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Douglas Jun 2019
do you ever feel nostalgic
when the wind blows,
and you know you've felt
that same wind before,
only you were looking outside
from the living room window,
the sun was hanging beneath the clouds,
so they were dark, dark grey,
and the sky was blue.
but not like normal...
it was the blue that you
can feel in your stomach,
catching you off guard,
and at that moment
I felt disgusted, impatiently
waiting for it to go away
But as I feel this wind now,
I crave to see that sky again
Douglas Oct 2015
If only you knew
If only you could see the way she cries
If only you noticed the pain in her eyes

She thinks it’s her fault
Tries to make it up to you
But you’re just like the rest

Put her on a pedestal
Then kick it out from under her feet
She never saw it coming

She starts to crumble
She takes a path she never knew was there
The light begins to fade and darkness fills the air

Something is wrong
She is not herself
Finally you try to make it right
Tell her what she deserves to hear

But you can save your breath
This girl drank herself to death
  Aug 2014 Douglas
Engorged with night sky
The fire supersaturated your eyes.
Warmth cocooned me dizzy as you whispered slowly.
My skin lustfully shivered from your deep vibrato.
A migration of monarchs erupted in my stomach.

Sunlight dimples the floor like the freckles under your eyes.
Surging electricity burning, tingling spastic from within.
Revolutionizing the way my lungs fill with oxygen.
How the blood pulses through the veins in my body.

Waves lip grainy sand
Making love over and over again,
Married to the moon's tide.
But my desire is not periodic
It incessantly permeates my being.

Lucid like soundless motion,
Distance blurred what tumbled from your teeth.
I knew what your tongue spoke,
But I, masqueraded as fool.

A breath caught in my cheeks.
Bright cauliflower moon hanged over you.
I swallowed it all whole,
Struck by our elephant fluttering erratic heartbeat.  

The sky swaddles swollen in sunshine.
Clouds soothe mountain peaks.
But you drift irrevocably across my atmospheres.

“I love you.” So buttery on my tongue,
Such a waterfall set at an astounding height.
Watch my words pour over the edge,
Glistening in the reflection of the wildfire you have lit across my skin.

Darling, there is something remarkable in the way stars kiss the blackness
Of midnight, endlessly forever.
This is you and me.
Douglas Jan 2014
Waiting. Wanting. Hoping. Believing.
I tell myself she'll come through, just keep waiting
We'll be together soon.
But the days go by, and the weeks, then the months
Panic sets in.
Am I doing something wrong, or am I just not doing anything at all?
Talk to me, please, please, give me a sign
Do you even care or am I just wasting my time?
I've tried to be sincere, I've tried to be kind
But what, what, is the key to your mind.
Maybe I'm crazy, or maybe I'm just not thinking things through
Though, one things for certain
I'm not giving up on you.
Douglas Jan 2014
We glance at each other shortly, waiting for one to start
I would say something, but I can't think over my pounding heart
Small talk is common, questions are ordinary
But where are the conversations,
The deep thoughts we keep for each other
The detailed explanations
The feelings that so precariously hang from our hearts
Are we so scared of rejection, that we fall apart
Do we become so infatuated with a feeling that we do not dare risk loosing it
Or is it all too familiar
Giving our feelings up, letting someone play with them
Then ripping them out and throwing them on the ground
Confide in me, I will not let you down
But will you do the same - in this thought, I drown

— The End —