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David Nelson Apr 2020
From Father to Son

I told him he needed
his father around
but the real truth is
I needed him more
reflections of the end
had entered my mind
I needed to tell him
I loved him

the score of the games
no longer mattered
sharing our past
just spending the time
hoping to bring
some peace to my soul
wanting my Father to know
I loved him

hoping to reclaim
the dreams of a child
wishing to return
to the arms of my Father
one last hurrah
for peace and joy
from father to son

Gomer LePoet...
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David Nelson Apr 2020
Critique for no Reason

there is no reason
in any season
for these things I do
I stand here naked
nothing is sacred
right here in front of you
my logic defies
beyond surprise
a lack of common sense
I march without intent
my passion spent
is my lone defense
if I could change
maybe rearrange
the way my mind concludes
upon my perch
my empty eyes search
these cosmic interludes
no there is no reason
unless you think treason
to the language I speak
as I rehearse
these thoughts so terse
it's not even Greek

Gomer LePoet ....
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David Nelson Apr 2020
Love is

the only thing


to never





Gomer LePoet...
David Nelson Apr 2020

Congratulations, take a bow, you have stolen the show
you really had me going there, and now I'm eating crow
I was convinced, you changed your mind, a constant fool am I
you ****** me in, with your magic tongue, every word a lie

Congratulations, take a bow, you have claimed the prize
once again, I failed to see, through your deceit and lies
you told me how much you cared, you're really good at this
turned my back, you gave me a shove, into the great  abyss

Congratulations, take a bow, you're such a super star
you're number 1, tops on the charts, you've really set the bar
your command, of mystic spells, has climbed right off the charts
you hand to me, my broken heart, in a box of old used parts

Congratulations, take a bow, you've won another crown
is this the end, the final blow, should I dress up like a clown
cause one more time, the joker's wild, I've been the perfect fool
I thought I had, a fighting chance, but you've taken me to school

Congratulations, take a bow, the final act has played,
you cut right through, my hopes and dreams, with your pointed blade
when the program,  lists the players, will my name appear
you said I love you, to my face, now you're no longer here

Gomer LePoet...
David Nelson Apr 2020

one last turn to see
what had been there for me
sighing now
I am a prisoner

unless a kiss is placed
upon thy weary face
as the bells ring
beneath the setting sun
I am the prisoner

Gomer LePoet ...
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David Nelson Apr 2020

Thanks to everyone who has been so kind,
thanks to all my friends but now I find,
my mental state is way out of whack,
its a real good thing I d'ont smoke crack

but my head is ******* feeling like lost,
maybe I'm make believe like Jack Frost,
cause the real world is becoming to much,
feeling like I'm completely out of touch

I hear music and it brings me tears,
these sweet sweet sounds, rolling thru my ears,
I reach out to touch and I reach to far,
thinking like I'm really some big rock star

and though they are polite, and mostly kind,
I know they think, I have lost my mind,
I'm searching too hard, to find someone,
I reach out to touch, and then they run

so it's apparently time, for the ****** bin,
maybe just one more glass of dry gin,
I'd put on my pants and head out to town,
but I think Im busy, having a breakdown

Dave Nelson aka Gomer LePoet...
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David Nelson Apr 2020
The Atomic Weight of Arrogance

Politicians, self-absorbed business tycoons
super star athletes and various other baboons
have this special quality which we all endear
thinking they are above us they make it perfectly clear

they're thoughts, needs and wants are second to none
they want these important issues known to everyone
czars, kings, dictators, potentates put them in a line
actors, music stars, the schoolyard bully even comes to mind

we have all known or seen them digitally displayed publicly
holding down with tightly clenched fist if we disagree
they have been endowed with preordained magic powers  
sprinkled by their own private god's golden showers

they have always known more than mere mortal man
with more intelligence in one finger thats always been the plan
some seem confused that we don't all see them as our hero
last I checked the atomic weight of arrogance
is still a whopping zero

Gomer LePoet....
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