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For the Sparrows Jul 2014
The simplest thought of you
just those sounds you make
when you are happy,
your delighted sighs,
Your eyes alone smile,
But those lips,
those lips...
All they need to do
is simply move.

I'm in love.

Love is the simple things you do.
I love them.
The simple things.
For the Sparrows Jul 2014
I'd rather be
in the shadows of trees
than in the shadow of glass,
No canopy.
Not even a canopy of stars.
For the Sparrows Jun 2014
Whatever we are doing

We are doing alright

That doesn't mean it's easy

It just means we are fighters
For the Sparrows Feb 2014
It seems you've prepared a room in your heart for me
I guess I will stay awhile
I will unpack my things
There's a big window
Where I can watch the sunrise
and feel the light tickle my face in the morning
the same way your lips do

There's a room in your heart for me
I think I'd like to stay awhile
I'll put up posters of our favourite bands
and tape the pictures on the wall
hang postcards from you on a string with clothespins
Make a fort of every book we own
Don't forget your Bible.

There's a room in your heart for me.
It's beginning to feel like a home.
For the Sparrows Feb 2014
Side effects may include:

I've had it with this.

I just want to be me.

No prescriptions.
No drug addictions.

I am not my own,
but can I at least have some control?
For the Sparrows Jan 2014
I dream of lakes that are mirrors
I dream a thousand miles away
where the pine trees whisper
and the birds sing a symphony
where the stag walks next to me
and the fox follows close behind
I dream of the mountains in the refection
I dream so far away from here.
For the Sparrows Nov 2013
Let them drop
like a drop of honey.

Salty instead of sweet.

Maybe if I drink these tears
I can understand.
If I can taste these tears,
will they give me a reason?
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