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Jul 2013
caught a young lady staring at me
one morning; with a look that said  
I want you, but, I was with my wife;
she was beautiful and I thought to
myself, if, I wasn't married I lick her lips


the next day went to the supermarket,
and there we caught each others eye; I
couldn't look away, she winked with a ****
smirk, under my breath I had to repeat
I love my wife


that didn't stop me from wanting to flirt;
every time she moved her buttocks jiggled,
inwardly I cupped her jiggle and she giggled
moving closer; her scent hypnotic to say the least,
calling me to touch her taut *******


sent a ripple up my spine and my mind whined,
but, the vision of my wife popped in my head as
I saw myself sliding one finger at a time across
her luscious behind; wanting to wine and dine,
her movements were about to blow my mind;

again inwardly drooling...

I cut a corner in the produce aisle to settle my
ache, I felt lust showing all over my face
I followed her down each aisle acting like I was
looking for something and bumped into
her on purpose, just to get another whiff of her
scent, for a man I blushed flustered; stumbling
over my words saying excuse me

in the meantime...

I wanted to just taste her full lips; run my hands
through her long curly locks, she turned towards
me saying it was ok


my wife popped in my mind again, I blinked twice;
fore, she had no clue of what I wanted to do to her,
mentally and physically, if, I didn't have a wife; she'd
never knew to this day I still salivate whenever I see
her, she was definitely a sight to behold but, she
wouldn't give me the time of day, especially, after
seeing me with my wife

anyway, a man can daydream
Written by
Debra A Baugh
   ---, Mr Jay, Tien - Tim and Scottie Green
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