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I'll ignore you until I die!
My heart had never been the same
since the last time you broke it.
I'll ignore you until one of us is dead!
365 Poems for my 365 Days

11 of 365
The nymphet's limbs were held by him.
Slowly tearing her tendons and cartilage!
Her body fluids were pouring out of every joint.
"It is I, your demon, that feeds from your fear!
O my dear nymphet, you are a delicacy!
A delicacy beyond my palate!"
The nymphet's severed body was cold on the floor.

Fear in one's heart is a curse
but fearing it a lifetime is worse!
Pier Cafe at Schicks st.
Chapter 4: The Gluttonous Feast

A Poem Series
"Everything will be irrelevant when the angel dies!"
Shouted by the black figure.
The room was shrouded in inner darkness;
shadow engulfs anything that it touches;
lights were flickering at every heartbeat,
exposing wrathful demons smiling!
The black figure unzips his fangs!

"Pandemonium it may seem to your eyes
but hell is better than paradise's lies!"
Pier Cafe at Schicks st.
Chapter 3: Hatching Hatchet

A Poem Series
Today beholds a mysterious ambiance.
It is as if death had been watching me.
If tomorrow might not ever come again,
then today is no better than yesterday.
365 Poems for my 365 Days

10 of 365
Here witnessed the haven of the nymphet-
the pure embodiment of physical struggle;
an angel that was thorn off of its wings.
"How much trust are you willing to feed me."
With anger on his lips, the barista answered
"Trust me you do; trust him answer your own!"
While pointing a finger at the figure.

Her lungs suffocated, as well as the atmosphere;
the development of her being is now shaded with fear!
Pier Cafe at Schicks st.
Chapter 2: White nest in hell

A Poem Series
For the last previous five days of my life,
I had been questioning my very own existence.
Is it do we live to die?
Or is it do we die to live?
365 Poems for my 365 Days

9 of 365
Chapter 1: How do you do?

A lovely night it was for the barista;
tranquility of the resting shadow by the table;
desperation from the asphyxiation of the nymphet.
Through the night, there encountered strangers;
scattered by time, gathered by fate!
"What been shall delight that tongue, my dear?"
Offered by the old man.

"Moment may only tell why the three of us meet."
"But don't worry, it's safe; outside is the threat!"
Pier Cafe at Schick's st.
Chapter 1: How do you do?

A Poem Series
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