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Evergreen Pines Mar 2015
Trust your friends no matter how
recluse they may get.
Understand they'll always
excite and bring joy in your life.

Forgiving not forgetting the
rational mistakes with
infinite love and
endless adventures. They'll
never not be there with opens arms.
Decreasing your levels of fear, hurt, and
stress, with knowing minds and loving
hearts. Making it impossible to forget that
deep down inside they can never
stop loving, caring, and worrying about you.
Honesty, nothing can replace the
Irrational laughter and the
p**layful teasing.
Evergreen Pines Mar 2015
Life is a series of challenges, test, and obsticals.
The mistakes you make shalln't be invain if learned.
Everything you do and everyone you meet are here
Because something beyond our control allows it to be so.
these people can never be perfect unless they truly love themselves for who they truly are, despite what others say.
for no two people are the same we must respect and accept the differences we see in each other.
By treating others fairly  and as equals we in return will be,
yet that doesn't mean you will be treated the same.
What you put into life will be rewarded in the afterlife.
By doing good we in return will receive good, eventually.
Remember true beauty comes from within, personality is what really brings it out.
And learn you can't gain without sacrifice,
for anything done with reason is meaningless.
this was a religion assignment.
Evergreen Pines Mar 2015
King Oceanis; ruler of Sea,
we pray to thee for souls of white pearls,
and protect us from fire on ground above sea.
With pearl white souls, we shall protect and respect all creatures of the sea.
Grant us the will to help and save the black pearls of sea.
Lord and master of water,
we thank thee for our underwater breath.
Without you we are as lost as a stranded sailor.
We pray to you and only you; Great king Oceanis.
this was part of a religion project(we had to create our religion)
this is our main prayer
Evergreen Pines Jan 2015
Our fandom, thou art awesome.
Fangirls gave you thy name.
Thy fangirls come, they'll never be done
on earth as it is on the pages.
Give us a fanfic for the OTPs,
and forgive us our dumb ships as we forgive those who ship 'em against us.
lead us from reality and deliver us form society.

our fandom.
I mock my own religion
  Jan 2015 Evergreen Pines
Kate Irons
let me be your laugh when you thought you could only scream
Evergreen Pines Nov 2014
There is so much negativity in the world:
There're people lying, cheating, stealing,
People bullying others, betraying others,
Some deceive and neglect,
Others are self-centered and morally wrong.

If the world is so bad, why isn't every one miserable?
The world has negativity, but the world itself is not

There is much more posititivity in the world:
There're people confessing, helping, giving,
People standing up for others, giving others trust,
Some honest and caring,
Others are selfless and morally right.
There are people who love everyone,
People who go that extra mile to make a smile,
People that always have open arms and a shoulder to cry on.

So sure there's a lot of bad in the world.
But there's a lot more good in it!
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