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Apr 2017

-Evidently, a push over is not a factor to me-

The propaganda on a troubled tongue
will spoil truth, by a coal miner's lung
I dive into that crazy sarcasm, chucking spit
slammin' pessimistic tactic on holy writ's
Word of the "everyday" is just simply "stop"
I cream like a bee, melt it down like a lollipop
I put road block on every crooked corner

keep on the path with my

... sword

... shield

... and amor

Durning my journey I slay every red dragon
I **** with mighty wings like a Queen of Athens
I roach clip the weeds and lawn the poison Ivey
I hand them out word life but it come spicy
they struggle to handle yet they forfeit equality
Because when if they stop to think about it
Their own souls are like lonely vagrant ships

I gather an eye from
each of them red dragons

... tossed

... trashed

... abandoned

© 2016 Salamasina Talaepa
Written by
Eden  35/F/Honolulu
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