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Mar 2013
Allow me to linger here in my time of sorrow
Where the birds songs are sweet and endless
Where I can sing back to them until we sing a new song
Where the yellow light warms my spirit
and restores my strength to walk again into your broken kingdom
Where I can lay in the leaves, the clean grass and speak with you
as I my eyes admire the late afternoon sky in the gaps of the treetops
The deer and stag will not flee, rather they will lead me
It is really you, my Saviour leading me, asking me to leave my place of comfort
of meditation, of zen, of peace,
so that I can return to the battle refreshed.
The songs of the birds carry me on
They sing for me as I leave the haven
A song of strength, a song of endurance.
In my time of need, I am welcome to return to my special place
The forest where I can cry. The forest where I can praise.
Created and reserved for me and my Father.
For the Sparrows
Written by
For the Sparrows  Earth.
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