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Jul 2013
light from his eyes
encompasses darkness
in moments of us


stars reading our intricacies
like silk spun webs; an appetitive
effervescence allure

of promises...

as gentle breezes glide against
glistening flesh under moonlit

demurely blushed...

moaned breaths, soft lips slide
licking lush curved landscape
of silken flesh

starlit eyes...

traipse a contoured pout; tasting
its beck and call as hips rise
beneath seductions ache


succumbing to masculinities
pull, trembling against him, naked
within his promise; deep in his

smiling within my moans...

animated ripples rush his
whispered urgency, softly; in
out pulsing deep in wet chasm

screams of pleasure erupts...

I widen across his light,
blissfully welcoming his warmth
surrendering to milky way's deluge

love blooms...

allowing moans to escape parted
lips, hands slip beneath raised
hips; slowing dips as night became
ours under star blanketed skies

in surrender we slip...

he whispers from this moment on;
it's written in the stars
Written by
Debra A Baugh
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