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Devyani Rawat Apr 2016
Here i lay
On a late afternoon saturday
Waiting for the time roll
as i was now just a lifeless soul
God left me with two parts
That could fix my broken  *heart
I am done being used
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Devyani Rawat Apr 2016
What is this fear?
i have never felt it before
What should one do
if a home isn't a home anymore
in what fear should i stay
when i fear my own

What are those tears for,
when they are just not heard?
Those endless cries
That only a deaf can hear
Oh God, what is this fear?
This pain just doesnt seem to be clear

If every candle has a spark
when is mine to be lit?
Every waiting second
is no less than an year
Oh lord, what is this fear?
Things don't seem as they appear

You are a diamond
That shines on the inside
Cause trust me child;
this is just the start of your ride
Don't let this fear shatter any hope
it would just make u go down your *****

This fear has shattered me before
and i can't let it destroy me anymore
For now i just have a question
Oh god, what is this fear?
what is this fear?

~Devyani Rawat

— The End —