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May 2020 · 424
David Nelson May 2020

when I close my eyes
I see nothing beyond the edges of my mind
predictably breathtaking drops of lives
today tomorrow 1000 years gone by
or only 10 seconds of my wants or wishes
when I look with open eyes
I no longer see the edges or even the reflections
only the monsters from a comic book world
the kings and queens of a tarnished drachma
polishing with breath of oxidating vile
the saviors and sweaters take the punishment
thru clenched-mouthed covered smiles
wishing for hope living for life wanting just a little
save them

David Nelson
May 2020 · 366
Man Overboard
David Nelson May 2020
Man Overboard

the storm was well observed
you could see it in the distance
signs of discourse obvious
there was way too much resistance

the skies were turning hell fire red
serpent seas thrashing at the sides
visibility extremely limited in his head
prepare for oncoming tides

batten down the hatches matey
set the main sail in it's proper place
rocking to and fro sickness coming on
taking on excessive water splashing in his face

the bilge pump is out of order
sinking deeper by the moment
huge wave of discontent knocking now
increasing the internal torment

with a final fling of natures force
all this energy that was stored
flung him to his watery grave
SOS came the call the man was overboard
hypothermia wont take to long
to settle in his aching heart
bitter cold words of his final song
tearing the canvas binding all apart

Morpheus... aka Gomer LePoet...
Apr 2020 · 248
Six String Theory
David Nelson Apr 2020
Six String Theory

tachyons protons neutrons galore
theoretical bombardment of mystical thought
jazzy country twisted rock knocking at my door
bending string blister melody sought

uptempo slowed down bugs bunny hop
octavial flated fifths and tones augmented    
temperatures rising and I can't stop
missing musical chair sadly lamented

quick step spanish flamenco dancing feet
growling woofers and screaming tweeters
employing Lester's capo and magic wand
burned rubber top down blowing two seaters

it matters not how you stroke it
turn the preamp clockwise to 8 point 5 deary
power chords belly flopping your wammy bar
close your eyes and dream a six string theory

Gomer LePoet....
Physics and Guitars
Apr 2020 · 228
No Place to go
David Nelson Apr 2020
No Place to go

I have no place I have to go
and no special time to be there
stuffed in the corner of a cardboard box
reading William Shakespeare
my jaw is tight muscles tense
need a breathe of crisp clean air
but I have no place to go
and no special time to be there
that trip to Paris will have to wait
the businesses are closed
everthing just standing still
like an artists picture posed
will my mind get lost
will I choose to jump
out of sheer dispair
you see I have no place I have to go
and no dam time to be there  

aka Gomer LePoet....
Apr 2020 · 194
Space Time
David Nelson Apr 2020
Space Time

I wasn't sure how to start this piece.
I was planning to write a piece of prose
or a poem but
I just decided to put down my thoughts
and you may find this boring

The subject is so confusing.
The more I learn about the Cosmos
the less I understand.
The enormity of the majestic thing
we call space.
I am not a particularly religious person
but I do for whatever reason believe
in a Creator
probably because my feeble mind
cannot create any other explanation
that makes any more sense
If this universe was created by
a Creator
what/who created the Creator
if there is no Creator
where did all of the beauty and bewilderment
come from
what was here/there before the Universe
if the universe collapses and ends
then what
if the Universe continues to grow
where is it going
and for what purpose
Am I the only one who continuously
thinks about this

for many years
I had wondered at the Big Bang Theory
was this the first time
was this the 1,000,000 th time
was there a beginning
if so what was before the beginning
is there an end
will there ever be an end
if so what is the purpose
if not what is the purpose
never mind the purpose of us
that is another matter
we, at least those of us here
on this planet as of now
will never know the answers
if the answers actually exist
and who would tell us

the Universe is so beautiful
as are all the creatures
we see everyday in our world
you want to meet an alien?
Say hi to your dog or cat
or one of a hundred thousand
other creatures that roam this earth
life is so strange and confusing
I haven't even scratched the surface
and my head hurts thinking
about all that I wonder about

I am weary now so I will leave it
at that for now.

Pleasant dreams

Gomer Lepoet...
Apr 2020 · 1.1k
Adam's Atoms
David Nelson Apr 2020
Adam's Atoms

was it 4000 years or maybe even 4 billion
and how did it really happen who knows
was there really an Adam was he the first
one book says that's the way the story goes

does it really matter by what name we call him
no matter which way you are leaning it's true
someone someway had to be the first of our kind
there was a beginning long before me and you

so where are Adam's atoms these days
does anyone actually think they know
where did the atoms to make Adam came from
was element 117 there then and did it glow

enhanced stability for super-heavy nuclei
validating the concept of the measured decay
you didn't really think after all
we could have possibly been made from clay

are lanthanoids soft enough to work
when it comes to making a man
they are after all luminescent materials
but impossible to hold in your hand

yes it is science over most of our heads
an incredible creation no matter how it's done
Adam has a lot of relatives to relativity
his atoms everywhere you want an example I am one
  Gomer LePoet....
Apr 2020 · 212
6 pack of broken dreams
David Nelson Apr 2020
6 pack of broken dreams

pop the top again
let another one go
It was just a dream
this I know
reaching up
reaching way to high
to pluck a diamond
a jewel from the sky
tears of sadness
and tears of pain
falling from the heart
just like rain
one by one
they have all fallen
no more left
to hear the callin'
time has slipped
slipped away
tomorrow is just
just another day
if I am lucky
maybe someone will hear
and stop my drowning
in this sea of fear
but then again
does it really matter
throw against the wall
and watch another dream splatter

Gomer LePoet...
Apr 2020 · 187
From Father to Son
David Nelson Apr 2020
From Father to Son

I told him he needed
his father around
but the real truth is
I needed him more
reflections of the end
had entered my mind
I needed to tell him
I loved him

the score of the games
no longer mattered
sharing our past
just spending the time
hoping to bring
some peace to my soul
wanting my Father to know
I loved him

hoping to reclaim
the dreams of a child
wishing to return
to the arms of my Father
one last hurrah
for peace and joy
from father to son

Gomer LePoet...
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Apr 2020 · 145
Critique for no Reason
David Nelson Apr 2020
Critique for no Reason

there is no reason
in any season
for these things I do
I stand here naked
nothing is sacred
right here in front of you
my logic defies
beyond surprise
a lack of common sense
I march without intent
my passion spent
is my lone defense
if I could change
maybe rearrange
the way my mind concludes
upon my perch
my empty eyes search
these cosmic interludes
no there is no reason
unless you think treason
to the language I speak
as I rehearse
these thoughts so terse
it's not even Greek

Gomer LePoet ....
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Apr 2020 · 606
Love ....
David Nelson Apr 2020
Love is

the only thing


to never





Gomer LePoet...
Apr 2020 · 3.5k
David Nelson Apr 2020

Congratulations, take a bow, you have stolen the show
you really had me going there, and now I'm eating crow
I was convinced, you changed your mind, a constant fool am I
you ****** me in, with your magic tongue, every word a lie

Congratulations, take a bow, you have claimed the prize
once again, I failed to see, through your deceit and lies
you told me how much you cared, you're really good at this
turned my back, you gave me a shove, into the great  abyss

Congratulations, take a bow, you're such a super star
you're number 1, tops on the charts, you've really set the bar
your command, of mystic spells, has climbed right off the charts
you hand to me, my broken heart, in a box of old used parts

Congratulations, take a bow, you've won another crown
is this the end, the final blow, should I dress up like a clown
cause one more time, the joker's wild, I've been the perfect fool
I thought I had, a fighting chance, but you've taken me to school

Congratulations, take a bow, the final act has played,
you cut right through, my hopes and dreams, with your pointed blade
when the program,  lists the players, will my name appear
you said I love you, to my face, now you're no longer here

Gomer LePoet...
Apr 2020 · 150
David Nelson Apr 2020

one last turn to see
what had been there for me
sighing now
I am a prisoner

unless a kiss is placed
upon thy weary face
as the bells ring
beneath the setting sun
I am the prisoner

Gomer LePoet ...
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Apr 2020 · 142
David Nelson Apr 2020

Thanks to everyone who has been so kind,
thanks to all my friends but now I find,
my mental state is way out of whack,
its a real good thing I d'ont smoke crack

but my head is ******* feeling like lost,
maybe I'm make believe like Jack Frost,
cause the real world is becoming to much,
feeling like I'm completely out of touch

I hear music and it brings me tears,
these sweet sweet sounds, rolling thru my ears,
I reach out to touch and I reach to far,
thinking like I'm really some big rock star

and though they are polite, and mostly kind,
I know they think, I have lost my mind,
I'm searching too hard, to find someone,
I reach out to touch, and then they run

so it's apparently time, for the ****** bin,
maybe just one more glass of dry gin,
I'd put on my pants and head out to town,
but I think Im busy, having a breakdown

Dave Nelson aka Gomer LePoet...
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David Nelson Apr 2020
The Atomic Weight of Arrogance

Politicians, self-absorbed business tycoons
super star athletes and various other baboons
have this special quality which we all endear
thinking they are above us they make it perfectly clear

they're thoughts, needs and wants are second to none
they want these important issues known to everyone
czars, kings, dictators, potentates put them in a line
actors, music stars, the schoolyard bully even comes to mind

we have all known or seen them digitally displayed publicly
holding down with tightly clenched fist if we disagree
they have been endowed with preordained magic powers  
sprinkled by their own private god's golden showers

they have always known more than mere mortal man
with more intelligence in one finger thats always been the plan
some seem confused that we don't all see them as our hero
last I checked the atomic weight of arrogance
is still a whopping zero

Gomer LePoet....
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Apr 2020 · 180
I Can't get Enough
David Nelson Apr 2020
I Can't get Enough

you can run
you can hide
but I'm still gonna find you
cause I'm runnin
just as fast
yeah I'm runnin right behind you
got taste of your kisses
and I just can't get enough
no I can't get enough of your sweet love

I can dance
I can sing
cause you completely fill my heart
yes I knew
all along
I knew it from the start
one little taste of your kisses
now I just can't get enough
no I can't get enough of your sweet love

oh you can run
you can hide
but I'm still gonna find you
cause I'm runnin
just as fast
yeah I'm runnin right behind you
got taste of your kisses
and I just can't get enough
no I can't get enough of your sweet love
no I can't get enough of your sweet love
I'll never have enough of your sweet love

Gomer LePoet...
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Apr 2020 · 256
Keeping Love Alive
David Nelson Apr 2020
Keeping Love Alive

I wake up every morning
with a smile upon my face
that's because
I'm thinking of you
you make everything
fill everything with grace
we work together
that's just what we do

it isn't hard
it comes so naturally
is seems so easy
sharing thoughts and dreams
helping each other out
keeping everything in sync
one common goal
riding on Life's moonbeams

keeping love alive
that's our every goal
keeping love alive
we're living out our dreams
keeping love alive
in our own special way
keeping love alive
keeping love alive

Gomer LePoet...
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Mar 2020 · 122
Let it Rain
David Nelson Mar 2020
Let it Rain

her soft lips no longer
whisper I love you in my ear
she no longer feels that way
is exactly what I fear

times and things have changed
someone else is in her dreams
while I lay here holding back
I wonder if she hears my screams

she has always been everything to me
though maybe I have not shown this
afraid to show and now I'm lost
no longer do I taste her kiss

now the tears are falling down
I know she can hear my pain
she turns her back and pretends
guess I'll just let it rain

Gomer LePoet....
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of this piece
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Mar 2020 · 117
I must be dreaming
David Nelson Mar 2020
I must be dreaming

I dreamed I touched the sky of blue
I dreamed I was alone with you
the night so divine
and love was blooming

though dreams so seldom come true
a woman so beautiful like you
to touch my heart
would surely be dreaming

when I'm alone late at night
I close my eyes and take that flight
dreaming is the way
I capture you

your kisses take me high
up to the burning light
I would do anything anything
to make this dream come true

Gomer LePoet...
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Mar 2020 · 129
Even Angels Cry
David Nelson Mar 2020
Even Angels Cry

Storm clouds are gathering most surely it will rain
someone's heart has broken even angels feel pain
odds are stacked against us to make it all the way thru
without being subjected to suffering how about you

has your heart been broken did you draw the short stick
when sure things came undone fooled by a magicians trick
you never understood how things came so unraveled
now you sit all alone your mind completely frazzled
Even angels cry

I guess there are no safe bets no guarantees in life
you throw the dice you gamble cut by loves sharp knife
but would it be more wise to never have loved at all
to eliminate the chances of ever heading for a fall

I don't think you can appreciate the wonder of a kiss
if you run and hide in your own internal abyss
it's alright to make mistakes and even wonder why
but don't forget you're not alone cause even angels cry  
Even angels cry

Gomer LePoet....
To listen to the musical version of this piece - got to
Mar 2020 · 173
Makin' Love
David Nelson Mar 2020
Makin' Love

I knew from the start
you had stolen my heart
when I first met you
you were a queen
at the age of sixteen
when I first saw you

there is nothing I'd rather do
then make love to you
I know in time I'll go out of my mind
just dreaming about you'

makin' love
makin' love to you  
makin' love
makin' love to you

always so kind
if I fell behind
you'd be the first to console
you'd always help out
and it left me no doubt
first my heart now my soul

there is nothing I'd rather do
then make love to you
I know in time I'll go out of my mind
just dreaming about you'

makin' love
makin' love to you  
makin' love
makin' love to you

Gomer LePoet...
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Mar 2020 · 117
David Nelson Mar 2020

Here we are
in Zanzabar
in a cafe by the sea
holding hands
and looking into each others eyes
we don't know how we got here
but we know we never
want to leave

Gomer LePoet...
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Mar 2020 · 213
Thinking of You
David Nelson Mar 2020
Thinking of You

I'm thinking of you
thinking of you day and night
from early sunrise until the pale moonlight

I'm dreaming of you
dreaming of you locked in my arms
floating around your magical charms

I'm wishing that you
wishing that you were here right now
planning our lives to last forever

Gomer LePoet...
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Mar 2020 · 118
A Kiss Goodbye
David Nelson Mar 2020
A Kiss Goodbye

shed a tear
one last time
reaching out
was once mine
I recall
the dreams we shared
the love that died
nothing left inside
no regrets
no revenge
final verse
a kiss goodbye

Gomer LePoet...
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Mar 2020 · 106
Bridge of Time
David Nelson Mar 2020
Bridge of time

from here to there in a blink
the bridge of time can be crossed
taken in like a long cool drink
the circle completes dreams softly tossed

from the circles of Sanskrit sky of outer space
connections to the world beyond
may you find concern written upon my face
motionless without a sound

the knowledge of time and futures past
the feeling of the worlds pain
reaching out with stones cast
between the falling drops of rain

from the circles of Sanskrit sky of outer space
connections to the world beyond
may you find concern written upon my face
motionless without a sound

the Mahabhuta words so wise
millions upon billions lives gone by
below the ground above the skies
do we share the stars inside

the son of Brahma examines the list
to find the evil and the peace
the tender dreams at long last kissed
recorded in the past returned release

Gomer LePoet ...
Mar 2020 · 103
Just Make Love To Me
David Nelson Mar 2020
Just Make Love To Me

their bodies spinning
ever so close
loquacious meandering
with thoughts so verbose
they touch hands
from many miles apart
opening their eyes
opening their hearts
it's been a while she whispers
just make love to me
don't make it serious
just let it be

friends from the future
lovers from the past
renewing connections
no plans to make it last
he cries out loud
oh I've missed you so
if I hold you close
I may never let go...  

Gomer LePoet...
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Mar 2020 · 88
David Nelson Mar 2020

eighty-five was the number
they told us that was all we could do
when you run out you are in trouble
you cannot say we did not warn you

do not reload the chamber
keep it clean you don't want a jam
we shook our heads in wonder
why are we here my brothers

They do not want to stop
they never want it to end
they lie to the children
they claim to be a friend

the rain never ends it seems
the mud covers our boots
who is the enemy I do not know
the auditorium is not an option

They do not want to stop
they never want it to end
they lie to the children
they claim to be a friend

will anyone remember
can anyone ever forget
the souls will forever burn
so dam tired of being wet

Gomer LePoet....
This a piece about the winding down of the war in Viet Nam
Mar 2020 · 89
127 Hasham Street
David Nelson Mar 2020
127 Hasham Street

dancing to the music in her head
she was the quintessential artist

Debussy and Ravel watched her
as she twirled around in perfect circles

her fine laced shoes with flattened toe
she could stand ***** or point

the direction of the flow of her beauty
her long black hair flowing gently

her painted lips so red so bright
I could sit and watch all night

she performed every single night
in front of the 2nd story picture window

I could sit on my deck slowly drinking
a nice glass of the finest drambuie

rolling a fine Cuban cigar under my nose
never lighting just breathing

listening to the music play and
watching the angel at 127 Hasham Street  

Gomer LePoet ...
Mar 2020 · 199
Before This Night is Over
David Nelson Mar 2020
Before This Night is Over

before this night is over
I will have returned to my post
turning back the clock
retrieving spoken words
that have fallen on deaf ears

before this night is over
I will have wiped away a tear
thoughts of what might have been
but wasn't meant to be
or the night would not have remained completely still

before this night is over
I will have given up on wishes
feelings that were never felt
dreams by only one
the meeting that never happened

yes before this night is over
things will be like they were
no more than a friendly handshake
good to meet you kind soul
before this night is over ...

Gomer LePoet ...
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David Nelson Mar 2020
I Don't Want to do this Anymore

we've been friends for such a long time,
we've been lovers too,
but lately somethings missing I find,
somethings gone wrong and I feel you're blue

I know that we tried, this can't be denied
but I don't wanna do this anymore

I feel you want to spread your wings,
you want to fly away,
all the freedom that it brings,
maybe we'll be one again someday

I know that we tried, this can't be denied
but I don't wanna do this anymore

Everything will work out fine
you know the sun is still gonna shine....

Take your time to live your dream,
I'll be with you wherever you are,
take your ride on a moonbeam,
make a wish upon a star

I know that we tried, this can't be denied
but I don't wanna do this
no I just can't do this,
no I don't wanna do this anymore

Gomer LePoet ...
Mar 2020 · 257
Can Anybody Hear Me
David Nelson Mar 2020
Can Anybody Hear Me

Can anybody hear me
or am I just talkin' to myself
do you understand
or is too complicated
does anybody care
or has everyone given up
have all the dreams withered
too much fear deep down inside

the universe keeps spinnin'
we never understand
is this the end
we can't pretend
can anybody hear me  

Does anybody need me
should I crawl into a shell
instant isolation
do cynics now rule the world
dark shadowed figures
quickly passing by
I wish you could hear me
don't want to be alone when I die

Gomer LePoet...
Mar 2020 · 145
A Storm is Raging
David Nelson Mar 2020
A Storm is Raging

The wind howls
the rain flows
a storm is raging
in my mind and in my heart

the days change
the night returns
a darkness crawls
all over my thoughts

should I return
yes I will return
to the place
where it all began

it is a struggle
but I hear the call
please come back
please return to me  

Gomer LePoet...
to listen to the musical version
of this piece
go to
May 2015 · 979
Hello, it's me
David Nelson May 2015
I've thought about this
for a long, long time
never understanding
what goes through my mind
do I try to hard
to make an impression
failing to get noticed
session after session
now I'm not sure
just how to be myself
do I pretend nothing bothers me
and keep my feelings on the shelf
do I become uncaring
just like the others do
can someone please tell me
I know I find that hard to do
you would think along the way
on this long journey of my life  
I would be more in tune
they would realize
I'm just an average guy
with average wants and fears
I want to say Hello, it's me
behind these internal tears
but I do not think they would care
they never have before
just wish I could understand
what is my life for

David Nelson aka Gomer LePoet
Jan 2015 · 1.3k
The Temperature is Rising
David Nelson Jan 2015
The Temperature is Rising

almost 2 years had past
since we last spoke
with any fire
I thought, no, I knew
I had lost you
it was understandable
it was expected
it was painful
now you have returned
with embers burning
my heart, my soul
dancing together again
you have returned with more
more love
more passion
more than I could have
ever asked for
and I am in a dream I feel
but it is not a dream
it is real
and I can't get enough
I want to inhale you
totally consume you
so you never disappear again
but only if you want me to
the last thing I would want
is to smother you
I just want to enjoy you
let our love
smolder into the night
Gomer LePoet...
breathe - just breathe
Jan 2015 · 774
What Have I Learned Today
David Nelson Jan 2015
What Have I Learned Today

when a 6 ¾ year old youngster
asked Neil DeGrasse Tyson
what is the meaning of life
his response was
the meaning of life to him
was learning something
something new
each and every day
I never thought of it that way
and because
the meaning of life is so personal
to each and every individual being
his answer makes sense to me
so, what have I learned today?
I have learned
you can never know
or understand enough
there is and will always be more
I have learned today
that my personal quest
is just that
to learn something new today
share something new today
ask someone you care about
what they have learned today
not only to get them to think
but because they may have learned
something new already today
and by sharing that with you
you might learn something new too
life can be so difficult at times
and too often shorter than we want
we forget the things that make us happy
and for me
learning something new
something maybe I never even
thought about before
makes me happy
so have a happy day
learn something new

Gomer LePoet...
thought obviously generated by video clip of Mr Tyson talking to a group.
Jan 2015 · 794
Wishing Well
David Nelson Jan 2015
Wishing Well

I threw another nickel
in the wishing well
hoping beyond all hope
that my wish will come true
and luck is not even close
to explain the feelings I get
the way you thrill my heart
when I think of you

you are everything
all one man could dream for
a kind heart a forgiving soul
just trying to get though life
the beauty that shines on me
from those shinning eyes
that hair that smile
I would be lucky if you were my wife

so everyday I make sure
to have a pocketful of change
to throw into that wishing well
whenever I pass by my love
and my dreams
they never have changed
even when you went away
I still dream of you every single day

Gomer LePoet...
Throw another nickel in the well
Jan 2015 · 604
Check Please
David Nelson Jan 2015
Check Please

I check continuously
for words from the Queen's mouth
but they seldom appear
for but only a simple single response
I check non-stop
for the pleas of love's request
from the Princess of Sooner
but they have ended
I check daily
to see if my heart is still there
as any fool in love would do

Gomer LePoet...
Jan 2015 · 1.7k
157 Riverside Avenue (r)
David Nelson Jan 2015
157 Riverside Avenue

I can hear the razz-ma-tazz piano, ah the sound so sweet
lead up to an old thyme rock tune, making me tap my feet
the clubs have come and gone, changing names over and over
but the music has never left, on this south side of Dover

rock and roll star wanna be's, long hair and fancy pants
kickin out the tunes for us, hoping that we'll dance
here's a tune by rocker Lynyrd, or one by Stevie Ray  
even some old R & B, like Sittin on the dock of the Bay

we sat around and drank our beer, raising hell till 2 a.m.
had to go to work next day, and survive that crap mayhem
it did not really matter though, we'd do it again tonite
cause we were young and feisty, and the music made it all seem right

loud guitars and crashing drums, a fiddle and a flute
as long as it was in the right key, we didn't give a hoot
every Thursday thru Saturday night, drink shots and smoke **** too
it just didn't get any better then, 157 Riverside Avenue  

Gomer LePoet...
Jan 2015 · 1.0k
Point of No Return
David Nelson Jan 2015
Point of No Return

all in or all out
make a decision
is this what you want
or only
what you thought you wanted
it looked so shinny from over there
but now, up close
there appears to be tarnish
funny how that works out
all too often

they were the cool boys
or so I thought
they snapped their fingers
to the tunes of the blues
but now
they appear rather ugly
the music no longer has melody
too many sharps
too many flats
did I fall asleep
and awaken
back in high school?

They were wolves
in sheep clothing
not what they pretended to be
not friends
narrow minded
all in or all out
the point of no return

Gomer LePoet...
now you see it up close - the truth is not what was expected
Jan 2015 · 978
Reflection 1:12
David Nelson Jan 2015
Reflection 1:12

another day has passed
an old friend dropped by to say hi
another friend passed away
I laughed and danced
like a silly girl
trying to keep my body  
and mind in tune with the world
sweated like the fool I can be
at this mornings boot camp workout
then pretended to be a homeless drunk
begging for money in the subway
in an afternoon recital
played music with Lester this evening
and stuffed my face with
dutch chocolate ice cream
to negate the sweating boot camp
hope tomorrow
will be
just as reflective
minus the passing
of another friend

Gomer LePoet...
Jan 2015 · 1.2k
Put Another Nickel In
David Nelson Jan 2015
Put Another Nickel In

If you want to see me more
you will have to pay my friend
life isn't free and I know that is a shame

I'll try to entertain your mind
but this process takes up my precious time
sorry pardner but I'm not the one to blame

I'll sing and dance the hoochie coo
tell stories that will blow your mind
and maybe share with you my tasty gin

but if you want the show to start
you won't need to touch my heart
you just need to put another nickel in

Gomer LePoet...
I can dance I can sing
Jan 2015 · 1.3k
Scrambled Eggs and Spam
David Nelson Jan 2015
Scrambled Eggs and Spam

hot **** what a day
I just awoke
and I can hear granddad
he's downstairs playing with Scooter
and I can smell Spam frying
granddad likes to stop by
early on Sunday mornings
he brings in the newspaper
plays somewhat quietly
with our bulldog Scooter
and starts the coffee and breakfast
Scooter doesn't bark at granddad
for some reason
maybe he doesn't want to wake
anyone else so he has granddad's
full attention
he likes it just as much as me I think
when granddad drops by on Sunday mornings
I know mom can hear him too
but she will lay in bed until he calls
up the staircase in his whiskey voice
“hey, people die in bed you know”,
“c'mon, breakfast is ready”
he would yell
granddad was our rock
since my dad passed a couple
of years ago in Afghanistan
I still miss him of course
and when I am alone in the early morning
sometimes I cry
but on Sunday morning
when granddad shows up
I know it's going to be a good day
the sun will shine
and we'll have toast
with strawberry jelly
a tall glass of cold orange juice
and scrambled eggs and spam
... I love my granddad

Gomer LePoet...
Jan 2015 · 430
Now You See Me
David Nelson Jan 2015
Now You See Me

I finished before I started
creating my own mass extinction
the power of my word
silenced the potential of renewal
I wanted it so much
and I couldn't have it
my own anxiety
created my own black hole
gone in a flash

Gomer LePoet...
Now you don't
Jan 2015 · 1.2k
Surprise, Surprise
David Nelson Jan 2015
Surprise, Surprise

****, imagine that
a quick duck-in
then gone in 24
I was just
a temporary distraction
I guess I can't complain
or at least shouldn't complain
it was a whole lot better
than the previous
almost 2 years now
keep a stiff upper lip
after all
there was that
stiff lower shaft
that was created
by the doll

a heart can be broken
many times
I know
I found out
the hard way

Gomer LePoet...
what a revolting devlopement
Jan 2015 · 503
Late Again
David Nelson Jan 2015
Late Again

I overslept
I knew I would
those **** sleeping pills
take them
and I can't wake up
don't take them
and I can't sleep
even when I sleep
I don't it seems
strange dreams haunt me
problematic design software
the company?
or my own personal?
overflowing stacks
register 13 overload
with no return address
branch and link
perform thrus varying
X from 1 by 1 or until 0
run run hurry hurry
check the data sets
halt, and catch fire
late again

Gomer LePoet...
perform varying x from 1 by 1 until zero
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Send me the bill
David Nelson Jan 2015
Send me the bill

the thoughts do not seem to flow
like they used to
the dreams are more convoluted
these days
your face appears
for a brief moment
and in a glimpse of the past
a smile crosses my face
it never lasts however
it never has
in the words of ****
you can't always get what you want
a tasting of love
just a small portion
and I can't even pay for that now
so guess I can't take it with me

Gomer LePoet...
nothing lasts for ever only in your dreams
Jan 2015 · 357
David Nelson Jan 2015

it's been a long slow ride
with the wind at my sails
the thick moisture of the night
the memory prevails

like a summer's ballgame
on another rainy day
I was born for the road
you were born to fly away

I pleaded for your silky touch
you quickly pulled my mind
no matter what words I used
I couldn't make you find

to remain here at my feet
any other reason
the months flew past my heart
season after season

and now you have returned
for just a while I know
I try not to cover up
afraid when you will go

Gomer LePoet...
another song of blues rolls past my heart
Jan 2015 · 504
Geodetic Precession
David Nelson Jan 2015
Geodetic Precession

their bodies spinning
ever so close
loquacious meandering
with thoughts so verbose
they touch hands
from many miles apart
opening their eyes
opening their hearts
it's been a while she whispers
just make love to me
don't make it serious
just let it be

Gomer LePoet...
she came to me when I thought all was lost
David Nelson Jan 2015
Scuse Me While I Kiss This Guy

it was purple haze
it was all the rage
it went so well
with smoking sage
a little bitter
a little sweet
but it swept me completely
off my feet
a dash of this
a pinch of that
homogenized milk
with all it's fat
on top of Oreos
and 'nilla waffers too
I played the blues
until blisters how bout chu?
When the sun
finally arose
I sat up
and counted all my toes
took just 1 more hit
of sunshine that cloudy day
Me and Bo
till we began to sway
we both looked up
up at the sky
and said scuse me please
while I kiss this guy

Gomer LePoet...
a token of my appreciation for Jimi
Jan 2015 · 474
Secrets of my Soul
David Nelson Jan 2015
Secrets of my Soul

the secrets of my soul
cannot hide from my mind

the creator
of all things
all things that were
all things that will ever be
played a cruel trick on me

while the creator gave to me
the  power of thought
it was also given to me
the power of the soul
to create
to dream
and I have never learned
to accept that good
but yearn still for what might be

the secrets of my soul
are not secret at all  

Gomer LePoet...
I've got a secret, or do I?
Jan 2015 · 440
I'll Just Keep On Searching
David Nelson Jan 2015
I'll Just Keep On Searching

your eyes they shine like burning lights
they've led me to many sleepless nights
but I just can't let you go
I've just got to let you know

the memories still linger on
they've led me here to this song
but you won't even say hello
I just don't understand why did you go

won't you please hear my lonesome cry
day after day and lonely nights go by
I've got to find a way
to fill my empty heart
I'll keep searching for you
I 'll just keep on searching

Gomer LePoet...
a new tune I wrote with the same ole theme unfortunately
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