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 Feb 2017 Death
 Feb 2017 Death
I thought about you today.

I guess it's been so long since you've crossed my mind that I can barely remember the short time we lived.

I've questioned everything.
I don't know anything well enough to justify a moment of certainty.
The best that I can hope for is sameness.

I've lived thinking I was a decent person who made mistakes like everyone else.
A bold faced lie, yes.
I take responsibility for teaching it to myself
For burning it into my brain,

I thought about you today.

The reality is, something in my head makes me function this way.
Something deep inside me.

I could give the simple answer, that I've always felt insecure no matter who I see, and that being because the first girl I ever loved, loved deep enough to die for, live for, cheated on me. Made me feel worthless.

That person is you.

It crossed my mind how you filled my empty chest, told me I was good enough for everyone, that my funeral would sell out.

But I'm stronger now. I'm growing up. Something I never thought I was capable of.
I'm growing up.
Soon I'll think about you for the last time.
I won't need to celebrate.

I thought about you today, and finally realised that you're cancer, you are plague, all you are is regret.

I'll walk away, because a healthy person doesnt need that,

I thought about you today, for the last time.
 Dec 2016 Death
Bob B
Welcome to Trumplandia--
Where truth and falsehood collide,
And voters blindly commit
Political suicide;

Where people vote for a man
Because he "speaks his mind"
And don't care how many
People he's maligned;

Where general politeness
And a thin veneer of civility
Are worn away as bigotry
Finds acceptability;

Where extremist views
Completely transmogrify
The democratic process,
And justice and clarity die;

Where clever speeches ignite
Passions that become scary,
And governing becomes
A concern that's secondary;

Where in the guise of freedom
Of religion, people create
Laws that give them the right
To cruelly discriminate;

Where there's baseless distrust
Of scholarly opinions
And the leader prefers his UN-
Educated minions;

Where equal and civil rights
For which people fought
For many, many years
Sadly come to naught;

Where the middle class
Through clever bait and switch
Are talked into providing
Tax breaks for the rich;

Where facts become suspect.
The leader makes it clear:
Invented "facts" are the only
Facts he wants to hear;

Where freedom of speech is stifled,
And millions do not squawk
When the ones in power
Turn back the clock;

Where people need a scapegoat
And constantly look for someone
To blame and do not think
That they could also become one;

Where values, tolerance, morals,
Compassion, and decency fade
While anger and xenophobia
Are on a vicious crusade.

Welcome to Trumplandia.
America, farewell.
Bemoan the ever deepening
Crack in the Liberty Bell.

- by Bob B (12-5-16)
 Dec 2016 Death
Doug Potter
 Dec 2016 Death
Doug Potter
Nothing remains,
not  one  rhizome,
stem, or hairy root

travels, shoots, or buries
itself during barren  fall;
only  impending winter

resides in my garden
this unpredictable season,
and it is waiting for spring.
 Dec 2016 Death
Doug Potter
Two Snowy Egrets land.

One is lame.

Surrounded by cattails.

The other ascends.

— The End —