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good morning kisses
goodnight kisses
kisses to taste the cinnamon on your lips
happy kisses
middle of the night kisses
gentle kisses
kisses because i like you
sleepy kisses
movie theatre kisses
oh god we're in an elevator by ourselves kisses
the stolen kind of kisses
kisses because you're too cute
wake up and see you and think you're the best person ever kisses
kisses just because
monday 30th june '14
You're so welcoming
You're here for anyone, with open arms
You love all of the people around you.
Yet, when you open your arms in your
Short sleeve knit
I see scars
Scars all up and down your arms
Some old
Some new
And it makes me see
Someone so beautiful
That makes everyone else
Feel so beautiful
And loved
Can feel so worthless and unloved
And I see now.
I see why you are the way you are,
           You're so welcoming
                 To everyone
  Because no one ever was to you.
 Mar 2014 For the Sparrows
Taru M
Call me Ash Ketchum
I'm just tryna get a peek-at-you
 Feb 2014 For the Sparrows
This is how the story went
I met someone by accident
Who blew me away
Blew me away
And It was in the darkest of my days
When you took my sorrow and you took my pain
And buried them away, buried them away

I wish I could lay down beside you
When the day is done

- "Hiding my Heart"  sang by Adele
written by Brandi Carlile
There is no such thing as true silence
At least not on this earth
For the earth itself has sound
It hums
But it is often covered

By the sounds of people and of grass or pavement under feet
Of water or cars rushing by
Of the wind whispering through leaves of trees

But in the lonely places of the world
Where for miles and miles there is nothing but dirt
and nothing -or almost nothing-grows
Where, if you stand on a hill and listen closely
You can hear the muffled voices of those a mile away

In those places you can hear the earth
Deep and low and full
A sound silenced by the culmination of other sounds
Which are themselves mistaken for silence
A sound that when heard, though quiet enough to be drowned out by whispering  trees, fills the void with sound
The sound of Earth singing
It is amazing
The difference between hate
And love
Both like fire
One rampant and destructive
Scarring everything it touches, turning everything it touches into ashes
The other-soft and warm like sun kissing your skin
Safe as an evening inside by a hearth on cold snowy night

Nurturing everything it touches
Healing wounds that cannot be seen or touched
Only felt

Not caring for anyone or anything
Wounding everything and everyone it touches
But mostly
Hurting those who hate most

If only they could see the burden they carry
If only they could see their hearts turning to ashes
But they are blind and the fire is strong and hard to put out
Even if they wanted to

And they keep feeding and feeding and feeding the inferno

If only they turned to a different kind of flame
If only they could let their heart be turned to an everlasting flame
One that lets them see beyond what meets the eye into the reality of shared humanity
If only
They could see beyond their blindness and see the light and colour of our shared existence
And see
That thing that makes life mean something
 Feb 2014 For the Sparrows
Why have you forgotten Him?
Oh, you soul of bitterness.
I stand on the dry land,
surrounded by those who sense your rotten scent,
Oh my soul.

It is not well
that I should perish
unable to drench your putrid mess in water
This desert cannot compare
to the deep, deep well
that I so desperately need.

Oh my soul,
Why are you so downcast,
Oh my soul,
unable to gaze up toward the hope
that could save.

This is not well
Crackled and brittle
Oh my soul, I stumble
with this thirst.

If only I could find a well
Where deep calls to deep,
But that kind of roaring showers of glory
isn't for us, oh my soul.
Is it for us?

have you forgotten
and my soul?

I relinquish the breath in my lungs,
Throw to the dirt all that I am,
Oh my soul, please leave me alone.
But dirt turns to rock
beneath me.
And cold
becomes wet
becomes a trickle
becomes a stream.

Oh my soul.
The river has found me.

I stumble into hope, into grace, into a river
flowing with life.
This is our hope,
Oh my soul.
Be clean,
Oh my soul.
Drink deep,
Oh my soul.

And it is well
with my soul.
First draft. Written as a spoken-word poem based on Psalm 42. Some parts meant be whispered, some meant to be screamed.
My body feels numb
You make it hard to breathe
I hold my breath so I can listen to your body
I hear it crying out my name
With every gentle motion
The passion in my soul burns higher
The flames glow brighter
Don't quit
Keep feeding the fire
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