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Jan 2013
his eyes devour me
as if, tasting scent
of skin; licked in
whispering heat

kissing my ***;
tongue probing
firmness, *******
pert as eyes cast
mind's silent touch

moans escape with
each whispered
thought, he hungers
quietly shivering as
tongue skims wetness

eyes still devour as
breathless shudders
cascade breathing
in sweet intoxication

drenching us; each
****** of eyeful lust,
coalescing my sensual
need; thrusting

imagination eyes
gyrating hips; lips
quiver as kiss sears
flesh awakening
senses to a creamy

cascading between lips
yearn, as eyes gaze;
frenzied, planting seed;
pulsing to completion
eyes harden member
ready to explode, lips tease

gaze still tasting soft
skin in need; connecting
bodies within curvature of
us, taking our breath away
giving in to my needs
Written by
Debra A Baugh
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