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Feb 2014
After dawn we look up and see the same thing,
yet what we see is completely different.
You look up and see shapes, figures.
You see masses of hydrogen helium.
You see the light from the past, possibilities.
I look up and see darkness and light,
little lights of hope fighting off the darkness.
But then I remember they're just stars.
The star that emitted the light might be dead.
I remember that nothing last forever, now I'm depressed.
You comfort me saying it still could still exist.
For a while I believe you.
Then I remember they're just stars.
You say they're not,
you say they're the key to adventure.
The spark to imagination, a path to another world.
You say they're more than just stars.
So maybe you're right.
Maybe the night stars are more than stars.
But, they're just stars,
Yet... they're not.
I couldn't get stars out of my head when I wrote this. *whispers: I had a childhood song stuck in my head as well.*
Evergreen Pines
Written by
Evergreen Pines  Canada
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