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Deeba Nov 2017
Long long ago, not so long ago
a small tiny bud blossomed
into an amorous beautiful flower
with a soul of love.

It pledged to the God
" You poison me
You pluck me
and throw me on the ground.
I will remain strong
in their hearts
Until death sets them apart."

God was challenged
by this little flower

He sent snow, thunder, hail storms
cyclones, tsunamis, heat waves
to **** the flower.
But nothing worked. Sigh!..

Then he sent mystical bees
to **** its nectar and shatter it down.

Slowly but steadily
the battle of love was fading
But its faith was so strong
that it stood up yet again
refusing to die.

God was pleased by the devotion
and vowed to keep it alive
as long as it wishes to.

Today after an year of togetherness
in the institution of marriage
blessed by the god and all the loved ones
the little flower shines with pride
more than ever
and spreads smiles all over.
Deeba Sep 2017
Walk into my life
And leave imprints of your goodness
Deeba Aug 2017
A world filled with magical aura
Where, Clouds look like angels in cloak
surroundings as an artist's imagination.
With no vegetation in the nearest sight
Only mysterious mountains of different texture and shapes
Fills your stomach with deep eternal joy.

No! its not a fairy land
nor our nearest planet neighbors
Its Earth at its highest point.
Untouched and naïve

It’s the Himalayas!!
Remembered my first ever bike ride from Ladakh to Srinagar in the northern part of India. It was so wonderful that i have no enough words to explain its beauty.
Deeba Aug 2017
Walk into my life
And leave imprints of your goodness
Deeba Aug 2017
Ya Qamar! (My Moon!)
You are so close yet so far
you enlighten me
every evening
as a  
seamless czar
Deeba Aug 2017
In the silence of the dark
a melody chose to reach my ears

In the absence of light
golden rays from behind the chocolatey clouds
chose to reach my eyes

In the midst of urban odor
fragrance of freshness reached my nose

Arousing my senses to
feel love in the air
live gratified life in the hustle
and spread happiness around

   I am the chosen one.
Felt inspired after seeing old pics taken by my husband :)
Deeba Mar 2017
I am a Bin
Left over,
Always stinking.

No one sees me with a smile
They show disgust towards me

And then
Stars started orbiting differently
Magic happens.

I am seen as a flower vase

A flower vase
Always enriched, with
different types of flowers

All appreciate my beauty
I am a cynosure

They come to me
Smell me
Absorb my fragrance
Refreshing themselves

It gives me immense pleasure
when I freshen them

But its not always the same
Sometimes they overlook me
Leaving me to stink in rotten flowers

The story repeats.

Yesterday, I was a bin
Today, I am a vase

And nothing much changed

So! I don't care anything anymore.
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