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Lynn Jul 2014
I don’t know
if fairy tales are real
or if happy endings exist.
But I do know
that when I’m with you
it seems as if
the time stops
so that I can be with you
As if my heart stops beating
so that you can save me.
I don’t know
if true love is real
or is soul mates exist.
But I do know
that when I begin
I begin with you
and end with you.

Lynn Jul 2014
He’s not just a guy
with strong arms
in which I could
hide myself forever.
He’s not just a guy
with the most gorgeous smile
and not just any gorgeous smile;
the kind of smile the
makes me want to do
silly things all day
just to see
a glimpse of it.
He’s not just a guy
whom I love
with every piece
of my heart.
He’s the ruler of my world
and the meaning of my life.

Lynn Jul 2014
It’s 2 a.m.
And I’m still awake
There’s no one here
but just me;
my thoughts,
my loneliness,
my sadness,
it’s just me.
Then why do they say,
‘You’re not alone’?


— The End —