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Jul 2013
his voice syllabic brushes
against canvas whispering
lullabyes within dreams,

his musky fragrance flush
upon flesh, dallying like
verbs still whispering
between folds of rumpled

every noun a soft whimper
uttered. lips openly inviting;
stirring tenderly like a breeze
echoing poetry with passion...

ensnaring heart in web of
his muse; each beat looms
copulative, sliding seductive,
awakening senses...

abandoned ache slips and I
pirouette, rippled within his
verse; succumbing to his
poetic thirst...

still whispering lush verbs
while easing between
silken sheets and breath

as ****** of tongue licks
nouns of passion, sipping
spills as labials quiver
against tongued invasion...

and he softly murmurs across
brined flesh, touching, nibbling
trembled aches; inflaming naked
desire as each stanza seduces
me again and again...

drawn to masculinities tease
verse by verse...
Written by
Debra A Baugh
   Gary L
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