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Dennis Meeker Apr 2019
I have something to say
I don't know if I'm okay
All I know is that I tried today
I just want to go out and play

I'm floating in a river
So cold I'm starting to shiver
Drowning down in the swell
Feels like I'm getting pulled to hell

Never know what's going on
All I know is soon it'll be gone
Yelling quietly to those around
Maybe I don't want to be found

Nobody heard me scream today
I'm not sure if I'll be okay
I don't know if I tried today
All I want is it to go away
Dennis Meeker Mar 2019
It's easier to be angry
I don't need to try
I feel the fire all around me
Burning through everything

The world is a wasteland
The water rises
The wind roars
The air is cold

Trees are falling
Buildings crumble
Everything falls apart
Unitl nothing is left

Remembering what everything was
Watching as it dies
Seeing the nightmare
Waiting to be taken
Dennis Meeker Mar 2019
Digging a grave forever
Making a bed to lie in
To never wake up
And never pull myself out

Closing my eyes to see the world
Seeing the storms over it
Watching it all burn away
The oceans spilling from my head

There is no solace
It all burns away
Getting hotter every second
Eating away at my brain

The heart decaying
My legs get weaker
Feeling everything until it's gone
The air is numbing

Breaking walls that hide nothing
Burning the bridges of the future
Slamming my head to stop the noise
The silent screams never end

I need a hand to pull me out
But I don't want to go
Nothing good can come from it
The path has been scrubbed away

There is nothing left to lose
But I still want to keep it
Staying in the pit of darkness
An endless hole I've fallen into

I feel like I'm diseased
Poisoned without a cure
Seeing a light that isn't there
There is no point chasing it

I've given myself up
I've let go of everything
There's nothing left
No reason to move
Dennis Meeker Mar 2019
At night when you walk in the park
Looking around at the shadows and dark
Feeling a chill run down your spine
Knowing soon all will be fine

The look in your eyes is one that can ****
One of fun and of thrill
Endless joy and excitement awaits
Bringing you into your certain fate

Looking around at shadows and dark
Walking at night only for a lark
Finding your time has come at last
It's now time to forget the past
Dennis Meeker Mar 2019
I'm just a clone in this reality
An empty vessel on the sea
Darkness coming from the light
It never does say very bright

My heart beating like a drum
The faceless enemy making me numb
Feeding the fire that's inside
I guess I can say that I've tried

The haunting walls all around me
Years later and I'm still not free
Free to leave this space for good
All I can do is pull up this hood

Living in a hollow shell
How long, only time will tell
Melting away this wax cocoon
Smiling a hindrance rather than boon

This is not what I need
All I want is to be freed
I am destined to fall
Just to walk down a dark, empty hall

I promise that I will fail
To the dark world I will hail
I will continue try and try
Although I'm not quite sure why

From a young child to a hollow man
I've done all it is that I can
I welcome to my life all the danger
It is a part of me and is no stranger

I'll pay my toll at the gate
I may as well accept this fate
Until I find there's no way through
I'm just waiting in an endless queue
Dennis Meeker Dec 2016
As I press on the fog is thicker,
I can't see as it's getting denser.
Where I will end up i don't know,
but I'm starting to feel tenser.

As the mist settles down and I can see,
I just can't help but wonder if I'm free.
That's all I've ever wanted,
But all I get is to be haunted.

I'm getting scared for what might take place,
As I'm trapped in this tiny hellish space.
I want to venture and find a new life,
So I can be set free from all this strife.

The clouds form into a storm,
Like the way everything takes a new form.
It's very ominous in this sky,
You could even say one could cry.

The thunder strikes and let's a loud roar,
But what is the strike really meant for?
The thunder is loud and makes it hard to hear,
And you'll wonder what you're doing here.

In the end after all the damage is done,
You start to think that storm has just won.
The storm has laid heavy burdens inside,
And you wonder if you may have died.

You know you need a new beginning,
But you never wanted such a terrible ending.
Why did all of this have to go on,
Maybe it was to make you be gone.

It may not ever be fair,
But what should be will never be there.
Who will make sure you're alright,
And make sure you don't take you're final flight?

You want to go and see that great Man,
But you wonder if you ever can.
But that is quite alright,
So don't worry about you're plight.

A second chance may await you very soon,
And you'll always be looking at the same moon.
As bad as it had seemed to be,
The storm really had set you free.

Say goodbye to this cruel place,
For maybe you'll beat it in the end of the race.
Don't turn around just keep going on,
Because one day it might just be gone.

Until the next time this is your last farewell,
Say goodbye as you leave this hell.
Dennis Meeker Jul 2015
It is so easy to get angry these days
Especially when my mind is in a haze
I don't wish to be like this
I know that there is something amiss

I enjoy most aspects of my life
Although I am nearing my trife
Hardships come and hardships go
They always say you reap what you sow

I am lazy and full of shame
I really am only to blame
My actions and words are often dumb
So I may as well just **** my thumb

I have no dreams or aspirations
I only desire a long vacation
To move to a place far far away
Where I may look at the trees every day

Never to worry about money or fame
I would extinguish this screaming flame
My life now begins with me
I only wish that I could flee
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