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Jul 2013
as darkness cradles
its palpability encompasses

a moments sway...

inebriates as images of him
passes through salient memories
of Him and I

those moments spun like silk...

his visage visible; an augury to me
dreams allusion dallies like
gossamer in gentle breezes
teasing, taunting in its promise
of fulfillment

dreams alight...

his ambling soft, blush arises as
I bow into maleness, where
urgency slides, tasting silken
curvatures; that stare into hazel
eyes beckon lips

memories caress...

rise and fall of gasped breaths
unleashed wilder dreams
beneath thirst of his eyes,
swallowed by seduction

those naked memories...

flush, deep within our hunger;
a rush fed into sweet pulses,
bodies rise; cognizance slips
back, wetness effusive


entwined, legs, hips fingertip
forages; his breath mine mingle
and whispered moans


those dreams linger still
in darkness of midnight
calling his name in want

a remembered taste...
Written by
Debra A Baugh
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