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In the search of success and fame,
You searched for love and care,
They said you'd never survive,
Perhaps they were wrong.

In the midst of sorrow and loneliness,
You were enjoying the glimpse of the daylight,
When all they could capture was darkness,
You were the only one to find the light,

That led to the key of life.

You were so selfless when angels were selfish,
True intelligence to hide all the pain in vain,
You were indeed a great actor in line for Oscar,

Your deeds,
They were always in front of them,
They turned a blind eye,
You became lackadaisical,
Never being able to draw them to you.

Thinking of a new life is pleasant,
Giving away yours to welcome it...
Is heroic,
Neither soldiers nor Gods could be the best comparison yet,
For only a mystery filled with perseverance and courage makes the best match.

You became a mystery in history,
They rushed to solve you,
Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry were created,
Little did they know that love and care is the only answer?

None were great mathematicians to find your coordinates,
No physicians knew the way you reflected,
Chemistry was never able to detect how many irons your heart was made out of,

Till the day all of us run for love and care,
You'll remain as a mystery,
That's unresolved...
Dedicated to my mom n all the moms out there
These were the names I was acknowledged with,
Even if they were all cliches to me,
I find myself panicking abruptly,
Never thought I would experience this,

They were the cheaters,
Or should I say Pretty Little Liars?
They were all good in consoling,
Which easily made me,
To buy their LIES

I am now left behind,
Those who said I'm pretty....stabbed in my back,
Those who said I'm kind....faked their compliments,
And those who said I'm strong....are the liars indeed,
And I was called the CHEATER?!
You got me again,
I lost to you again,
Here I go again,
Craving reattachment again.
Along with fear it appeared again,
There it was again,
Your beaming image at my doorway,
Drawing empathy out of me again,
Though I wasn't a part of the equation again,
It all was like 15th of December again,
I'm back to square again,
Sam Smith's Palace is on repeat again,
Wishing I could start over again,
But again,
I am hurting myself again,
One thing I'm asking you to do again,
Is to disappear from my mind again,
Don't catch me reminiscing again,
Secrets create,
Enemies and friends.
Can start new trends.
Reveal new tech.
Endanger peace.
Turn blue to red.
Secret whispers.

Secrets welcome.
Extra income.
Conditional love.
Regretful outcomes.
Emotional sin.
The hidden grin.
Secret whispers.

Secret sounds.
Entrapped inside.
Craves to be found.
Results in lies.
Eats till it dies,
Till realized.
Secret whispers, do not hide.
Why am I being ignored?
Why am I being isolated?
Why am I being talked about?
Why am I being stared at?
Why am I always crying so hard?
Why am I hating myself?
And why am I ignoring myself?

It's not a fault of mine,
I'm just an ordinary human,
Performing my daily routines,
I am not PERFECT,
And why is everyone expecting me to be one?

I am just the way I am,
Accept me or not,
I will be me no matter what happens,
How hard the nature hits me,
I am and will always stay bold,
That's my greatest confession!
How could mine become ours?

Rivers of red become stains,
Seeing everyone in pain,
That's how mine become ours.

What could be more vulnerable than grappling in torture?
Staring and doing nothing makes it crystal clear.

Love awakens as a prerequisite,
But how to, when none liaise?

When beloved traditions shattered,
A man, stood up tall,
Urging more and more to combat,
This is how mine, become ours.

Ever ready to bring back the dearest sanctuary,
Going the extra mile,
Just to look at those smiles,
And that's how mine, became ours.

Who's that man?
The man who metamorphosed mine, to ours.

It's the voice inside you!
Your soul...
There, I saw you,
Standing on the very edge of my life,
Ready to finish my journey all this while,
Then I felt completely lost,
When I saw you running to me.

My life had changed,
Because of you and for you,
Never wanted to lose that charming glance of yours,
Never had the desire to lose your grip of love and warmth,
Never could I think of letting you go.

And I have something to confess,
I just fell in you and your heart,
I realized,
I'm lost in your deep blue eyes,
Those I will never find my way out from,
Your deep blue eyes,
I'm lost in them,

— The End —