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Evergreen Pines Dec 2013
Nothing can compare to you.
You are the one everyone needs.
Only you can guide them.
Only you can save them.
For you will answer my prays.
You are the one I call to.
You are my angle.
You are my savour.
Only you can do it.
Only you can put me on the right path.
But I can only help.
Without me you wouldn't be here,
without you I couldn't live.
You need me.
But most of all,
I need you
For you are...
...My angle.
now if only I could see them
Evergreen Pines Mar 2014
Accepting my cluelessness

Trustworthy, 100% trustworthy
Resists not helping friends
Uncommon personality
Extraordinary sense of humor

Feared by enemies
Random when needed
Insane, but not asylum insane
Even through hard times understanding
Never thought as 'pure'
D**etermined, at times
most of the traits my friends have in common
Evergreen Pines Dec 2013
2 colours, 2 sides.
2 sides, 32 men
on a 8x8 grid.
4 rooks, 4 knights,
4 bishops, 16 pawns,
2 kings, and 2 queens.
All moving in different patterns.
A game of war,
yet not the slightest bit violent,
You're 'capturing' not 'killing'
Evergreen Pines Dec 2013
The board is set, the men come alive.
Piece by Piece, turn by turn.
They all move to capture the other's king.
Pawn takes pawn, bishop takes rook,
knight takes bishop then rook,
queen takes knight "Check."
Blocks, and continues
Queen takes the last rook,
then bishop takes... bishop takes...
...My queen..! My chances drop to 10.
5 moves later-....oh ****!
"Check Mate!"
I've lost
I cannot play chess to save my life.
Evergreen Pines Jul 2014
Family you're born with, friends you choose.
do we really choose our friends?
do we conscientiously choose all of them?
i never know how i made the ones i have.
i just talk, they come to me, and become friends.
i don't know how it happens... so...
do i choose my friends?
or do they choose **me?
Evergreen Pines Aug 2013
you know the old saying:
'if you love something set it free.
if it comes back it yours,
if not it never was'?
well I love you and...
I would free you but...
you see, I can't.
I want you to be mine.
but, I fear,
if you're released,
you won't return.
it's quite sad.
I'm too afraid to not trust you,
I'm too afraid to let you go,
but most of all...
I'm too afraid to be left alone.
Evergreen Pines Dec 2013
They always have my back,
Whether I like it or not.
'Cause they care about me, a lot.
Why should I complain?
If it wasn't for them,
I wouldn't be sane.
They're more than a gem,
They're part of my heart and soul,
The thing we share
Is the thing that makes us whole.
To be without them I could not bear.
This bond we have has no ends,
For they are my only friends.
Evergreen Pines May 2014
Gold, silver and lead.
Which of the three is best?*
Gold showers the beauty
but it is a true pest.

Silver gives off shine
but shall dull in time.
lead has no value
Yet it's greater than a dime.

To answer thy question:
*Lead is best of the three.
To eye's it's nothing
but shall set hearts free.

Lead is the tool
to unlock a soul
though what's written
maybe blacker than coal.
inspired by Shakespeare's "The Merchant of Venice"
Evergreen Pines Jul 2013
You've treated me like dirt.
You've treaded me like ****.
I've have enough of it!
You went too far this time
Saying all those lies.
This is our last good-bye!
I don't care what you do
I don't care what you say.
You're just acting gay!
You gave me what I wanted
not what I need.
and now I bleed.
What do you want from me?
I can forgive you.
You're just lucky you're not voodoo.
You said you love me!
You said you care!
Now it feels it was all a dare.
You toyed with my feeling
You broke my heart
Now I don't feel too smart.
I hate you now!
Your heart's like led!
And I wanting you dead.
It's all your fault!
Just get out of my life!
Or get killed by a knife.
Evergreen Pines Jun 2014
a thought comes to mind
I wonder and pounder it.
words come up, then form sentences
the sentences form poems.
some with rhyming patterns
others are made without consciousness.
in order to write
I need thoughts.
Evergreen Pines Jul 2013
Poems, poems
that's what I like.
Poems, poems
that's what I write.
My siblings, my siblings
they shot and play.
My siblings, my siblings
they do as they may.
My father, my father
I need not follow
My father, my father
is the god Apollo.
The music, the music
running though my soul
The music the music
makes me whole.
I am who I am
smart and flawed
I am what I am
a Greek demigod.
this is my one and only dream
Evergreen Pines Mar 2015
Life is a series of challenges, test, and obsticals.
The mistakes you make shalln't be invain if learned.
Everything you do and everyone you meet are here
Because something beyond our control allows it to be so.
these people can never be perfect unless they truly love themselves for who they truly are, despite what others say.
for no two people are the same we must respect and accept the differences we see in each other.
By treating others fairly  and as equals we in return will be,
yet that doesn't mean you will be treated the same.
What you put into life will be rewarded in the afterlife.
By doing good we in return will receive good, eventually.
Remember true beauty comes from within, personality is what really brings it out.
And learn you can't gain without sacrifice,
for anything done with reason is meaningless.
this was a religion assignment.
Evergreen Pines Feb 2014
Wires plastic circuits and metal
Makes sense, they're components of machines.
Hugs, kisses, and hand holding
What the fluorine are those?
Displays of affection for the ones you love
What is this love you speak of?
It is an emotion, a feeling you have.
It's what separates us from machines.
It is what I don't fully understand!
You cannot describe a feeling, it's not a theory or fact.
It is too complex to understand
Think of it as a machine and you'll-
If love was a machine I'd have a full understanding of it!
No! Love is nothing like a machine.
A feeling can not follow laws.
A feeling can not have limitations.
A feeling can not be compared to machines!
Love is nothing like a machine
Love can never be a machine!
Love is a feeling and feelings are complex.
The heart is a machine and machines are simple.
If love was a machine I'd open it up and see how it works.
If love was a machine I'd fix what's gone a mess.
If love was a machine it'll run smoothly.
If love was a machine I'd know what's true and what's false.
If love was a machine... I'd understand everything involving it.
But love is not a machine!
It'll never be a machine!
And I'll never understand it all.
But don't you wish love was a machine?
Then you'd understand it.
You would know it.
You could learn-
I could reverse engineer it
I could see how it works.
How it starts, how it stops
How to notice it, how to find it
If love was a machine I could do it all.
If love was a machine-
-You'd know when you have it
You'd know all the people you love
And all that love you*
If love was a machine, I'd understand it,
at least, a bit more.
this poem sad and true.
Evergreen Pines Mar 2014
If mothers were flowers I'd pick you first do *know
flowers die faster if you pick them, right?
So... you're  saying if you're mother was a flower, you'd **** her?

If mothers were flowers, you know what I'd do?

I'd leave them in the ground, were they can grow.
I wouldn't pick, so they can live
I wouldn't care if I couldn't spend time with them,
I care about their life before my own.
a poem inspired by the (pointless) quote written in italics
I don't know who wrote it though
Evergreen Pines Aug 2013
The pattern of rhymes,
The meaning of words.
lost, lost forever.
or that's what it seems.
thee ideas, theme...
It's like a dried up river.
The water, my thoughts,
have escaped.
I'm drawing blanks,
I want to write,
but I can't!
I miss my train,
my train of thoughts.
Who knows when I'll catch it.
and if I never do,
I'll surely go,
I will go insane.
I really hate writers block!!!
Evergreen Pines Feb 2014
There is no such thing as pure evil.
There is no such thing as pure good.
Nothing in life can be pure.
Everything must be in balance.
Purity is imbalance.
Yet there you stand.
Perfectly pure in heart,
all you can do is good,
not one thought of evil.
How do you do it I ask many times
You answer yet I never hear it.
You stand before me and I think,
Jesus Christ! You really are a son of God
I don't know how you do it. I don't think I should know.
But you are the one exception
you are *impossibly pure.
Evergreen Pines Feb 2014
I have said there's no such thing as pure good and pure evil.
well I found something pure good,
to maintain the balance there must be something pure evil.
The question is who is pure evil?
Oh no,
I think I know who.
the person I don't every want to meet
he who hides in shadows,
who waits in darkness.
He who only seeks to destroy

somehow there is someone or something
that is *impossibly pure evil
Evergreen Pines Jul 2013
Is this life real?
or is it a dream?
can I put my trust in people?
or is it just a scheme?
you can answer
put can you prove?
that this world
will even move?
do we have freewill?
or was it planned that way?
is this an illusion?
or is it really may?
is this true?
is life a lie?
does anyone know
if we even die?
will some one answer,
answer to me?
should I stay here?
or should I flee?
Evergreen Pines May 2014
The first year I knew I liked you.
The first year I liked you as a friend.
The first half of the second year's when it changed.
I still saw you as a friend, but something was different.
You stood out, I found you cute, but you were still just a friend.
At the end of the first half, I had to admit something.
I admitted that if you did ask me out, I would say yes.
But I wouldn't mind if you as some one else.
Now I kind of would.
Now I'd love you to ask me out, but at the same time I wouldn't
I wanna be with you, but I don't want a distraction from school.
I wanna know if you feel the same way, but I don't!
If you ask me out I'd say yes in a heartbeat.

What does this mean?
I think it means I like you.
I'm torn- I want a boyfriend, I want you!
I want to be your girlfriend, I want you to be my boyfriend.
But at the same time, I don't. I don't want to ruin our friendship.
So... if you ask me out... here's what I'd say:
"Yes! but, school comes first. And... we'll always be friends right?"
(says in small voice) I tell him, but I don't know how.
Evergreen Pines Jun 2014
The circle of life:*

We live, we die.
But life has yet to end.

All is One, One is All.
Without One, All is not existing
And without All, there can be no One

Therefore life is a circle;
with no start or end
And life is a river;
can only flow in one direction.

To live and die is to be apart of Life.
To be apart of Life is to learn and respect the flow of Life.
To respect the flow of life is to maintain balance.
To maintain the balance is to live and die.

To go against the flow of Life is to cause imbalance.
To cause imbalance is to create chaos.
To create chaos is to go against the flow of Life.

If you don't die you were never living.
Everything alive must eventually die.

It's the circle of life.
Evergreen Pines Sep 2013
I've done it again, haven't I?
After I said I would never do it again.
But I've done it.
I can't express how sorry I am.
I've hurt once more,
it seems like I can't stop,
but that's why I need you here,
always at my side.
If it wasn't for Envy,
you would be fine,
at least, I hope.
I sorry but,
I've done it again.
I've hurt you.
Take this and...
...forgive me
a poem for FMA's Riza Hawkeye and Roy Mustang
Royia forever!
Evergreen Pines Jan 2014
The luminous source of heat and light
without it nothing could be seen
for it's light is reflected off objects
our source of light and heat
it's a mass of gas:
hydrogen, and helium.
it's light comes from it's heat
our luminous sun is incandescent.
it's light travels 3x10^8 km/s
reaching us roughly 8 minutes later
it's electromagnetic waves traveling
in all directions in strait lines
bouncing off opaque objects
and refracted through translucent.
I tryed to make an educational poem, don't think it's one of my best. But I did my best, hope you guys like it.
Evergreen Pines Jul 2013
I never asked for this
I never wanted this.
But who can I blame?
I can't blame you, and I can't blame Death.
All I have to blame, is myself.
I went too far, and now I'll pay the price.
I should've seen this coming
but I got greedy
and now I have it.
the worst punishment in the world.
I've been granted immortality.
now I realize I've been cursed.
why did I let this happen?
why couldn't I stop myself?
but now it's too late.
for everyone I ever loved is dead.
there's nothing I can do now.
I can't make new friends.
all I can do is stare at the world.
for now and for ever I have
Eternal loneliness
Evergreen Pines Sep 2014
Mirror, Mirror in a room,
what you reflect is not gloom,
yet you bring some lives to their doom.

Mirror you are full and empty,
you reflect a dummy,
and will show an envy.

Mirror, Mirror you aren't useless,
you show the art and dreamless,
and some explains nothing is flawless.

Mirror, Mirror, reflection of what i see,
tell me who's dull and lively,
and show the real and phony.

Mirror, Mirror you say what is true,
the fact we all must make-do,
is that we all really love you.
i'm not narcissist or anything, but i do rather enjoy mirrors(manly for physics)
Evergreen Pines Jan 2014
Music is my heart.
Music is my soul.
Music is whole.
Music is...

The drums, the symbols.
The sticks, the beat.
That the rhythm of my feet.
Keeping all in sink.

Music is my body.
Music is my mind.
Music is what you'll find.
Music is...

The base, beautiful base.
Hear that artwork.
That's my hands at work.
Enjoying the rhythm.

Music is my presence.
Music is my spirit.
Music is the ultimate.
Music is...

The melody, harmony.
That's my voice,
Listen, it's your choice.
Please hear whet I say.

Music is my culture.
Music is my life.
Music is the afterlife.
Music is...

Music is my mind, body and soul.
It is my culture spirit and heart
It's my presence rhythm and thought
Music is music, and music is me.
music is my everything. A day without music is a day wasted.
Evergreen Pines Jul 2014
I'd rather work with numbers
than work with people.
they give you the right answer
numbers are never wrong!

They can never be,
they tell the truth yearlong.
It's not that I hate people, or
have an issue with trust, or,
they don't use their noodle.
It's because they can lie.
see numbers can't,
nor can they deny.
My love for numbers is as endless as Pi,
because numbers can NEVER lie.
it's true OK, don't try to argue with me.
well in a way numbers could "lie" but that's only if you miscalculated, but even they, they told you the outcome of what you calculated, may not have been what you where looking for thought.
Evergreen Pines Jan 2015
Our fandom, thou art awesome.
Fangirls gave you thy name.
Thy fangirls come, they'll never be done
on earth as it is on the pages.
Give us a fanfic for the OTPs,
and forgive us our dumb ships as we forgive those who ship 'em against us.
lead us from reality and deliver us form society.

our fandom.
I mock my own religion
Evergreen Pines Mar 2015
King Oceanis; ruler of Sea,
we pray to thee for souls of white pearls,
and protect us from fire on ground above sea.
With pearl white souls, we shall protect and respect all creatures of the sea.
Grant us the will to help and save the black pearls of sea.
Lord and master of water,
we thank thee for our underwater breath.
Without you we are as lost as a stranded sailor.
We pray to you and only you; Great king Oceanis.
this was part of a religion project(we had to create our religion)
this is our main prayer
Evergreen Pines Jul 2013
What would we see if we opened our eyes?
Would we realize what's right it front of us?
Would we do anything about?
What would we see if we opened our eyes?

What would we feel if we opened our hearts?
Would we feel joy when we're together?
Would we feel pain when we're apart?
What would we feel if we opened our hearts?

What would we say if we opened our mouths?
Would we say what's on our minds?
Would we tell each other how we feel?
What would we say if we opened our mouths?

What would you do if I said 'I think I like you'?
Would you say 'I think I like you too'?
Would you be scared and run away?
What would you do if I said 'I think I like you'?
Evergreen Pines Jul 2013
I can't forget what you did.
But I know you're truly sorry.
I can give you a second chance
I won't know if you changed
until I do.
I want you in my life
but only if you've changed
I don't want you if you don't care
I don't want you if you'll cheat
I'll only take you back if you show me you care
You know what I want, now please,
come back to me.
I still miss you, still love you,
but I can't take it, if you won't show the same.
so show me you care.
this is your second chance.
Evergreen Pines Nov 2014
There is so much negativity in the world:
There're people lying, cheating, stealing,
People bullying others, betraying others,
Some deceive and neglect,
Others are self-centered and morally wrong.

If the world is so bad, why isn't every one miserable?
The world has negativity, but the world itself is not

There is much more posititivity in the world:
There're people confessing, helping, giving,
People standing up for others, giving others trust,
Some honest and caring,
Others are selfless and morally right.
There are people who love everyone,
People who go that extra mile to make a smile,
People that always have open arms and a shoulder to cry on.

So sure there's a lot of bad in the world.
But there's a lot more good in it!
Evergreen Pines Jul 2014
I hear the voices across the hall again.
I reach for my headphones,
I press play to drown them out.

What is it this time? What silly thing are they arguing about now?
Why do they even bother? They never come to a conclusion.
I hiding won't solve anything, but there's nothing I can do.
If I step in, violence will only happen sooner.

Why do you have to fight each other?
Can't you see it's going nowhere?
No wonder you hate each other.
you're never on the same page,
you both feel like the other doesn't care.

SOS! make up already!
SOS! ...
...please... stop...
Evergreen Pines Jul 2013
I know this is hard for you,
but you have to understand.
It was time,
time for him to leave this place.
But it's not yours,
you'll leave later.
I don't know when
And I don't know where you'll go.
All I know is that you'll be fine.
You have to trust me.
You'll see him again some day.
Sometime in the far future.
Until then, be strong.
Don't think of how much you miss him,
Remember all the things he taught you.
And think of how that'll help you.
but most of all...
...Don't leave too soon
Evergreen Pines Jun 2014
ISU: gotta finish, gotta be perfect,
hand them on time if not early.
EXAMS: gotta study, not time to play,
oh god help me. I'm drowning in stress.
help me though the next few days
keep me calm*

Evergreen Pines May 2014
A mountain of tissues,
Nose so clog you want to rip it off
eyes barley staying open
drifting out of reality;
hearing and seeing, but not knowing what
Unfocused, can't think straight
no energy, dry mouth and throat
*I hate you Nature
I hate you Dust
I hate all that'll get me stuffed-up.
name one good thing about being sick, you can't 'cause there isn't any.
Evergreen Pines Jun 2014
As the semester closes,
Exams are stressing our minds.
To help us relax and not stress(as much),
let us pray to the 12 Olympians.

To Athena, grant us the wisdom required.
To Apollo, let our knowledge shine brighter than before.
To Zeus, help our marks swore to the skies.
To Poseidon, don't let our grades fall deep into the seas.
To Demeter, let us take our exam naturally.
To Ares, that we win the Exam war without bloodshed.
To Aphrodite, gives us the marks we desire.
To Hephaestus, help us forge perfect study notes.
To Artemis, may our heads be a full moon.
To Dionysus, let our freedom be sweeter than your grapes.
And to Hera ... ... please don't turn me into a peacock for not having a pun for you.

Best of luck to all, may the Olympians help us get through our exams
*And may the odds be ever in your favour.
my exams start Wednesday! I DON'T WANT MATH CLASS TO END- everything else I'm okay with- BUT NOT MY MATH CLASS!!!
anyways best of luck to all you people writing exams soon, and yes I did use a Hunger Games reference.
Evergreen Pines Oct 2013
Destruction and creation.
Love and hate.
Enemies and allies.

All two sides of the same coin,
without understanding one,
you can't understand the other.

Destruction lies within creation.
Love lies within hate.
Enemies lie within allies.

Not an opinion, but fact.
One cannot exist,
without it's opposite.

Creation lies within destruction.
Hate lies within love.
Allies lie within enemies.

They exist in harmony,
to maintain the balance.
That is the law of the universe.
Evergreen Pines Nov 2013
You've made a mistake
we all have
I tell nothing fake
Please, let me help,
you need to realize,
it helps us learn.
Please open your eyes.

So you taught you were right,
that's all you ever want to be.
Really, no one likes being wrong.
But it happens.
so live life strong.

This is in the past,
but remember what you learned,
so it won't happen again.
Break the historical pattern,
know the past to have a different future.

Because the past is the past,
it cannot be changed.
Yet you act like it's an out cast.

Those who's memories been deleted,
are destine to repeat it.
know your history, it pays off.
Evergreen Pines May 2014
rumble, rumble
I hear it;
that beautiful sound of destruction.
pitter patter
Hear that rhythm of rain.
It's the drums of the storm.
Listen to the wind's howl.
Oh how the sounds of the storm are so beautiful.
Nothing's like the drums of rain, the bass of thunder, the voice of wind and flashes of light.
Oh dear God. it's a thing of beauty.

Too bad their life's short
I am insanely happy during thunderstorms, which is weird since I really depressed when it rain.
Evergreen Pines Feb 2014
After dawn we look up and see the same thing,
yet what we see is completely different.
You look up and see shapes, figures.
You see masses of hydrogen helium.
You see the light from the past, possibilities.
I look up and see darkness and light,
little lights of hope fighting off the darkness.
But then I remember they're just stars.
The star that emitted the light might be dead.
I remember that nothing last forever, now I'm depressed.
You comfort me saying it still could still exist.
For a while I believe you.
Then I remember they're just stars.
You say they're not,
you say they're the key to adventure.
The spark to imagination, a path to another world.
You say they're more than just stars.
So maybe you're right.
Maybe the night stars are more than stars.
But, they're just stars,
Yet... they're not.
I couldn't get stars out of my head when I wrote this. *whispers: I had a childhood song stuck in my head as well.*
Evergreen Pines Aug 2014
we are but a small fraction in this cycle of Life
yet we make such big deals of the smallest and pointless things in our lives
there's more thoughts on the way
Evergreen Pines Aug 2014
trust is something you must earn.
you cannot be given it at the drop of a hat.
to earn trust is to be trustworthy
once it's lost it's gone for good
Evergreen Pines Aug 2014
the reason we cry for the dead is not that they left us behind,
but that they'll never come back
and we'll never see them again.
Evergreen Pines Aug 2014
If I made quotes from the movies I've watched morals,
I'd have morals worth fallowing.
The sad thing is they're all from children's movies,
and I find children today won't fallow them.
i don't know what's sadder, the fact i almost only watch childhood movies, or the fact most of my morals are from them.
Evergreen Pines Aug 2014
our lives have happy moments,
they also have their sad moments,
yet all of our lives will end the same.
but is it a happy ending? or a sad ending?
Evergreen Pines Sep 2014
say the definition of 'religious'
and then i'll tell you if i am
Evergreen Pines Sep 2014
being in a fandom is like life;
there's only one way out
and no one wants to leave...until someone comes along and ruins it!
but event then, you'd rather die than leave.
Evergreen Pines Jul 2013
I wish I could ignore it
but it's staring me right in the face.
something I want,
it seems so close.
but it's just out of arms reach.
it's standing there
taunting me,
it's making me act like a dog,
I know I can reach it,
and yet I still try,
try reaching for something I can never have.
it's sad
it's depressing,
it's making me angry.
it's driving me insane!
why can I reach it?
why is no one helping me?
can anyone even see and hear me?
can they hear me cry, weep?
can they see me suffer?
I bet they can
and they still do nothing
some friends you turned out to be
something friends are not true friends
Evergreen Pines Mar 2015
Trust your friends no matter how
recluse they may get.
Understand they'll always
excite and bring joy in your life.

Forgiving not forgetting the
rational mistakes with
infinite love and
endless adventures. They'll
never not be there with opens arms.
Decreasing your levels of fear, hurt, and
stress, with knowing minds and loving
hearts. Making it impossible to forget that
deep down inside they can never
stop loving, caring, and worrying about you.
Honesty, nothing can replace the
Irrational laughter and the
p**layful teasing.
Evergreen Pines Oct 2014
i have two families;
one i'm very close to,
the other i'm related to.

My blood family i see everyday.
As for my second family,
Everyday a memory is made.

the one i get along with more,
is the one i see more,
and that's closer to my age.

yeah, i got two families.
my blood i was born with,
And the one created with my friends.
i'm not bragging, i'm just grateful.

did anyone see what i did with the title?

Want to know: hint: song from Tarzan.
(you just gotta "putyou'refaithinwhatyoumostbelievein")
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