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348 · Dec 2016
Death Dec 2016
She gives me feels
It's so good
That I can conquer hills
Up so high but yet
I can't stop the drills
Driving me down
It gives me chills
Does it hurt
How much life steals
I remember
How much love
Stacks its kills
Surrounded by ember
It gives me chills
I've been broken
By so many deals
All those promises
Have started to spill
But it gives me chills
307 · Dec 2016
Let it show
Death Dec 2016
Why hide behind
the words of the people
Don't let the hate of others
Make your mind feel feeble
Let the knowledge
Melt your brain
Like hot steel to snow
Just so you can
Finally let it show
272 · Jan 2017
Death Jan 2017
Do you remember

How you tortured me

Neglected my every thought

Left me alone

Crying in the corner

Couldn't tell anyone

Even if I went to a phone

Now that the tables have switched

What is it now that you want

Your words are just words

Your hits tickle

Your kicks send me a giggle

The time has changed

I am over the pain

But yet wrecked by the train

Do you remember

How cold you were to me

So when the time comes

I won't treat you like December
Forgiveness is never weakness, foolishness maybe, but never weakness and can be turned into strength, to endure and to get through the worst of life's moments.
261 · Feb 2017
Death Feb 2017
I dont care

About the length of your hair

The clothes you wear

The color of your skin

Hell my own people hate me

Just cause I listen to rock

Watch the time

Even when it doesn't tock

Even listening to rock

Letting people judge me from my skin

Instead of the actions

I display myself within

Brown, black, white,

Orange, red,

The color of the dead

Your human to me

Heart, soul and mind

Are all you need

Just allow me to plant the seed

Look at yourself

Your human

Blood as red as the wine that stains your rumen

As you intoxicate yourself from reality

All because you fear the grand fatality
I'm a human, but yet I am more.
233 · Dec 2016
Death Dec 2016
Where are you from

Here, there, everywhere

Does it make you less

No, but it doesn't make you best

It's conspiracy to you

But reality to me

Life is suffering

Like a video when it's buffering

Life pauses, but yet the world spins

As pain holds us by its pins

It's not about how its suppose to be

It's what you can make of it

Can a rose rise from the concrete

While millions are stuck in the back seat

How would you know if you never attempted

Seeing life one way

But never knew the other way existed
There are always different ways to look at things, nothing is ever done one way, it's about perspective and learning to understand other people looks on things, for that makes you an universal thinker
213 · Feb 2017
Women love the hate
Death Feb 2017
So men know better

Women love to be mistreated

Love to argue until the subject is heated

That what men would love to state

Is it fact

Or just the knowledge that men seem to lack

I'm a man but yet I know that every man isn't like me

So why do we classify women into one category

And to treat them right is unlikely

Is it because men are to physical

Souls are dampened and blur

Is it because men aren't men anymore

See no reason to love, so they become the cur

Would it be better, to be blind

Treat women wrong and corrupt my mind

Or play with them

And cherish them

Show a queen to her throne

Only to be left out in a friend zone

You see a queen needs a king not a peasant or a boyfriend

A man that will treat her right, but can't be afraid to take the whirlwind

Stop thinking of self and learn to put her and him on your world

And listen to the love that the past has told

Or be left in the dark

With yourself in the cold
In my generation men often think that women like to be mistreated, but how can you judge an entire world if women when they out number us? Cherish our human Queens and love them.
208 · Mar 2017
Generation of lust
Death Mar 2017
We don't love we lust

Blinded by what we belive is trust

Can't stay strong so we break like crust

Away from our precious metals

We have lost the meaning  of emotion

We even allow science to determine our love for human life

But what is life without love

Lusting after one after another

Hurting our sisters which in turns hurts our brothers

Spreading this corruption

To blind to make a distinction

whether to live for love or live for lust

Either way you choose you love is a must

You will lead a life of nothing

Reach the crossroads broken and fumbling

Without support, love or anyone to hold you

all because you lusted and didn't let anyone hold you

Because you see lust is just to want

But to love is more

to love another person is to be infatuated and mesmerized by their very being

You don't just see them you see their soul

And from that you learn them whole

So keep your love clean and untainted

No matter how much life hurts and untrains it

Because it is the only thing that stays fit

No matter how much it is hit
Love connects us all
185 · Apr 2017
Death Apr 2017
How does it spread

The sickness that invades our bed

The very place we lay

Stricken in red

Reading what you see

But did you understand what I said

Read it again for the meaning behind it

Try to clean my face

But I clown around in my own Skit

Maybe if I wasn't me

My life wouldn't be unfit

Still searching for my path

While lurking around

I lost the love for the things I do hath

All because of the people

Who dare haunt My past

Being in a place that

I know will never last

From flesh to dust

May death return me to ash
Don't let your own illness spread.
151 · Dec 2016
Death Dec 2016
When the two meet
The spark burns a hole
The singe swells the heart
And burns away the coal
The souls intertwined like
Two serpent during their mating
It was great until the bleeding starts
And that's when they remember
All they needed was spark
115 · Dec 2017
Death Dec 2017
Mind what you do and say

Or some things will come and stay

You cling to paper, as if it makes you

But if it wasn't for flesh

what could money do

I've seen the hate it causes

So it's just new to you

Either it corrupts or destroys

Very green with a wicked smile

Like a landlord when the rents due

I see the meaning but the message is foul

Living is a pleasure to do

And instead for asking who

We would rather pretend to be dumbfounded like an owl

Dollar after dollar

Like a dog with a collar

The source we can't live with but yet we can't live without

Or can't we

Not realizing that clinging to material

Does not make one a god but a flea

So I make amends to my self

To never get tied to the notion of common wealth

— The End —