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Apr 2020
Space Time

I wasn't sure how to start this piece.
I was planning to write a piece of prose
or a poem but
I just decided to put down my thoughts
and you may find this boring

The subject is so confusing.
The more I learn about the Cosmos
the less I understand.
The enormity of the majestic thing
we call space.
I am not a particularly religious person
but I do for whatever reason believe
in a Creator
probably because my feeble mind
cannot create any other explanation
that makes any more sense
If this universe was created by
a Creator
what/who created the Creator
if there is no Creator
where did all of the beauty and bewilderment
come from
what was here/there before the Universe
if the universe collapses and ends
then what
if the Universe continues to grow
where is it going
and for what purpose
Am I the only one who continuously
thinks about this

for many years
I had wondered at the Big Bang Theory
was this the first time
was this the 1,000,000 th time
was there a beginning
if so what was before the beginning
is there an end
will there ever be an end
if so what is the purpose
if not what is the purpose
never mind the purpose of us
that is another matter
we, at least those of us here
on this planet as of now
will never know the answers
if the answers actually exist
and who would tell us

the Universe is so beautiful
as are all the creatures
we see everyday in our world
you want to meet an alien?
Say hi to your dog or cat
or one of a hundred thousand
other creatures that roam this earth
life is so strange and confusing
I haven't even scratched the surface
and my head hurts thinking
about all that I wonder about

I am weary now so I will leave it
at that for now.

Pleasant dreams

Gomer Lepoet...
David Nelson
Written by
David Nelson  Missouri
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