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eXxeria Apr 2017
All of us are a slave of fear.
In order to be a King and Queen,
here's a tip: Be brave my dear.
Be brave...
It takes a very brave woman
to remain true to herself!

By Lady R.F ©2017
  Feb 2017 eXxeria
Isha Kumar
Why don’t you see
it was never meant to be?
Why don’t you understand
he’ll never see
you on your knees,
he’ll never hear
your silent pleas.
eXxeria Feb 2017
Okay look. I'm in love.
Well I'm not dumb
Whenever I look at him I want him mine
Whenever he's near to me, there's no need to hide

That guy crashed my wall.
In an unexpected journey, he is the one I wanna call.
****. I'm attracted to him.
So much, too much, to the point that I'm losing my firm.

Come on. What happened to me?
Liking someone is not my thing.
I am just used to fling,
I never liked commitments with wearing a ring.

Cause breaking hearts was my hobby.
Yet right now, to you, I look so dreamy.
All of my words sounds classy and freaky,
That's why I am now a certified dummy.

So in the end,
I'm dreaming to be with you.
Pathetic. I'm that girl who needs no man,
but why do I feel this?  

Everything has changed.
I wonder when will this fade.
This must not happen.
Please, be shaken.

There's nothing seem crucial,
but my feelings for him is futile.
Oh yes, I'm a big shot of luck.
But he doesn't like me, ****, let's rock.
eXxeria Jan 2017
I'm bored to remember
what happened to us.
Seeing you means shiver
I want to forget the past.

Same things exactly can't be the same
Different nature will remain different
I followed the winds for you to be tamed
In a deep dark forest is where I went

Allow me to step forward
Let me see the world you see
I'll prove you I'm not a coward
swim down and explore what's under the sea

I shall wreck your wall
I will make you fall
Harder than you thought
Don't escape cos' you've been caught

This is not my last words
Feel your heart inside my cord
Go ahead and run
And tell me if you're done
eXxeria Jan 2017
They don't understand me.
I love it cos' I'm a full of mystery.
But what is this kind of feeling?
Hoping someone could know my misery

No one can name me.
I am nothing so that's a glee.
Though my heart's whispering "where's my dream?"
People began to realize I have eyes dares not to gleam.

You see, this is me.
To be extraordinary is my magical harmony of plea.
Breathing in silence means I'm free.
I'm happy cos' I'm living in extravagance of anonymity.
This is nothing . . .
eXxeria Jan 2017
So this is the feeling...
Living not breathing
Seeking and searching
Keeping plus trying
Imagining with reading
Shivering of lying
Learning in accepting.
Last... hold on, I'm not good at writing.

Though, I will keep on talking,
or must I say "I will keep on typing."
But now, goodbye. I'm already leaving.
Oops! Sorry, I'm just kidding.
At this point, I ain't tripping so hear my saying.
My mind shouts: endless living!
My heart's telling me "keep on forgiving."
While my soul is whispering... never stop loving.
That's my Euphoria, how 'bout yours? Would you mind sharing?

— The End —