simply move.

I'm in love.

Love is the simple things you do.
I love them.
The simple things.
Jul 2014 · 546
For the Sparrows Jul 2014
I'd rather be
in the shadows of trees
than in the shadow of glass,
No canopy.
Not even a canopy of stars.
Jun 2014 · 847
For the Sparrows Jun 2014
Whatever we are doing

We are doing alright

That doesn't mean it's easy

It just means we are fighters
For the Sparrows Feb 2014
It seems you've prepared a room in your heart for me
I guess I will stay awhile
I will unpack my things
There's a big window
Where I can watch the sunrise
and feel the light tickle my face in the morning
the same way your lips do

There's a room in your heart for me
I think I'd like to stay awhile
I'll put up posters of our favourite bands
and tape the pictures on the wall
hang postcards from you on a string with clothespins
Make a fort of every book we own
Don't forget your Bible.

There's a room in your heart for me.
It's beginning to feel like a home.
Feb 2014 · 711
Side Effects
For the Sparrows Feb 2014
Side effects may include:

I've had it with this.

I just want to be me.

No prescriptions.
No drug addictions.

I am not my own,
but can I at least have some control?
Jan 2014 · 764
I Dream of Lakes
For the Sparrows Jan 2014
I dream of lakes that are mirrors
I dream a thousand miles away
where the pine trees whisper
and the birds sing a symphony
where the stag walks next to me
and the fox follows close behind
I dream of the mountains in the refection
I dream so far away from here.
Nov 2013 · 1.0k
Teardrop Tea
For the Sparrows Nov 2013
Let them drop
like a drop of honey.

Salty instead of sweet.

Maybe if I drink these tears
I can understand.
If I can taste these tears,
will they give me a reason?
Nov 2013 · 427
If I'm Falling
For the Sparrows Nov 2013
I think I'm falling
and I'm scared
I think I'm falling
and it feels wonderful.
If I'm falling
and you're falling too,
we'll be alright.
It takes two hearts to fly.
Each heart has one wing.
So If I am falling,
please tell me I'm not the only one.
The sky was made for the two of us.
Nov 2013 · 1.7k
For the Sparrows Nov 2013
She still wants to be skinny.
She still cannot love.
She still cannot see.
She still is her own bully.

She still cries.

Even after all this time.
"You cannot love me if you do not love yourself."
Nov 2013 · 546
Just a Maybe.
For the Sparrows Nov 2013
Yes. It might be love.
But maybe just infatuation.
It might be the chemistry.
But I get lost in a fantasy.
Too far to pursue.
Too much risk perhaps.
Yes. It might already be over.
But maybe it's only beginning.
Yes. I know I will see you again.
But what happens then?
Nov 2013 · 368
Midna's Diary (Part I)
For the Sparrows Nov 2013
My sweet darkness,
My twilight,
My home.
When will I return?
I long to escape this light
where I am nothing more than his shadow.
I am nothing here…
And she looked at me with such grace.
Such mercy…
This world is not hopeless it seems.
Oct 2013 · 350
There She Goes
For the Sparrows Oct 2013
There she goes again.
Falling for the ones who will disappear.
If only she knew
that love is not far.
It is here.
Oct 2013 · 2.0k
Sparrow's Heart
For the Sparrows Oct 2013
What her heart wants
she cannot have.

What her heart needs
she does not understand.

Why her heart beats
for one who never speaks,
but only in her dreams
she cannot say.
Oct 2013 · 434
The Reason I Wake Up
For the Sparrows Oct 2013
Now it seems they are falling from the sky.
They are everywhere.
I feel their hungry eyes.
Why so suddenly?
I am not ready to love.
Let alone kiss...

Why does it still seem,
I will love you until to end of time?

My time has only just begun.

And I feel so young.

Maybe I'm just not ready for this thing called love.

But I want to be.

Because it's the reason for my tears each night.

It's the reason  I wake up.

The reason *I won't give up.
more of a subtle vent then a poem, i guess.
Sep 2013 · 672
Of Coffee Beans & Misery
For the Sparrows Sep 2013
French press.
Coffee beans.
I just can't get it.
The right balance.
All I want is to do
is to make the perfect brew.
The perfect cup.
Barista style.
If I can't even do that,
If I can't even make
a single decent cup,
what am I doing here...

I just end up with stained porcelain.
I often wonder what the hell am I doing at an art school. It's hard to tell if I actually am enjoying it...

PS. Anyone want to give me some barista tips? -___-
Sep 2013 · 774
A Curiosity
For the Sparrows Sep 2013
A new face.
Curiosity surfaces.
Wonder and wait.
Will we go places?
Sep 2013 · 3.5k
For the Sparrows Sep 2013
Heart's alive.

Help me please.
This is a disaster, you see.
It's not suppose to be like this,
You and me.
It doesn't exists.
And I'm trying to resist
I cannot believe this.
I think I am crazy.
But honestly,
what can I do?

Do you think this way too?
But God only knows.
And God won't tell me.
I won't ask.
But I do miss you.

Maybe tonight I'll get high.
I'll escape to the sky.
Far away from earth,
far away from these thoughts.

This time,
I won't get shot down.
The arrows are aiming.
but I have a shield.

You and me.
It doesn't exist.

Heart's alive.

Arrow pierced me.
I wasn't looking.
Now I'm falling.

Tell me this isn't happening.

Heart's alive.
Help me please.

I'm falling.
This is a disaster you see.

It's not my fault...
Sep 2013 · 703
Time Machine
For the Sparrows Sep 2013
You said you had a time machine,
You said that you would wait for me.
I know it's just a game
It's all just pretend
In truth I would go back
before I knew you
So we can start all over again.

Let's go to the 1920's
and never return again.
Leave this crazy age behind
Let's live in the simpler days.
And fall in love.

Yes, we can finally fall in love.

Please tell me this is not a dream.
Please don't tell me it's all pretend.
Sep 2013 · 604
For the Sparrows Sep 2013
Out of sight and out of mind
like the sunlight in my room
I'm underground
So are you.
Far away.

And maybe this is where I need to stay
To escape this mess
and all this stress.

You need to leave me alone now,
But too many strangers
remind me of you.
Maybe you're not meant to be forgotten here.
Is this madness?
I truly can't help this.

Secretly waiting for you to call,
to appear.
It will never happen...

Secretly wishing I am wrong.
Sep 2013 · 823
No Immunity
For the Sparrows Sep 2013
Maybe there is no escaping this infection.
Maybe there is no cure.
The moment he touched my heart
I fell from the sky.

I've been trying to get off this land
for far too long.
I belong in the sky.

I cannot believe it.
You took me down again.

*I cannot forgive myself for this.
Aug 2013 · 854
For the Sparrows Aug 2013
I thought my heart was dead.
maybe it was his electric blue eyes
that brought it back to life.

He was a beautiful stranger.
A boy named Jean.

We met in the city,
A brand new chapter
We were both about to open

We were the new artists in town.

But why should he choose me?
I hated my heart for beating too loudly
Muffling my common sense
that a boy like Jean
wouldn't love a girl like me.

Small talk and short glances,
I was afraid to look into his eyes
They might've drowned me.

Stupid heart.
You wouldn't stand a chance.

And I was right.
One autumn afternoon
we studied history as friends
and he saw the most breakable part of me

Only to find a few days later
He had already chosen someone else.

My heart began to crack again.

Will I always be vulnerable
to beautiful strangers,
Even if they become friends?
Last summer.
Aug 2013 · 563
For the Sparrows Aug 2013
She is restlessly gathering feathers
This child wants to fly more than ever

Our bodies were not made for the skies
They told her over and over

Refusing to believe,
she continued to dream,
even as she grew older.
Written  February 4, '13
Aug 2013 · 443
Caged Wings
For the Sparrows Aug 2013
What kind of writer am I
when I cannot even find the words
They slip past me, like feathers in the wind
feathers like paper, with the words I need to say
Maybe I'm not even human
Maybe I am a bird.

Perched inside, locked away
I am a bird in a cage

It is like this.
This is what I need to say.
I am a bird,
caged away
In a tree that reaches the clouds
So that I can see the free ones fly

With wings strong enough
to break their hold

When will my wings
be ready?
This is what depression feels like. Broken wings while you can see the other birds fly free.
For the Sparrows Aug 2013
Of little paws,
innocent, precious ones
their spirit snatched. Gone.
Sold to the Chinese factories
The irony of the elephant.

They hunger for hides
for skins and bones, for coats.
Ignoring the blood
they burn plastic by the ocean -
will justice be so long to come?

A life in a cage
not a choice, taken by force
helpless and broken
how does it feel to melt
when polar ice caps are home?

In the beginning,
authority was given,
with responsibility
for ours is a gift, but why
do we throw Consciousness away?
written by tsac & sparrow mother. proud of our poem. :) Wrote a few months ago. ive been away for a while.
Jul 2013 · 447
For the Sparrows Jul 2013
Nobody wants to be
the first to say I miss you
You do.
I know in my heart  you do.
Say it.
But I know in my heart
you won't.

Once the sun,
now the moon.

A flower that refuses to die.
May 2013 · 484
Talking to a Tree
For the Sparrows May 2013
Day after day
Late mornings
to midday tears
and late nights fears
nothing has changed.
The tree remains a whithered sapling.
It has been so long...
Why will you not grow?
When will you rise far above the dirt that chokes you?
When will you be green again,
When will you be happy again?
When will you bloom and bear the good fruit
that is good to eat?

So it has come to this.
Have I gotten so lost?
Have I gone mad?
It's a tree.
I am talking to a tree.

You cannot tell a tree when to grow.
You cannot ask a tree questions
and expect answers.

A tree does not speak,
and it does not comprehend
my language.
Apr 2013 · 569
For the Sparrows Apr 2013
Stop treating your mind like a diaper
You're always changing it.

And I've had it with this ****.
this will expand eventually, just got some mad inspiration tonight via poetry slam.
Artists rock my world.
Apr 2013 · 634
New Eyes
For the Sparrows Apr 2013
It's hard to say
if there's ever been a day
without the lies
getting into my head
choking, teasing, pinching
as my eyes devour the image I see
and make me feel this way.
This is what I pray,
to have new eyes
to wash them clean
take away their swords
with a flower in place
Help my spirit survive
in this temporary temple
to love my body.
to love my face.

There will be a day,
I've put up quite the fight
for these new eyes
for a different form of light.

May I be victorious tonight.
Mar 2013 · 1.8k
Like a Fetus
For the Sparrows Mar 2013
I feel like a fetus,

unborn and cradled inside

the only world I know,

unaware that soon

I will have to leave

this form of innocence.

the purest moments

of a human life,

to be exposed

to everything

that will try to rob me

of my purity,

Do I have to leave,

For the Sparrows Mar 2013
May we meet again,
Hoping my heart is immune
to falling in love with you,
all over again.
I have sealed the past with peace.
Mar 2013 · 839
In My Time of Need
For the Sparrows Mar 2013
Allow me to linger here in my time of sorrow
Where the birds songs are sweet and endless
Where I can sing back to them until we sing a new song
Where the yellow light warms my spirit
and restores my strength to walk again into your broken kingdom
Where I can lay in the leaves, the clean grass and speak with you
as I my eyes admire the late afternoon sky in the gaps of the treetops
The deer and stag will not flee, rather they will lead me
It is really you, my Saviour leading me, asking me to leave my place of comfort
of meditation, of zen, of peace,
so that I can return to the battle refreshed.
The songs of the birds carry me on
They sing for me as I leave the haven
A song of strength, a song of endurance.
In my time of need, I am welcome to return to my special place
The forest where I can cry. The forest where I can praise.
Created and reserved for me and my Father.
Mar 2013 · 1.3k
Mind Games
For the Sparrows Mar 2013
Cupid teases me in the night
like a ghost,
invading my dreams.
He meddles with my ever-altering
unconscious mind,
a world I wish I could remember
before it gets swept away.
Please cupid, stop playing games.
He doesn't miss me.
Upon any unlikely encounter,
the last thing I would see is a delighted smile
let alone his warm embrace.

They say when you dream about someone,
that person is missing you.

Sounds like wishful thinking to me.
Mar 2013 · 1.0k
A Demon's Recipe Book
For the Sparrows Mar 2013
To create darkness
take away the light
replace peace with quarrels
add a dash of spite

To create hatred
take away the love
fill it with lustful temptation
feed the snake, **** the dove

To create  sorrow
take away the happy
mix it with a little piece of hell
and some dignity to beat
Wrote this long ago.
Feb 2013 · 1.4k
Enlighten Me.
For the Sparrows Feb 2013
Enlighten me.

How does your smile,
your subtle, adorable,
irresistible grin,
still manage to break the lock
of the room in deep within
a love long dead,
and glow ever so slightly...

Enlighten me.

I only hope my smile kills you the same.
For the Sparrows Feb 2013
My favourite moment with you,
the ones I will always remember
is when we were dying,
fighting so hard to stay alive, to stay together.
I was crying. Not for my life. For yours.
Your eyes were closing.
"Keep them open, " I recall pleading
You were smiling. Your mouth was bleeding.
"Lets make this one count." You replied.
And I tasted the blood on your lips,
the same blood that flowed from your heart.

You may ask why this is my favourite moment of us.
Simply because I knew in that fragment of time
Your wish came true. As did mine.

They say connections prosper
when death leers into your eyes
There is nothing can tear us apart,
bleed us, defeat us
Together our spirits can never truly die,
Mine will soon be at your side.

I will never forget the day we died.
It was the day I saw your real smile
and the day of my very first kiss.
We did not leave our bodies in vain.
We left them fulfilled with hope & bliss
God promised our vessels will never rot.
As we rose forever to the sky,
witnessed the Heavens crying rain.
For us. Joyful tears.

The vessels we left became seeds
to one day birth a magnificent tree.

Remember when we were dying?
It was my favourite moment on earth.
Feb 2013 · 2.6k
The Anvil
For the Sparrows Feb 2013
It is not the city air that ignites the forge
It is the wind the that weaves through the souls of its people
It is the spark that lives in the artists heart.
And the Blacksmith, mighty Blacksmith.
Sets all into motion.
So I place my dreams upon the anvil.
Apprentice & Master ****** hammers as fire forges the heart.
Blacksmith, He who breathes the wind that flows through all righteous ambition.
The desire to create.
The desire to change.
City. It is good to be back.
The coals are burning.
comments and suggestions welcome :) result of returning to my home in the city.
Feb 2013 · 862
For the Sparrows Feb 2013
Ask me what kind of flowers He gave
And I will tell you He gave me the very best,
A kind only my true love can give,
He gave me flowers that will never wilt, that will never decay
My everlasting bouquet,
is waiting to be claimed, in the place where I can meet His eyes for the first time
I am His,
He is mine,
I accepted the flowers He gave.
My dear sweet Valentine,
One day to come into my life on earth
through the heart of His chosen one.
I hope to improve & extend this eventually. In the meantime, enjoy & I welcome you to share your thoughts :)
Feb 2013 · 899
The Slam
For the Sparrows Feb 2013
Their words like fire.
So powerful and setting my heart up in flames
Passion burned in their voices
They knew what they wanted to say
Or rather they did more than say those words
Those talking rock-stars preached, they inflicted,
they roared like the ocean winds on waves,
they seduced, they aroused.
The moment I walked out those doors
I knew I would return.
I found a love there. An underground love.
Now every word I read has fire.
Now every word I write will make a sound.
Perhaps only in my head
the private recording studio,
and maybe someday on the platform of heroes
where your heart must be the one
to set your words on fire.
Feb 2013 · 537
Is this even Poetry?
For the Sparrows Feb 2013
Silent when I want to speak.
Crying when I want to laugh.
Alone when I want to embrace.

I cannot utter the smallest sound.
And that is all it takes...
Feb 2013 · 539
Skin & Stone
For the Sparrows Feb 2013
The thought of living there
in this fragment of time
or an era long past
to be present in ancient nations,
fills me with wondrous sensations
and I pray...
oh how I pray,
that when I open my eyes
the castles and cathedrals,
will remain beneath the skies.
Let the bells chime.
Hear that powerful ring.
In this fragment of time,
how I would love
to connect my skin to the stone
and hear their stories of old.
To live within their walls,
for as long as I live.
My home is always in my heart.
oh how I pray,
for more adventures to start.
Jan 2013 · 448
The Anonymous
For the Sparrows Jan 2013
They came to be.
Some stay and make a home of this heart
Others go,
and fade away like the clouds.
Secrets. Thoughts. Memories.
One in particular came to be
this isolate night.
I cannot tell if it is good
blooming in hope,
or bad,
in its very existence.
For it is a wish of a moribund life,
only so that this heart
can truly learn how to beat
to the rhythm of His will.
Jan 2013 · 550
For the Bruised & Broken
For the Sparrows Jan 2013
This battle we fight as one.
it is a fight against what we have created
It is not ourselves we fight
but what encases us
This barrier can be broken.
Take up arms,
I will fight with you,
I want to fight for you.
Trust in Him
Take Him by the hand,
the hand He has so long offered you.
He calls you child,
You are never alone.
Believing is seeing.

Trust me.

Listen. He is calling.
Are you ready to fight again?
Promise me you won't let go.
Promise me you will rise.
Even if it means falling over
in the days yet to come.

We are brothers. We are sisters.
We are never,

Close your eyes and open your ears.
Do you hear it?
Your broken heart is still beating.
It is His love that stops the bleeding.
Jan 2013 · 2.5k
Violin Man
For the Sparrows Jan 2013
Your thin curly moustache,
makes me smile.

You must make a lot of people smile.
with the music you create
on the side walk
outside the art gallery.

You sway with passion in every note.
despite the biting wind,
you are joyful
thrice you winked at me.

Please come back
violin man.
We never spoke with words,
we could be friends.

I wish I knew your name.
Dedicated to the gentleman who puts his heart and soul into his violin busking.
You have great style man... I salute you!
Jan 2013 · 1.1k
Cumulonimbus Kingdoms
For the Sparrows Jan 2013
Always altering.
always breathing.

You are the sky.
and with this heart of a bird,
I long to fly
above Cumulonimbus Kingdoms

A world my eyes have once seen
and could not stray away
Land became the ocean
Sky became the mountains and fields

Morning's glory
paints your never-ending canvas
Cirrus dances in your light
sister to Alto-cumulus  
She swims.
She delights.

If ever I should chose my fate,
I would freely fall
from this decaying atmosphere
to see all the world at once
to see Cumulonimbus Kingdoms
to say my final goodbye,
to my love,
the never-ending sky
before my body eternally sleeps.
Inspired by my first flight overseas, and my constant occurring love for the sky :)
Also want to thank Timothy, your comment in my haiku earlier, it brought me here! ^_^
Jan 2013 · 471
Snow Clouds (Haiku)
For the Sparrows Jan 2013
A twilight palette
flowing like water
towering like mountains
breathing like ice
A colourful wall of clouds outside my window caught my attention late today, moving along the city like a backdrop. It's worth keeping your window open! :) Our God is an Artist!

"A writer is working he/ she is staring out the window." Burton Rascoe
Jan 2013 · 3.3k
For the Sparrows Jan 2013
Whoever said "Don't talk to strangers."
Must have been a lonely person.
What is life,
if life is lived so secure?

Slowly but surely
my spirit is growing

Slowly but surely
my spirit gains courage.

For today I prayed
that I would be brave
I thank God for the strangers
He brought to me today

For they became friends
And I hope to see them again.

Slowly but surely
my spirit is nourished.

Little green stalk
in a glass of clear stones,
It is my reminder of today,
of the strangers, now friends
that allowed this restless spirit to grow.
For Gino & Louis. Thank you for bringing me out of my shell & for your words of wisdom.  

(I named my bamboo Gino. I want to get another stalk and name it Louis ^_^)
Jan 2013 · 405
Dear God.
For the Sparrows Jan 2013
I wish I was someone I am not
or ever will be.

I am so sorry for doubting
this masterpiece
a painting unfinished.
unable to fully see.

I am so sorry.
Jan 2013 · 697
On Kensington Ave.
For the Sparrows Jan 2013
Familiar strangers are everywhere.
Some look like you,
remind me of you.
On Kensington Avenue
there is a man
I have talked to.
Perhaps because I thought
he looked a bit like you.
Though he was much older.
He could almost be a much older you...
He could almost be your dad..
He is a shopkeeper
In the market
of finely hand-crafted bags.
The market...
One of my favourite places to be.
So many interesting people
So many curious places.
You would love it here.
The man was so friendly.
His deep brown eyes
just like yours.
He gave me perfume.
Remember I told you
about the perfume I was wearing?
It was years ago...
but I remember.
He was a man on Kensington Ave.
A familiar stranger.
Friendly to me.
Perhaps I was too friendly to him.
He reminded me of you.
And sent me into
this nostalgic wander.
Your eyes.
I miss your eyes.
I miss your messy hair.
I miss your voice.
I'm crazy.
I miss you.

****** I'm crazy.

I wish this bitter-sweet nostalgia
would end.
Because it's not like
I am ever to see or hear
from you...
ever again.

All because I walked down Kensington Ave.
And met that friendly man.
******...I told myself I wouldn't write about him.
For the Sparrows Jan 2013
I have many faces
I am the Happy Mask Salesman,
travelling from far away places*

I don't have to be me...
If I don't like what I see.

Unaware, I fell for the demon's scheme.

I know what you wish to hide
my sweet dear
It is something my masks
can easily provide.

You see, not only do I sell,
I collect and exchange
through past and present
of your time.
You have worn masks before
I know,
and now they are mine.

I was afraid to begin with
but now my fear threatened
to consume me
Who was this man,
and what did he mean?

Masks are for children,
I suddenly say.
Maybe you do have masks of mine
They were only for play.
In my time of youth,
we played pretend.
Making masks of paper mache
of our animal friends.

Yes, yes indeed.
The wonderful complex human mind
gives the mask the power.
It brings the mask to life.
Become an animal of any kind.

Innocent youth...yes
but my dear, even though we grow
the games of pretend
still can be played.
They never really end,
do they?

He laughed again,
his icy chuckle.
though my fear subsided
and curiosity aroused instead.
There was a storm of questions
swirling in my head.

Where is he going with this?
Am I dreaming?
The second part of a series in which has no structure whatsover... First part can be found on my profile under poems.
Jan 2013 · 1.1k
Frozen Little Bird
For the Sparrows Jan 2013
though wide awake,
& eyes wide open.
A song  plays in my head
and never ceases.
A beautiful medley
of the mysteries
of  imagination.
How fitting
that it is called Time
because I am frozen,
though still alive.
Wasting it all away
while it could be spent
with good intentions.
Is it a curse?
Can it be broken?
Is there a cure
for one who is frozen?
Has my heart
lost its fire?
Have my dreams
lost their desires?
Afraid to sleep,
I am fighting my dream infection
Awake and frozen,
I lack the desire for creation.
I have wings
but I cannot fly
very high.
I'm just a sparrow.
A selfish little sparrow.
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