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 Jul 2014 Done
Seán Mac Falls
Your lovely card, inviting me for lunch,
Was such wonderful tinder for my cans,
An open hollow for my fireplace to run,
As a box of hope that shall never flame.
 Jul 2014 Done
Meenu Syriac
The Universe sang
A song close to my heart.
And in it I lost myself
Choosing Dreams over Whispers
And Life over Death.

The Stars called out
And in their blaze
I sought to find my Light.
As I poured out my everything
I realized that You were all that I had.

The Night almost at its end
I draw your figure in the Sand.
The dark skies barely frighten me
Not more than the distance
You keep between our Hearts.

The Universe sang to me
A Song I thought I never knew.
It led me home to the prairies
Where the northern wind
Blew strong, a magic of the Stardust.

I knew the Shadows
Would one day return,
A Haunting, my dreams never fond of.
But if the Storm got too rough
I'd sing the Song the Universe sang.

And in it I'll lose myself,
Once again.
Because in it, I came to know
The only Reason that keeps me alive.
*Because in it, I found You.
 May 2014 Done
Seán Mac Falls
In his feathered dress  .  .  .
Raven shrouds beneath the clouds,
  .  .  .  Even eyes are black.
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