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Debra A Baugh Jul 2013
my ***** ache
as tongue trails
****** to ******
licking, *******
engulfing each
tender breast

squeeze of
buttocks, lifting
sweetness to my
lips; tongue parting
labials, diving deep
into her honey ***

savoring nature's
nectar like a bee
to flower casting
away her inhabitions
or doubts as flames
of passion licks with
intensity searing
us in ecstasy

branding her,
loving her flesh
with kisses and
sweat becomes
steam in the
afterglow of our

touching, inhaling
scent of ***
tasting one
Debra A Baugh Jul 2013
his voice syllabic brushes
against canvas whispering
lullabyes within dreams,

his musky fragrance flush
upon flesh, dallying like
verbs still whispering
between folds of rumpled

every noun a soft whimper
uttered. lips openly inviting;
stirring tenderly like a breeze
echoing poetry with passion...

ensnaring heart in web of
his muse; each beat looms
copulative, sliding seductive,
awakening senses...

abandoned ache slips and I
pirouette, rippled within his
verse; succumbing to his
poetic thirst...

still whispering lush verbs
while easing between
silken sheets and breath

as ****** of tongue licks
nouns of passion, sipping
spills as labials quiver
against tongued invasion...

and he softly murmurs across
brined flesh, touching, nibbling
trembled aches; inflaming naked
desire as each stanza seduces
me again and again...

drawn to masculinities tease
verse by verse...
Debra A Baugh Jul 2013
he laid me spread
like petals of a rose
in mornings dew


and gentle fingers
foraged; tormented
pleasure ripple

whimpered aches...

as I delight in his touch
gazing into warm brown
eyes, his sweet torment

hungered panting...

hangs in our space, tingles
run rampant where tongue
glides; breathy sighs spill
flames of want


naked in blush; lips alight
against wet petals, spread
unabashed for his pleasure


hips ****** flush as tongue
touches, nibbling, tasting
consuming wet essence of me

ahhhh yes...

filling me stroke after stroke
the breadth of me in rhythm,
guiding; gliding flickering
front to back again and again

ecstasies trembles...

wet and wild passion rides,
taking him in deep up down
in out pulsing plunging in


glide across aching breast
taut tips, moaned pleasure
slips between lips each dip
I ride; wielding flamed wetness
tip to shaft as he gasps

and I dismount...

tasting our bemingled wetness;
lingering in mid stride, teasing
veined throb ready to burst

easing, slowly...

tip tongue flickers head, he
tenses; to throat I engulf as
he begs, entrapping me tightly
between his legs


his final ******, leaves me
submerged within our heat of

still vibrant...

slides in the softness of me
where lips played, lush inside
my heat; enwrapping me in
the warmth of him

© D A Baugh. All rights reserved
Debra A Baugh Jul 2013
such is dreams of him
whispering in my thoughts


this heart of mine quells,
awakening memories long


undying love left lingering
upon upturned pout


intoxicating thoughts stilled
in sensualities image, him


those appreciative moments
of silk like fingers animated
at will


quicken breaths unleash;
seductive emotions, I capitulated
to his will


memories forever immerged;
inked by hearts quill

© D A Baugh. All rights reserved
Debra A Baugh Jul 2013
as darkness cradles
its palpability encompasses

a moments sway...

inebriates as images of him
passes through salient memories
of Him and I

those moments spun like silk...

his visage visible; an augury to me
dreams allusion dallies like
gossamer in gentle breezes
teasing, taunting in its promise
of fulfillment

dreams alight...

his ambling soft, blush arises as
I bow into maleness, where
urgency slides, tasting silken
curvatures; that stare into hazel
eyes beckon lips

memories caress...

rise and fall of gasped breaths
unleashed wilder dreams
beneath thirst of his eyes,
swallowed by seduction

those naked memories...

flush, deep within our hunger;
a rush fed into sweet pulses,
bodies rise; cognizance slips
back, wetness effusive


entwined, legs, hips fingertip
forages; his breath mine mingle
and whispered moans


those dreams linger still
in darkness of midnight
calling his name in want

a remembered taste...
Debra A Baugh Jul 2013
his mouth an infusion of lust,
eagerly impinges; suckling,
tasting as a kitten to milk.

playing in titillating wetness;
sliding tongue over fevered
flesh, leaving me blushed.

arched in desire…

laid back; glaze eyed,
licking delicacy of my essence ~
as I moan sweet and primal.

savoring labials to ****; entering
sharp tongued cove of pleasure
widening thighs inch by inch.

our bodies immerge *******, hips
slow dips, locking lips muffling
sighs; drenching aches in rhythm.

a symphony of wood, soaked
tangled sheets losing ourselves
in ecstasies kiss; assuaging
hungered *****. unleashed
greed explodes; drenched in
trembling aches as we bend
into supplication of us.
Debra A Baugh Jul 2013
mind wanders aimless
uncovering obvious fault
of life's trials tribulations
I seek holy intervention, fore
my savior performs
like a magician pulling
rabbits from a hat before
curtain call
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