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caroline h Sep 2021
for the first time ever
i find myself to be so taken by someone
so in love
that it physically pains me.
my breath knocks,
my heart trembles,
my blood rages.
i’ve become a jumble of sensations
and there is nothing but him.
caroline h Mar 2021
we had laid as one
“i can feel your heartbeat—“
perhaps the rain made me recall it.
caroline h Mar 2021
you wrapped me in your arms
decorated me with kisses
my forehead,
each of my knuckles,
my cheeks,
my lips;
said you’re bound to me.
you took too much.
i have no more to give.
caroline h Mar 2021
let me go.
let me go.
caroline h Mar 2021
and so
the tears filter through my lashes;
i let them salt my tastebuds.
caroline h Mar 2021
there is a thread connecting us, you said
and i agreed
but one end is tied around my heart
while the other loosely circles your fingertip.
caroline h Feb 2021
the sky is poignant with the scent of life
and the air is thick with color.

it is as though i can taste the stars
feel beats of ignescent hearts inside my cheek.
this feels permanent.
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