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Jan 2013
though wide awake,
& eyes wide open.
A song  plays in my head
and never ceases.
A beautiful medley
of the mysteries
of  imagination.
How fitting
that it is called Time
because I am frozen,
though still alive.
Wasting it all away
while it could be spent
with good intentions.
Is it a curse?
Can it be broken?
Is there a cure
for one who is frozen?
Has my heart
lost its fire?
Have my dreams
lost their desires?
Afraid to sleep,
I am fighting my dream infection
Awake and frozen,
I lack the desire for creation.
I have wings
but I cannot fly
very high.
I'm just a sparrow.
A selfish little sparrow.
For the Sparrows
Written by
For the Sparrows  Earth.
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