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Mar 2015
Life is a series of challenges, test, and obsticals.
The mistakes you make shalln't be invain if learned.
Everything you do and everyone you meet are here
Because something beyond our control allows it to be so.
these people can never be perfect unless they truly love themselves for who they truly are, despite what others say.
for no two people are the same we must respect and accept the differences we see in each other.
By treating others fairly  and as equals we in return will be,
yet that doesn't mean you will be treated the same.
What you put into life will be rewarded in the afterlife.
By doing good we in return will receive good, eventually.
Remember true beauty comes from within, personality is what really brings it out.
And learn you can't gain without sacrifice,
for anything done with reason is meaningless.
this was a religion assignment.
Evergreen Pines
Written by
Evergreen Pines  Canada
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