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Jul 2013 · 1.4k
Abandoned Ache{B}
Debra A Baugh Jul 2013
my ***** ache
as tongue trails
****** to ******
licking, *******
engulfing each
tender breast

squeeze of
buttocks, lifting
sweetness to my
lips; tongue parting
labials, diving deep
into her honey ***

savoring nature's
nectar like a bee
to flower casting
away her inhabitions
or doubts as flames
of passion licks with
intensity searing
us in ecstasy

branding her,
loving her flesh
with kisses and
sweat becomes
steam in the
afterglow of our

touching, inhaling
scent of ***
tasting one
Jul 2013 · 1.1k
Drawn Verse By Verse
Debra A Baugh Jul 2013
his voice syllabic brushes
against canvas whispering
lullabyes within dreams,

his musky fragrance flush
upon flesh, dallying like
verbs still whispering
between folds of rumpled

every noun a soft whimper
uttered. lips openly inviting;
stirring tenderly like a breeze
echoing poetry with passion...

ensnaring heart in web of
his muse; each beat looms
copulative, sliding seductive,
awakening senses...

abandoned ache slips and I
pirouette, rippled within his
verse; succumbing to his
poetic thirst...

still whispering lush verbs
while easing between
silken sheets and breath

as ****** of tongue licks
nouns of passion, sipping
spills as labials quiver
against tongued invasion...

and he softly murmurs across
brined flesh, touching, nibbling
trembled aches; inflaming naked
desire as each stanza seduces
me again and again...

drawn to masculinities tease
verse by verse...
Jul 2013 · 885
Warmth of Him
Debra A Baugh Jul 2013
he laid me spread
like petals of a rose
in mornings dew


and gentle fingers
foraged; tormented
pleasure ripple

whimpered aches...

as I delight in his touch
gazing into warm brown
eyes, his sweet torment

hungered panting...

hangs in our space, tingles
run rampant where tongue
glides; breathy sighs spill
flames of want


naked in blush; lips alight
against wet petals, spread
unabashed for his pleasure


hips ****** flush as tongue
touches, nibbling, tasting
consuming wet essence of me

ahhhh yes...

filling me stroke after stroke
the breadth of me in rhythm,
guiding; gliding flickering
front to back again and again

ecstasies trembles...

wet and wild passion rides,
taking him in deep up down
in out pulsing plunging in


glide across aching breast
taut tips, moaned pleasure
slips between lips each dip
I ride; wielding flamed wetness
tip to shaft as he gasps

and I dismount...

tasting our bemingled wetness;
lingering in mid stride, teasing
veined throb ready to burst

easing, slowly...

tip tongue flickers head, he
tenses; to throat I engulf as
he begs, entrapping me tightly
between his legs


his final ******, leaves me
submerged within our heat of

still vibrant...

slides in the softness of me
where lips played, lush inside
my heat; enwrapping me in
the warmth of him

© D A Baugh. All rights reserved
Jul 2013 · 1.1k
Memories of Him
Debra A Baugh Jul 2013
such is dreams of him
whispering in my thoughts


this heart of mine quells,
awakening memories long


undying love left lingering
upon upturned pout


intoxicating thoughts stilled
in sensualities image, him


those appreciative moments
of silk like fingers animated
at will


quicken breaths unleash;
seductive emotions, I capitulated
to his will


memories forever immerged;
inked by hearts quill

© D A Baugh. All rights reserved
Jul 2013 · 900
A Remembered Taste
Debra A Baugh Jul 2013
as darkness cradles
its palpability encompasses

a moments sway...

inebriates as images of him
passes through salient memories
of Him and I

those moments spun like silk...

his visage visible; an augury to me
dreams allusion dallies like
gossamer in gentle breezes
teasing, taunting in its promise
of fulfillment

dreams alight...

his ambling soft, blush arises as
I bow into maleness, where
urgency slides, tasting silken
curvatures; that stare into hazel
eyes beckon lips

memories caress...

rise and fall of gasped breaths
unleashed wilder dreams
beneath thirst of his eyes,
swallowed by seduction

those naked memories...

flush, deep within our hunger;
a rush fed into sweet pulses,
bodies rise; cognizance slips
back, wetness effusive


entwined, legs, hips fingertip
forages; his breath mine mingle
and whispered moans


those dreams linger still
in darkness of midnight
calling his name in want

a remembered taste...
Jul 2013 · 1.3k
Fevered Supplication{B}
Debra A Baugh Jul 2013
his mouth an infusion of lust,
eagerly impinges; suckling,
tasting as a kitten to milk.

playing in titillating wetness;
sliding tongue over fevered
flesh, leaving me blushed.

arched in desire…

laid back; glaze eyed,
licking delicacy of my essence ~
as I moan sweet and primal.

savoring labials to ****; entering
sharp tongued cove of pleasure
widening thighs inch by inch.

our bodies immerge *******, hips
slow dips, locking lips muffling
sighs; drenching aches in rhythm.

a symphony of wood, soaked
tangled sheets losing ourselves
in ecstasies kiss; assuaging
hungered *****. unleashed
greed explodes; drenched in
trembling aches as we bend
into supplication of us.
Jul 2013 · 919
Curtain Call
Debra A Baugh Jul 2013
mind wanders aimless
uncovering obvious fault
of life's trials tribulations
I seek holy intervention, fore
my savior performs
like a magician pulling
rabbits from a hat before
curtain call
Jul 2013 · 1.1k
Love's Breeze
Debra A Baugh Jul 2013
like a thief in night

his words evaporated;

vanquishing hearts

emotive caliber, yet,

love still lingers upon

flesh like a breeze

traipsing through

Jul 2013 · 762
Cognitively Awakened
Debra A Baugh Jul 2013
mind drifts within evolutions
pull; enclosing thoughts in
earth's many wonders, causing
brainstormed emotions into
ideative air pockets; casting
kaleidoscopic prisms to realms
of life's many gifts as we
intellectually ruminate cognitively
Jul 2013 · 659
Moments Loved
Debra A Baugh Jul 2013
of those moments alone,
thoughts wander to him;
I feel for him beside me
another reminiscent moment
in glow of moonlight...

his touch a tender moment
entwined in strong arms of
sultry heat, molded to
his desire; his essence
whispers enchantment
against me....

a moaned breath...mine,
where his lips held me elegant;
painting me with ambrosia
stained kisses in adoration of us
love in naked shadows of moonlight...

blushing in sighs of pleasure
bound; soaked in sheets of desire,
moments of fluency still wet from
thoughts of his lips, arching into
his essence...loved
Jul 2013 · 529
Stars Sing our Song
Debra A Baugh Jul 2013
light from his eyes
encompasses darkness
in moments of us


stars reading our intricacies
like silk spun webs; an appetitive
effervescence allure

of promises...

as gentle breezes glide against
glistening flesh under moonlit

demurely blushed...

moaned breaths, soft lips slide
licking lush curved landscape
of silken flesh

starlit eyes...

traipse a contoured pout; tasting
its beck and call as hips rise
beneath seductions ache


succumbing to masculinities
pull, trembling against him, naked
within his promise; deep in his

smiling within my moans...

animated ripples rush his
whispered urgency, softly; in
out pulsing deep in wet chasm

screams of pleasure erupts...

I widen across his light,
blissfully welcoming his warmth
surrendering to milky way's deluge

love blooms...

allowing moans to escape parted
lips, hands slip beneath raised
hips; slowing dips as night became
ours under star blanketed skies

in surrender we slip...

he whispers from this moment on;
it's written in the stars
Jul 2013 · 1.3k
Shades of Love
Debra A Baugh Jul 2013
I remember the first time I laid eyes on him, that
emotive whirlwind within at the sight of him

I swooned inwardly, blinking...

overtaken by the moment, a radiance connected us;
his visage emanated strength beyond his brawny
physique and his handsomeness

our dawning...

love awakened at the sight of him; keeping bedroom eyes
mentally closed, but, longing to feel him against me
became a resting place in my heart

his eyes were so, tender, I wanted to finger trace his lips,
slowly, allowing him to taste the first breath of our moment

one moonlit night...

he approached, another swoon moment, I melted in his
arms as he whispered in the arch of sultry heat uncovering
the fabric of my being

love aroused...

and our essence melded; one breath...ours mingled,
became precious as wet stained kisses rained
upon upturned pout

taste of him left me adorned, in naked shadows of midnight,
love found; bound by blushed sighs, in demureness I lean
into manliness breathing shades of his love


in syllabic whispers, drenched in poetry of us, where want
dawdles at the door of need as desire entwines igniting our
flame and I melt between the folds of Him and I


in the archway of love at first sight
Jul 2013 · 1.1k
A Man's View
Debra A Baugh Jul 2013
caught a young lady staring at me
one morning; with a look that said  
I want you, but, I was with my wife;
she was beautiful and I thought to
myself, if, I wasn't married I lick her lips


the next day went to the supermarket,
and there we caught each others eye; I
couldn't look away, she winked with a ****
smirk, under my breath I had to repeat
I love my wife


that didn't stop me from wanting to flirt;
every time she moved her buttocks jiggled,
inwardly I cupped her jiggle and she giggled
moving closer; her scent hypnotic to say the least,
calling me to touch her taut *******


sent a ripple up my spine and my mind whined,
but, the vision of my wife popped in my head as
I saw myself sliding one finger at a time across
her luscious behind; wanting to wine and dine,
her movements were about to blow my mind;

again inwardly drooling...

I cut a corner in the produce aisle to settle my
ache, I felt lust showing all over my face
I followed her down each aisle acting like I was
looking for something and bumped into
her on purpose, just to get another whiff of her
scent, for a man I blushed flustered; stumbling
over my words saying excuse me

in the meantime...

I wanted to just taste her full lips; run my hands
through her long curly locks, she turned towards
me saying it was ok


my wife popped in my mind again, I blinked twice;
fore, she had no clue of what I wanted to do to her,
mentally and physically, if, I didn't have a wife; she'd
never knew to this day I still salivate whenever I see
her, she was definitely a sight to behold but, she
wouldn't give me the time of day, especially, after
seeing me with my wife

anyway, a man can daydream
Jul 2013 · 797
Awakened Lust
Debra A Baugh Jul 2013
his movement against me
rocks me within the array of his

that wet entangled embrace
delicate; deep within our elation,
unraveling my entirety as I bend
in the arch of his chivalry

assuaging me...

In the breath of his passionate
lips; tasting, leaving scorching
trails against hardened *******

I blushed...

and he licked each bud, tongue
tipped flutters, heated breath,
poised beneath bulge; awaiting
slow quick dips coaxing, labials
welcome lips open

appeasing me in rages of his
passion, aching for release;
urging his yearn with each dip

wet of want screams in euphoria,
piercing, entwining as I lay before
him spent naked exposed to
pleasures unknown

awakening our lust, rocking me
within loves breathless embrace
Feb 2013 · 1.0k
Rain's Cloudburst
Debra A Baugh Feb 2013
a cloudburst, penetrated our world
with thrusts as deep as the eye of our
storm, coasting over us in heaved
passion; unleashed with each
dip and sway


our core in showered felicity; tasting
euphoria's longing, titillated to the tips
of our toes; saturating her soft spots,
her rain and I were one curled, pelvis
to hip

sliding in out as hands caressed in rhythm,
wanting to taste her rain once again;
cultivating in her delicacy, nibbling tautness;
remembering moments our lips said hi

besieging me...

as her raindrops seeped, causing our
steam to rise, each drop in hunger;
I'd delve deeper into oblivion,losing
myself in raged deluges of her

rain's cloudburst...
Feb 2013 · 929
Debra A Baugh Feb 2013
fingers caress like
etched calligraphy
leaving teased


in shameless seep
as lips sheathe its bud,
heatedly erupting

raging forth...

upon tongue; its fragrance
titillating senses, hands
travel length of curvaceousness
in hungered voracity,

trembled peaks rise

won the Gold trophy in contest of Simply Sensual In Brevity in 40 words...
Feb 2013 · 1.2k
My Universe
Debra A Baugh Feb 2013
Sweet whispers against
thighs opening

baring taut affluent ***,
a pleasurable tremor
rises without touch

his mouth eagerly finds
femininities universe

libidinous tongue...

affinity begs, arched
in ecstasies moan

an amorous plait woven
in a pulsating knot

as we're completely undone

my universe succor
Feb 2013 · 1.3k
Tasteful Inebriation
Debra A Baugh Feb 2013
fingers sink deep
while lips imprint
with tease

her aroma

leaving me awestruck
in beggary and I
weep with hunger

slowly mouthing my
need to embrace
her femininity
in satiation


tasteful inebriation
Feb 2013 · 1.5k
Wet Ecstasy
Debra A Baugh Feb 2013
his voice beguiles me, weakening me
in whispered warmth of breath, fingers
trace trembled want of hungry lips

tasting me...

Closing my eyes; I arch into need of
his touch, his voice of seduction breathes
against skin, teasing me

licking my tremors...

I moan in ache, my ripple upon his tongue,
my essence rises lingering within his mouth;
roughly kissing me and I kneel before him,
taking him in slowly suckling; tasting him tip
to pearls licking his veined pendulum swirling
in warmth, vigorously in out

loving his shudder...

he whispers as his fingers tenderly tweak ******
softly, inebriating my senses; aroused horniness,
entering my paradise, firmness weaves flesh in
breathless swells, igniting our twine; like tongue
licking heat of mouth

pulsing in wetness...

searing between open thighs, I ache for his plunge
engraving me, knotted within his arch; deluged in
fluidities flush as lips brush, tongue trails taut nips,
I blush beneath his fiery breath, still teasing

rocked to my foundation...

unraveling me in utter passion, our bodies aching;
assuaging yearn, calming quivers in wet want;
shuddering each abraded ******, loving its aftertaste
in trembled release enlivening; our lust still entwined

within wet ecstasy...
Feb 2013 · 910
Blood Curdling
Debra A Baugh Feb 2013
in state of REM a succubus looks
upon me as if, I'm tainted; the
intensity of his stare mars my


every thought of self-elucidation
and I cringe under his watchful
eye; raking my skin with daggerlike
curiousity, sniffing, while I crumble
in openmouth terror.

he descends upon me swiftly; eyes
darting from head to toe piercing me,
into a trance I fall, as if, Dracula has
entered upon spread wings


to full humanlike form and stained
teeth sink deep in vein *******
life's blood like a cool soda pop
fizzling with every sip.


its pungency in dark delight,
smelling me like I'm a blood
tinged rose.


and I awaken upon soaking wet
sheets in trepidities blood
curdling screams.
another dark poem contest regarding nightmares
Feb 2013 · 494
Dark Passion
Debra A Baugh Feb 2013
dawn vanished in darkening skies
annihilating his green eyes
leaving me a sinister view;
of haunting thoughts, snared
in his mind as he whisper his
want to imprison me in his world

taken unkindly in the middle of night
burying his fangs deep across throat,
a ghastly sight dripping blood upon
my rose, my thoughts wander striking
a pose as darkness descends stripped
naked; he knows I'll forever be stricken
by his entrancing pleas

condemned to his dark minded lures,
teardrops of blood shakes me to my core;
drenched in his crimson need, I beseech
at salvations door; no-one knows his power
beckons deep within, tearing into the breadth
of me his urgency at the smell of warm blood

with his devious darkness satisfied, he moans
against warmth of neck as if, sipping dark
lullabye's; while I silently beg for sunrise as
we lay in repose till night awakens his dark
passion; embedded within
I don't usually write on dark poems...this was written with the prompt of a white rose dripping blood
Feb 2013 · 1.1k
Drenched In Thought
Debra A Baugh Feb 2013
I meditate upon shore of thoughts;
washing over my countenance, caressing
my soul.

as he forms verses in syllabic count, fore, his voice
ebbs in tidal waves, teasing with submissions of
cognitive chains of thought; where bated breath
pounds against my peninsula

open to laps in hunger, tasting passions complaisancy;
each rush, mouthed in a sauntering flow; touched
in currents of his thoughts; I absorb bittersweet brine

as there's no lack of verbiage, threatening consumption
of uttered articles of enticement

like driftwood floating; his words glide as tides drag
mind, to and fro with each affluxion, I acquaint
thoughts in odes

his sung ballads brush against me like seaward
breezes and I consume his melody in swelled seas
of delicacy

in harmony and bouyancy of song; I surrender
within his thoughts, relishing serenity; upon his
island of passion, wrapped within his poetry in thought
Feb 2013 · 681
Sensually Speaking Poetry
Debra A Baugh Feb 2013
left alone with him, he undressed my mind;
bathing me in sweet acronyms,
traced upon curve in calligraphy
while whispering in prose our dreams


he'd dip his quill; inking upon my skin,
noun's and verb's I'd absorb into my heart


my poet, whispers again sweeping
me off my feet in syllabic count;
taking control of all my senses


arching into masculinity his muse
would run wild against femininities


lips began to taste his own poetic
prowess upon the breadth of me
and I'd simply smile into him


his poetry is written solely for me and
I'd glide tongue across his lips like ink
against parchment
Feb 2013 · 1.1k
Fingers Burn Me
Debra A Baugh Feb 2013
every time I think of him; body percolates
to self-******* soaking fingers as they
linger in bedewed moisture as if, his fingers
unlocks intimacy


no more thoughts as he sidles beside me
easing one finger at a time in curve of
femininity, teasing bud tenderly; coaxing
mouth to open

I throb...

trembling lips abrades skin as heat erupts
upon his mouth and his eyes entrance as
masculinity gently bemingles in escalating
heat; its fragrant beads, he licks


lured into peaked hunger; unspoken words
intoxicate spilling inner sweetness, drizzling
upon invading fingers aroused in affinity

once...twice...orgasmically drenched
Feb 2013 · 694
Debra A Baugh Feb 2013
I breathe in song leaving silk dictation
upon his skin, converging each note in
dreams of his reality

denuding him...

absorbing him in whispered aubade's,
savoring him in fingertip forages; aching
for his touch to mould me, caress and
hold me like a paintbrush to canvas;
its bristles a tongue tasting every
curve of me


I dance with him slowly; by our song
bodies swaying with a beggars need,
as hips and thighs whisper in wanton
heat leading us to temptation's portal
of lust


in savored decadence a delicacy of
truffled sweet creaminess upon
tongue splayed between open thigh,
and still in song skin upon skin;
passion rides leaving us wet
and wanting


with hungry mouths sinking beneath
our coveted desires; probing delicious
fantasies, pulsing for him to plunge
shamelessly in out wetness as we
sing our own songs of uttered sighs
and moans

our lover's ballad...sung
Feb 2013 · 716
Clearly Off Limits
Debra A Baugh Feb 2013
even from afar I could feel

his eyes on me; he seem

to mouth, come love let

me breathe my essence

between your lips;

allow my effluvium

to fill you with my misty

enchantment inhaling

my sweet aroma as it

floats from the snowcaps

of yesteryear so, I can melt

between fertile breast;

branching out stem to stem

affecting every capillary upon

entrance to your portal; I take

a double take blanching from

his stare, I cover my olfactory

senses; masking disdain

with every whiff of assault;

letting him know my lungs

are clearly off limits
this is related to a contest regarding cigarettes
Jan 2013 · 827
Love Lust Be Told
Debra A Baugh Jan 2013
I met him at an audition; he kept staring at me,
I walked over introduced myself; he said he's
a musician, told him I could help with is dickion
and he whispered; I want to sip the fluency of your
elegance, in which, I smiled all giddy inside; pulled
him close and said are you wanting to luxuriate in
lips pout, he said; yes and his eyes engraved me
in his soul

he stepped back; licked my lips and flushed,
embraced love's fidgeting, bestirred in gasped
hunger he held me like a lover in a dream;
clinging to the edge of silent beggary's urgency,
I touched his heat, knew immediately I wanted
him pendulating above femininities heat

so, I coaxed him with an aubade; whispering moist
in want; his euphony he'd written upon parchment
of my heart, without thought I wanted to give in to
masculinities desire to taste and sip as he pleased

but, I held him off for awhile wanting to get to know
more of him, not wanting just a physical allurement,
eyeing him in my mind to take in the scope of his
aura; weeks passed before I would allow him to do
more than just kiss me, the physical attraction was
too strong to wait for entanglements pleasure, the
want to linger in the delicacy of us; on one of those
misty balmy still of night's; I just grasped at passion's
threshold; to drown in our muted moans

as he'd explore pout of silken lips; tasting me
as I'd taste him we savored each other's hunger
taking our time, enjoying each nook and cranny of
him and I, tongue traced my trembles from its
eruptive point between wet thighs; I  had to flip our
script so, I could taste his milky spillage as well; like
fingerprints upon thigh, we glided in out, back and
front of our hungered want of one another; sighing
in unison laying paused and breathless, our rhythm
leaves us arched in each other's curve, tasting;
losing control

frenzied, breathless in softness of sigh's every
stroke of ecstasy, lost in the rapture of love; each
kiss from head to toe told a story of love lust and
hunger, hopefully for eternity; as the days grew long
and nights got shorter, we couldn't do without one
another; one day out of the blue he popped the
question and without a doubt I said; yes!
just a short story for a contest...
Jan 2013 · 456
Lost In Dark Dreams
Debra A Baugh Jan 2013
darkness settles around me,
mind enshrouded by wicked
voices; repeating the same
phrase over and over again,
you should have never let him
love should have
never let him love you


in the dark that surrounds
a heart beating for him,
hoodwinked by lies, even as
he laid by my side; loving
me pretensely in the dark

professed his love would
never die; but, yet, I'm
left alone in the dark crying,
those broken promises, now
in shadow; casting silhouettes
of you and I in the back of my
mind against a barren wall


sleep derail efforts to forget;
fore, dreams loom in dark
crevices of my heart as I'm
left alone to wither in the dark.
Jan 2013 · 878
Her Grace
Debra A Baugh Jan 2013
evening alights, finding love
assailing poetry's tongue;
kissing parchment's fragility
fluent in dark of night, resonating
deep within her heart


curlicues of light stream in
facets; shone upon her soul
as whispers beckon in song;
twining body and mind in things
unforgotten, eyes bedazzled
in poetic grace


love prevails in the wisp of
time; leaving heart to vibrate,
as he articulates to an open
heart, breathing her space;
tracing the poetic beauty of
her face
Jan 2013 · 649
Debra A Baugh Jan 2013
hands stain me soft;
fingertips graze


gentle caresses urge
slide; tingle cascade
along spine


firmness pulses deep,
seeping a sweet
shameless spill;
bathe in awakened


whimpers escape,
wrapped soft in
masculinities arch


tongue traces lobe
a slow taste; in
carnal hunger


minutes tick easing
in out of velvet folds

Jan 2013 · 1.2k
Veiled Hunger
Debra A Baugh Jan 2013
I watch him; beneath veiled stare,
calming his visible quivers; as he
masks desire in slow breaths,
lips tremble beggary evident with

tongue flicks awaiting a scintilla of
moisture; I squirm in anticipation,
he's on his knees, eyes light up with

ache arises with heat of yearn; tongue
brushes skin; teeth nibble and breath
quickens snaring me within ecstasies

captured within his gaze, one finger
slowly outlines lips as hand travels length
of thigh slowly enticing, hornily inviting as
muskiness enthralls


I become addicted to his slow teasing;
every curve finger lollygags easing them
one at a time in creamy deluge; to mouth
I bring them tasting me


screaming his name as tip of tongue finds
my ache begging for release; lust filled
moans escape, arching against his
throb; rising hips, meeting each ******


deeper, letting him in; riding his rhythm;
ignited in his burn, drawn into sweet


in slow motion...

loved profoundly...

watching him sultrily...

hunger no longer veiled...
Jan 2013 · 1.3k
Debra A Baugh Jan 2013
upon pedestal of love's
intimacy, gently we merge;
pulsating, entangled lips
and tongue taste me


seduced in stillness;
echoes crescendo, his
touch awakens; curving
into maleness


whispers dangle in
moments of words
uttered in want, breathing
his name hungered


pressing ache against
masculinity; etched in
savored weep


hands embrace hips
rhythm; sliding in out
of silk folds


unbottoning me in
momentum, tasted;
swallowed in release,
ecstasy written in moans


drowned within each
plunge; thighs widen
spillage trickles,
blossoming in throb

Jan 2013 · 1.1k
Eyes Devour
Debra A Baugh Jan 2013
his eyes devour me
as if, tasting scent
of skin; licked in
whispering heat

kissing my ***;
tongue probing
firmness, *******
pert as eyes cast
mind's silent touch

moans escape with
each whispered
thought, he hungers
quietly shivering as
tongue skims wetness

eyes still devour as
breathless shudders
cascade breathing
in sweet intoxication

drenching us; each
****** of eyeful lust,
coalescing my sensual
need; thrusting

imagination eyes
gyrating hips; lips
quiver as kiss sears
flesh awakening
senses to a creamy

cascading between lips
yearn, as eyes gaze;
frenzied, planting seed;
pulsing to completion
eyes harden member
ready to explode, lips tease

gaze still tasting soft
skin in need; connecting
bodies within curvature of
us, taking our breath away
giving in to my needs
Jan 2013 · 634
Glimpsing Within
Debra A Baugh Jan 2013
glimpsing my reflection
upon still midnight lake
peace, harmony washes
over me; gentle whisper(s)
in darkness ******

in leisure...

mind connected with fresh
air as mountain(s) lauds
above me in grandeur


beleaques my soul and I
curve into wisdom on silent
sojourn with Him, eclipse(d)
beneath a moonlit night
Jan 2013 · 1.1k
No Afterthoughts
Debra A Baugh Jan 2013
there is never an afterthought looking
at society as a whole but, in times of
discontent; we look disdain in the eyes
as it dulls humanities open-mindedness,

yet, we find clemency to overlook abominate
behavior in our fellow humans fore... the storm
will pass in the face of sullen words that may
darken our path; it behooves ethically to consider
their trials and tribulations in life as they unmask;
revealing their torment to mind and soul, giving
thought to their utterances and actions seeking
forgiveness, falling to their knees in repentance

dare we ask of their dilemma or do they shutter
in the wake of humanities wrath; shall we re-consider,
silently ingesting; fact or fiction in a society of closed
minds, refusing to shed their armor, their protection
from the few in the masses with no afterthought,
no understanding as a mind clashes with thoughts
of self-destruction; finding no justification

thinking God has abandoned them to face irrational
minds and behavior; not realizing He's right by their
side walking in their shoes; carrying them through
their burdens, trying to open up their eyes mind and
soul to see hope at salvations door , fore, they have
not been forsaken...the minds a terrible thing to waste
on societies triviality
Jan 2013 · 736
Reflections Cave of Thought
Debra A Baugh Jan 2013
snowcaps fill my vision
perched upon window
seat; trees line winding
path, through it all I seek
that overhanging crag
hidden by hillside shrubs;
an opening pitch black
my secret cave; my
space for rumination,
that peace of mind that
follows a distortion of
fact, my becalming
before another storm
brews like an avalanche
waiting to happen.

I've come to terms within
self compensating for
other's shortcomings,
delineating oneself with
social grace; allowing
them to dig their own
graves, but, not at my
expense anymore, fore,
I will only compromise
on my terms amicably;
in reflections cave of
thought, minding my
business and leaving
theirs alone.
Jan 2013 · 1.4k
Sanity Redeemed
Debra A Baugh Jan 2013
supine, deeply do I ponder
of those times as if, I've
treaded upon coal ablazed
beds, of womb fetally
withdrawn; darkness embeds
itself, attempting to see
with clarity through murky
watered canvasses

I, analyze self, coping
with turmoil; glimpsing
the light at the end of
elongated tunnels, leaving
burdensome baggage
that isn't a *** of gold
at the end of a rainbow

giving way to self-awareness
as a glorified sunrise opens
to new horizons; long awaited
as if, eons have passed without
notice, finally, arriving at my
threshold of salvation by the
grace of God; sanity redeemed
Jan 2013 · 558
Debra A Baugh Jan 2013
wet lips welcome him in the morning
weaving desires breath; tongues explore
unearthing our flame


pleasure at fingertips taming depths
of her heat; wet in hunger, tongue glides
craving every inch exposed; tasting her


upon exuding intoxication; I rise delving into
her slippery abyss flaying its sweetness
deep, lustfully riding as she caresses base


melting as softness clench and unclench
letting me in, inner embrace biting; sinking
into her moans and thighs entwine pulling
me deeper as I explode


our ultimate pinnacle, appeased; but, gently
stroking, arising again saturated in our
warm spillage craving more of her delicacy

Jan 2013 · 671
Us Untied
Debra A Baugh Jan 2013
I know he doesn't know this


tasting him is the best part of being me;
coaxing him to untie me, knowing he wants
to try me, lay beside me

untying red lace as his lips trace; lips
blushing to taste open thighs, inaudibly
I sigh within

salaciously I grin...

lying naked across bare chest; I whisper
suckle right here; he gives in at my behest


his upturned eyes says is that a dare, I say yes,
but, baby! have no fear, I love wet kisses planted
across my rear


he springs to action, to my satisfaction; he kissed
and tasted every moaned reaction; pulsing wet lips
his main attraction, licking me deep

I noticed his throbbing whip ready, eager to dip, but,
I back him up...

baby! please don't stop, I eye his bulge; knowing I'm
ready to indulge, fingertips dance upon his bulge;
I wet each finger sliding them down every vein divulged

he whispers... ah! baby! you're driving me insane;
I play coy, this I enjoy; teasing my boy toy

slowly he unravels...

I turn, the way I want to have him; body burns to feel his
prowess, ready to pounce, unload every ounce, in out;
both lips pout; riding him inside out; calling my name
with trembled shouts


implode within the breadth of our being; unleashing
heavenly syllables from our mouth and the best of
being me unfolds into the warmth of him

us untied...
Jan 2013 · 591
A Summer's Breeze
Debra A Baugh Jan 2013
our time apart hadn’t changed,
his baritonal voice caused
me to tremble each syllable
spoken; soft & silky, its
frictional rustle like wheat
bending in the breeze

I absorb him...

he feels me, revealing inner soul
annihilating me pleasurably, riding
wings of his voice, spiraling, like
wisps of smoke yearning to hear
articulations desire

maestro of my being, smitten
with his baritone

his breathiness I breathe...

like a summer's breeze
Jan 2013 · 756
Nibbled Bites
Debra A Baugh Jan 2013
A quivered sigh lingers upon her
soft lips; she glimpses beggary
bestirred sweetly in my misty eyes,
my fingers dawdle at her dewy fissure;
waiting in trembled anticipation, a want
to taste her delicacy with a kiss of breath

caught up in licks of consumption, I'm
beguiled by femininities passion; elicited
sultry moans dance across my *****
making my heart race and soul shutter
losing control

her tongue tip traces each vein pulsing,
awaiting warmth to engulf its entirety, slick
and wet tip to pearls she rocks my world
morning noon and night

in out of wetness I scream in delight, suckling
each mound wet and light in nibbled bites; ****
this woman fits me just right, can't keep my eyes
hands off her as she clenches firmness *******
me deeper in her abyss wet and tight
Jan 2013 · 1.1k
Morning's Dew Drop
Debra A Baugh Jan 2013
he illuminated my sense of longing,
as if, flame to a candle

a dew drop of morning sunrise on petals,
splashed upon open lips grazing silken flesh

I rise to his touch, lingering like a river gliding
over smooth pebbles of a moonlit lake

he traced tremble, following its eruptive point,
fore, time ticked within shadow of us silhouetted
against the moons light

he smiled...

I melted into his comfort; baring wants secret
longing; breathing one another's breath

underneath a moonlit warm sultry night, I watched
his eyes embrace my entirety in a beggars need

he gasped, skimming fingers across open lips wet
in ache; tongue kissing me deep

our earth stood still; as masculinity entered my
dawn, where stars cease to shine and his eyes
told our story

his hands, read me front to back in articulated whispers
impregnating mind and body with desires impingement

our want no more, until our heaven and earth
meets again whispering I love you

savoring morning's first dew drop
Jun 2012 · 2.1k
Fatal Attraction
Debra A Baugh Jun 2012
He looked at me with luscious
devious eyes so, I winked asked
him did he want some action; his
look was of a fatal attraction and
his mind locked me in *******; his
eyes denuded my flesh as he suckled
my breast, I coiled in pleasured duress

He licked his lips as I submitted to his
lustful toying, moans acknowledge my
attraction to his lascivious actions and he
salivated ensnaring nakedness in roped

As his appetizing admonishment began;
I wickedly grinned and to his chagrin;
tightened my bonds, splayed cheeks
coaxing me to seep as his tongue licked
in calculated dips and I shuddered in
satisfaction with each sip

Wet lips began to quiver; each taunt
delivered, hands slid behind back with another
toy he attacked, eight inches long in & out, I began to
sing a song as pleasure surged, wracking my body;
begging for more each time its full measure dipped
into my treasure

I looked up as he turned me over dripping wet,
I smiled, winked again with another wicked grin,
fore, he had no idea what he'd gotten into; he tied
up the wrong nymph, thought I was just a sweet
kitten; had him smitten after gettin' a taste, as if,
he'd lost his mitten playing with this sultry kitten
Jun 2012 · 844
His Sweetest Melody
Debra A Baugh Jun 2012
He played me in melodic song
knowing how I longed to hear
and feel his kissed breath;
whispering in my ear.

Like drizzled tendrils of rain,
washing against my trebling
frame, it was insane as he
refrained from causing this
heart of mine any pain.

Playing me, striking each chord
as a strummed tune; soothing
any sorrows, lost in broken
tomorrows; still whispering his
yearning want of me in measured

Caressing my soul as if, a
maestro leading his orchestra,
crescendoeing like trembling
limbs teased in hunger.

Splayed, awaiting his baton of
passion like a bee hovering to
taste its honey, giving pleasured
sonnets entwined within sweet

Still playing me as his sweetest
Jun 2012 · 921
Softly Broken
Debra A Baugh Jun 2012
He sneaks into my mind in slumber,
emanating his fervor; awakening *****
to a frenzy, then whispering wet
licks against me, I whimper deep
within from his delicious torment;
labials unveil for tongued ecstasy.

Wallowing in my bedewed rose; he
breathes its ambrosia with tongue &
nose, stiffens each dip into garden
of Eden, he knew I'd buck and tremble
begging to feel him deeper; unearthing
sighs and whispers.

Touching me with promises; as I eye his
sinewy masculinity, entwined limb to limb
our desire erupts each plunge into
paradise, wet, each teased withdrawal,
inner muscles contract breathing him back
in, rising to meet and sheath his firmness
in unuttered realms of ecstasy.

I whisper, need to swallow his measure;
and sweet hotness trickles down throat,
******* my own wetness; he greedily suckles
one at a time savoring its aftertaste, tonguing
me to taste what he's enjoying, moving slowly
in and out.


I shudder from the sheer feel deeply
embedded as his passion leaves me
softly broken.
Jun 2012 · 605
Naked Exposure
Debra A Baugh Jun 2012
Mind barren, left splayed
by tongue lashed thoughts,
soul stripped bare as eyes
raked skin; dragged across
hot coals; heart ablazed
as angry torment rips smile
from cherubic cheeks,
eyes once alive; hungry
for love beclouds as if, an
apparition appears...denuded
Jun 2012 · 843
I Flourished
Debra A Baugh Jun 2012
I flourished in a town bound by darkened facades
as shadows creeped along its soot filled walls;
I'd daydream and words came to me, in whispered
curlicues...faint but, envisioned while they lingered
3 dimensional...dangling.

Giving me a voice in syllabic ruminations like a
rhythmic drip drip from a faucet; I set sight on its
auditory ping and I'd sing its lulling lullaby verse
by verse; scribing thoughts that unleashed itself
from inner walls of me.

Gleaning the taste of poetry from mind and savoring
its aftertaste in the pit of my soul, steadily scribing.
Jun 2012 · 351
The Irony of It All
Debra A Baugh Jun 2012
When I smiled and
looked into his face
my heart raced;
then I awakened,
realized his was
laced with a false grace;
whereas, his eyes
could never erase the
sadness written all
over his face.

My insides screamed,
hurting for what
seemed like a lifetime
of dreams, fore,
he made our life an
affronted scheme;
feeding me sweet nothings,
making my heart dip;
kissing me with champagne
sips, loving me until I could
only think of the way he made
my mind take an around
the world trip.

I knew we'd no longer
stay together; living a life of
unfulfilled dreams, as those
sips of champagne spills
down life's drain, the look
in his eyes remain the same;
even though I'm left with the
pain, I can still walk away
knowing he didn't take away  
my happiness & love for myself,
his loss; my gain...freedom
Jun 2012 · 824
My Lover & I
Debra A Baugh Jun 2012
Across the room I followed his eyes;
a look that whispered a need to be
at my side; sideburns and mustache
beckoned to tease me, already
tingling with throbbed hunger; a physique
that rippled with each finger I wanted to press
into sculptured muscles as his mind licked
me with slow dips into my soft muscular lanky frame.

I knew we were meant for one another, especially,
when those same eyes seem to say I want to marry
you as soon as we get to know each other; which made
me slowly want to whimper into his open mouth; inviting me
to taste his emanating ambrosia, his intoxicating scent;
making me swoon into his arms; wrapping me within
his alluring warmth all I could utter is hmmm...

Week after week just touching and tasting drove
me out of my mind; wanting him to have all of me,
the way he walked and talked left me trembling
inwardly, but, I held my lusting mind, wanting
us to both be introduced physically and mentally
with the same need and want of one another; I
myself knew I wanted to spend the rest of my
life with this handsome specimen, the most
alluring thing about him was his intellect.

His conversation even had me drooling, I was I won't say falling in love; I fell in
love from the look in his eyes way across the
room, eyes he only had for me; at that time
and moment put me in a trance.

We wined and dined, movies, shopped and
even enjoyed the atmosphere of an arcade;
I even allowed him to beat me in bowling,
he was/is just an exquisite man.

Another month or more goes by no physicality,
just loving mentally with a little petting now
and again, but, we both agreed to discover
our likes and dislikes; I was so, enamored it
didn't matter how long we waited as long as
I was in his presence, touched.

Then one night; after heavily tasting one another
we couldn't contain ourselves not one more
minute and he slipped a ring of friendship upon
my finger; a lip quiver and a tear rolled down
my cheeks as he explained he still wanted it to
be a transition of getting to know everything
of each other; tears blinding me, all I could do
was smile and shake my head in agreement.

Our love bloomed for two years before we
actually got engaged and then married a year
after a long courtship of bliss and wanton
hunger grew into an enraptured lust that is
still strong until this day...My Lover & I.
******* poetry speaks for both genders in my book
Jun 2012 · 684
Debra A Baugh Jun 2012
painted upon canvas
multi-faceted hues
in tints of you,
reposed in quiet
moments; we spent
beneath Arabian
sunsets in brilliant
golden highlights,
spread across the
breadth of solitudinous
nights, twinkling stars
shining ever so bright;
my heart breaks
missing you as tears
fall in remembrance
in God's Light
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